Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
Zoe Lawrence
7/31/1998 - 12/1/2013I will never forget you, I will think of you the moment before I die.Daniel G. LawrenceLilburn, GeorgiaDecember 6, 2013
2/14/2001 - 12/2/2013Georgia, you taught us all so much about strength, resilience, finding the good in everything as well as forgiveness, trust and love. You endured so much suffering in your early years with a broken jaw and broken tail bones, but your spirit could not be broken and that beautiful spirit of yours will always be with me.
"Rescuing one animal may not change the world, but for that animal, their world is changed forever!" Thank you, Baby G -- you certainly changed my world forever! I love you sweet girl and always will.
Amy EggerArlington, VirginiaDecember 6, 2013
3/9/1996 - 12/1/2013Kaia will be greatly missed. She was a very affectionate cat with whom I shared an immensely close bond, having adopted her at age 18 and carrying her with me throughout life's changes. She was always snuggled up on my chest or in my lap, in front of me at the computer desk, beside my pillow when I slept. Just always there, always up for a conversation, always happy to be loved on. Her social, vocal personality was unique, and because she was always talking, I think we knew her pretty well. She loved to be stretched after a nap and her absolute favorite thing was to be picked up and carried around on my shoulder like a little monkey. I miss her face, her many meows, her mush-paws poking me in the mouth, her bright green eyes always being somewhere within sight. We are lucky to have such a great vet who was able to give us the last two years with her, keeping her as comfortable as possible, and we are thankful for the many years of wonderful memories we now have to cherish. Kaia, sweet mama, you're forever in my heart.Casper CrewsMiami Beach, FloridaDecember 5, 2013
1/28/2004 - 11/29/2013I miss you sweet girl. I think about you everyday. You will forever be in my heart. Love you bunches & bunches XOXOJennifer LyonHollywood, FloridaDecember 5, 2013
12/2/1999 - 12/2/2013Dear God,
Thank you for the gift of Libby!
Edward RichardsonCovington, LouisianaDecember 3, 2013
9/1/2001 - 11/19/2013Thanks buddy for being such a great cat. You never once disappointed me or annoyed me. I'm glad I was able to give you a good life and see you through your final moments in the comfort of home. Love you guy.John Brennannewton, MassachusettsDecember 2, 2013
Hunter was our pride and joy. He loved his people and his food. Our family will not be the same without him. Your in home euthanasia service was our last gift to him. Dr. Jason is a wonderful person who handled our difficult situation with care and kindness.Maple Valley, WashingtonDecember 2, 2013
6/15/2000 - 11/18/2013Esther,you are truly one of the sweetest, most loving souls ever created. Having you in my life was such a blessing. After you crossed over, I felt like I was going to die of sadness- but I know without doubt that your spirit carries on. Until we pair up again, my sweet girl~sending love & light your way.Chastity DarlingPlant City, FloridaDecember 1, 2013
Destiny Stevens
3/31/2013 - 12/1/2013Destiny was meant to be our pet. We fell in love with her the minute we laid eyes on her. She was a loyal and kind pet. My children grew up with her, she was a part of our family. We will miss you my friend. You were the best dog any owner could have.Tina StevensJacksonville, FloridaDecember 1, 2013
3/5/1996 - 11/5/2013He was the most Noble,the most gracious,of Dogs.I could not find the words to express the Moxie he had.Then I let him guide my hand as I wrote,not knowing what exactly he was telling me until I read it and realized he taught me more than I ever taught him:

-To my pack leader;

Hey Captain!
So you want to be free?
Follow me-
I'll show you the key;
every time.
I'll show you the way
To live every day.
In the now;
this is how-
Look in your hand and you'll find;
That the key tha' one misses
to follow their bliss is there in your hand all the time.
Just put it in;
give it a spin;
And the clouds will all turn...
To Sunshine.
Let's go,Buddy!
-Bubba"The Bubster" Shaffer-

I'll be there with ya in a minute,Buddy.
John ShafferZephyrhills, FloridaNovember 30, 2013