Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
6/15/2010 - 12/22/2013Our smart, handsome boy who would give his life for us is now our guardian angel. So sweet, so loving, so regal and true. There will never, ever be another like him. Nikko, you truly are gone too soon, and our lives feel empty without your light. Your boundless energy, silly faces, incredible intelligence, and big, big heart should've kept beating far longer than 3 years. Poppy, Mummy, and your kitty will forever miss you and your handsomeness. You were our dearest pickle and will remain forever in our hearts.Bridget BorlakBridgeton, New JerseyDecember 26, 2013
1/1/2000 - 12/20/2013Goodnight, sweet prince.We’ll miss you every time the doorbell rings. Your loud, ferocious bark drove salesmen away and made other visitors get to the point quickly. But once they entered the house, you greeted them affectionately. Born 13 years ago with four legs, our daughter named you LaTrois, not knowing that meant three. After being injured by a car and surviving several surgeries, you lived up to your name. Nobody guessed you had only three legs. You raced through the yard elegantly and without a limp. When you ran away, you sat on a corner and waited for us to pick you up in our car. Your tail never stopped wagging until you became ill. Even then, you were brave. You loved us despite our human failings..Karen CunninghamClearwater, FloridaDecember 23, 2013
12/21/2013See below.Mary ZimmermanEvanston, IllinoisDecember 23, 2013
8/20/2004 - 12/23/2013Ginseng, we will miss you. You were my little fuzzy boy. I'm so sorry you had to go so soon, we should have had many more years together. I will miss you curling up next to us on the couch, and waking me up to announce Breakfast Time. There will never be another one as sweet and good natured as you. I'm glad you are no longer in pain, and that you can rest. Goodbye my little boy.Brian SpeerlyMadisonville, LouisianaDecember 23, 2013
3/4/2005 - 12/22/2013Makayla was the most loving pet. She was a lap cat and loved to be rubbed, loved, kissed and hugged on. She let us hug her as if she were a small infant. She cuddled and snuggled all the time. She will never be forgotten and will always be in our hearts. We love you sweet girl.Michael and DarrylHigh Point, North CarolinaDecember 23, 2013
6/26/2003 - 12/19/2013Konan you are my best friend and I will always love you I will not forget the years you and I spent together. You brought joy to all of us not just me. The whole family loved you so much each one of us has different memories of you and they were all joyful memories. I remember when you were just a rowdy puppy. I use to hold you in my arms like a baby. All of a sudden you just got bigger and bigger to the point where I couldn't hold you in my arms anymore. One day I asked you, when did you get so big? You became part of my everyday life you changed me for the better. I put you in front of everything else you were my first priority. It's amazing what changes you brought out of me you made me care about your life. If I was broke I made sure you ate first before I ate anything. My favorite part of the day would be when I would come from work and I can see you waiting by the window and as soon as I open the door you were there to greet me with a huge smile and wagging tail. You enjoyed the winter out of all the seasons. I remember how you use to run thru that snow big smile on your face as you jumped in and out of the snow. It's ironic that you spent your last days in your favorite season. Konan, you will always be a part of this family and I will always remember you. I miss you so much.
I'll see you later, be good & I love you.
Oswaldo PabloChicago, IllinoisDecember 23, 2013
11/2/1996 - 12/8/2013Munchkin, we will miss you so much. You provided us with 17 years of joy, love and many memories we will cherish. We will never forget you and always love you from the bottom of our hearts. I am glad you are finally at peace and no longer suffering. The spirit and will you had to live was amazing. We left your pineapple house and baby blanket in the same spot it always was in case you wish to come and visit. We have many great pictures of you through the years that capture your sweet and loving personality.Kim HewittPuyallup, WashingtonDecember 23, 2013
7/12/2009 - 12/13/2013We miss kissing your sweet face and watching you chase your lizard friends all around the yard. You will always be in our hearts...we love you sweet boy.Tina and Dan PowersBoca Raton, FloridaDecember 23, 2013
9/25/2013 - 11/30/2013Sophie. My longest sustaining relationship. My dearest and most loyal friend. Her love has always been complete and simple.

During bleak days in my life, Sophie was the only reason I crawled out of bed. There have been days where she was the only reason I smiled, which has always been her sole purpose in life: to make me happy. To make me laugh. She accomplished her mission literally each day of her exuberant existence. For me, Sophie softened the impact of the harshness of life. She was my soldier, pulling me from the trenches of bad moments, bad days, and thoughtless people. She literally kissed away my tears. My four-legged, furry antidepressant.

From the time Soph was a puppy, she was always my little butterfly. Fluttering around in carefree wonder, curiously watching the world, smelling the flowers, and making my day even more beautiful.
However, her bubbly, fluttering days passed and her were replaced with her fight to keep her body moving. Her fight for survival.

During Sophie's debilitating journey, I tried my best to help her fight the good fight. I encouraged her along the way, cheerily telling her how proud I was - how great she was walking, even when she was not. With each cheer she looked at me with a Sophie smile and that little stump tail wagging uncontrollably while she perked up, holding her head proud. Elated by my pride and the happiness in my voice. She felt absolutely victorious...and she was victorious. She still is.

The wagging of that stump tail deteriorated to only a quiver. Her eyes that were once bright, lively and cheerful, were filled with a longing to please me and of shame for thinking she was failing me. Her eyes were discouraged. She was hurting. She was tired.

During Sophie's last days, I rubbed her legs and hips which seemed to give her relief. I warmed
her with a heating pad when she began to chill and tremble. I did everything in my power to comfort her just as she has always comforted me. I wanted her to know that my life was more beautiful simply because of her existence. I wanted her to know it's okay and she was not alone. It is my strongest desire that she hear my voice, smell my skin, and feel the warmth of my touch as she neared her bridge. Dr. Cook and Lap of Love allowed this to happen and Sophie drifted away knowing that not only was she loved, but that she was important.

I have been told that I have given Sophie an extraordinary life. The truth is, Sophie is the one who has given ME the extraordinary life. She has saved me more times imaginable and for that, I am forever grateful. She has changed me. Her love has softened my heart and changed me from cynical to optimistic and hopeful. For that, she will continue to be a part of me. Always. Wherever I go.

Sophie was my source of happiness of insane proportions for ten years. Thank you Dr. Jennifer Cook for a peaceful journey for my beloved Sophie and for reaching out to me during my heart wrenching days without her. I am forever grateful.
Alison GrantKnoxville, TennesseeDecember 23, 2013
10/8/2001 - 12/21/2013Since the time when Titus was a puppy he was infatuated with a moving light, like a flashlight or the glare off a watch. His greatest joy was trying to "catch" the light. He would chase it, paw at it, and try to bite it. I would frequently joke that when Titus got to heaven he would finally catch the light.

Any household chore that involved a flashlight ensured that Titus would be by my side trying to catch the light following it wherever it went. We would play with him with a flashlight; he'd run to where it was and scratch at the spot, only to have it move again. But as much as he tried he was never able to catch it. As the years went by Titus got slower, and slower, but getting the flashlight from the closet always elicited an enthusiastic response. He would pop up and chase the light where ever I shined it.

One day recently I got the flashlight out of the closet, and Titus perked up, and watched me, but stayed lying on his bed. The recent snow and ice was pretty tough on him. Dogs can communicate things, especially when you've been their companion for 12 years. Sadly, it was time to say good bye.

Today Titus caught the light. I hope it was fun.
Todd MattersRoyersford, PennsylvaniaDecember 22, 2013