Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
4/25/2015 - 6/21/2015When our beloved Chief was diagnosed with a nasal tumor 6 months ago, we knew we had to do everything we could to make his final days as happy and painless as possible. That's when we started researching in-home euthanasia and came across Lap of Love. What an amazing organization with dedicated, caring veterinarians! From my first contact with Dr. Katie describing Chief and the situation to the final call scheduling an appointment, she could not have been any sweeter or more compassionate. Thanks to her, our baby was able to leave this world with our entire family at his side on his favorite bed. It was one of the saddest and yet most beautiful moments I've ever experienced. I cannot recommend the services of Dr. Katie or Lap of Love enough - they are truly remarkable!Amy DungeySaint Johns, FloridaJune 24, 2015
6/25/2002 - 6/22/2015We will forever miss Tony, our beloved golden retriever. Our other furry ones keep looking for him. There is a void, tears and heartache right now but this will pass. That void will be filled one day with joy, laughter and memories of our beautiful boy.
Tony was eagerly waiting at the rainbow bridge for his owner and mom Georgia Ransom who died peacefully in her sleep the following day. Now they have each other forever...
sandra RIVERAST PETERSBURG, FloridaJune 24, 2015
3/31/2007 - 6/21/2015A righteous man regards the life of his animal, but the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel. Proverbs 12:10Casey/Mark Hannah/HagewoodSeminole, FloridaJune 24, 2015
10/10/2000 - 6/16/2015Our precious, loving boy who filled our lives with so much joy and laughter. He will be missed always....Lynn GarelRiverside, CaliforniaJune 23, 2015
12/24/1999 - 6/16/2015Kess,

The house is empty without you. I miss the sound of you walking on the hardwood floors in the morning as I wake. I miss your beautiful smile and "nudging" as I walk into the house. With this said, I am so grateful for having you in our family! You were a blessing I didn't know I was missing. Our family was complete when you entered our home that Christmas Eve! Thank you for all the years you were with us and know you are missed so....very.....much.

Momma Donna
Donna LeeSeattle, WashingtonJune 22, 2015
Ong Bak
7/18/2005 - 6/13/2015Our sweet Ong Bak was there for it all... She was there when we got married, when her canine brother (walker) got thrown into the mix, purchasing our first house and eagerly awaited three kids coming home from the hospital. She was there, consistent and the best. Through the hardest of seasons and the happiest... she was there.

The kids ask about you everyday and we tell them that they will see you again, one day. We all miss you and love you Ong Bak!
Tristan WitSeattle, WashingtonJune 22, 2015
4/12/2005 - 6/20/2015Chase,

You are missed. The house was quiet when we woke up yesterday. We missed the thumping tail on the bed and the kisses letting us know it was time to get up. You were one of the best parts of our life the last 10 years. We are going to miss coming home to your big hugs and kisses, going to the beach or just a car ride. The best dog in the world can't even describe you because you were so much more than that to us. When your mom brought you home I hoped you would live up to my expectations, but now I only hoped I lived up to yours. We were devestated when we heard you were sick a few weeks ago. If there would have been something we could do we would have. We are glad we had the last three weeks with you. You were still hiding my shoes and getting up on the couch to make sure you were by us. When I got home Friday, in all your pain, you still jumped up on me and gave me a kiss. You still protected your mom from strangers at the door. When it was time to let you go you followed us right to your place and laid down giving both of us kisses. Stoic to the end is the only way you would do it. Our beatiful boy you are special and in our hearts forever.
Ashley & Mindy BoeckholtWinnetka, IllinoisJune 22, 2015
6/21/2015Thank You Dr. Gabrielle and Lap of Love hospice for making my dogs transition a comforting and compassionate experience. My family will be forever grateful for the service you provide. Butch was always at my side helping me help others. We will always love and miss you Butch!Chris RicoSan Diego, CaliforniaJune 22, 2015
9/1/1997 - 6/21/2015Vashti was one of the most loving, affectionate, magnetic cats I’ve ever known… and while I know it sounds like owner’s bias, he repeatedly made his many cat sitters fall in love with him… he had an unusual abundance of love to give and receive. He battled multiple illnesses, surgery, vet visits, and the upset of traveling multiple times to keep up with his traveler companion.

Through it all, he simply loved, generously, head-buttingly, and purringly. He taught me—and will continue to teach me—much about Spirit.
Kerri MesnerPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaJune 22, 2015
2/12/2003 - 5/31/2015Thank you, Roxy, for spending 12 years with me. You were my sweet angel, so nice and loving to everybody you met. We had so much fun running and hiking and traveling and playing. I so enjoyed and appreciated our time together. I miss you very much, and love you with all of my heart.Kirsten HopperAliso Viejo, CaliforniaJune 21, 2015