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10/28/1998 - 6/17/2016I stumbled through my twilight
Determined from the inside
I’d like some water, help me get up
God I missed the sunlight,
When I lost my eyesight
Get out my black leash,
I want to prance
They searched for solutions
Those two they wouldn’t give in
Back then I was nimble
Back then I was frolicking
And turn back the years now,
it’s all inside my head
The pug with the black leash
is prancing by the door
Put it on the hook my dear,
leave it by the door
Forget my black leash,
I don’t need it anymore
The things they would try back then
All the World Series
I watched with them
Calling out my name,
the sound love brings
After I have left them now,
I can see the leash some how
Put on my black leash
Just one more time
They pushed along my stroller,
They refused to be embarrassed
Back then I was struggling,
Back then just wouldn’t give in
Bill CafieroPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaJune 23, 2016
6/1/2006 - 6/22/2016In loving memorial of Jazzy

God blessed us with Jazzy,
your life was a blessing,
your memory a treasure,
you are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure
you will always be in our hearts forever.
God Bless Jazzy.
Billy schmidtHenderson, NevadaJune 23, 2016
9/2/2003 - 6/16/2016I had ZZ when my wife and I got married. A few years after we were married we found out that we could not have children. ZZ was always there to fill that void in our life. My wife and I spoiled him with enough stuff animals to make any child jealous. We would always try and bring something back from a restaurant when ever we went out to eat so that he would not feel left out. I would come home from work at lunch to let him out and he was usually sitting on the chair in our living room looking out the window waiting for me. He would run to every window along the way looking at me till I finally made it to the door. When I would be at home working in my office and my wife would come home I would know right away by the crying with excitement that he would have waiting for her to walk through the door. It is hard coming home knowing that I will not see that happy dog with a tail waging with excitement to see me.Jon SattazahnElizabethtown, PennsylvaniaJune 23, 2016
6/13/2016I brought Rodney home as a "short term medical foster" from our local animal shelter. He was a stray and had been hit by a car so he needed time to recover from his amputation and then the plan was to go onto the adoption floor. 5+ months later he had yet to leave.....more medical issues kept popping up and he had become such a member of the family that I was determined to see him through it all. His heart was huge but his body wasn't able to continue the fight and we finally had to show our love by saying goodbye. Dr. Dana came to the house so that Rodney could lie on his sunny porch and listen to the birds and feel the breeze on his face as I let him go. It was the most peaceful goodbye that I could have imagined for sweet Rodney and I am so very grateful for the loving compassion that Dr. Dana provided.Susan BrayRaleigh, North CarolinaJune 22, 2016
12/1/2005 - 6/10/2016Roxie was truly one of a kind. With her kind and gentle nature she instantly made friends with all who crossed her path. With her charming under bite and tongue that was too long, hers was a face that melted even the coldest of hearts. She was and will always be a treasured member of our family and is dearly missed. We couldn't have asked for a better "big sister" for our son; she was his protector, his playmate, his best friend. Always underfoot, she maintained a constant presence, carefully watching over us wherever we went. Her absence is a void that we will never be able to fill and she is sorely missed by her family - even by the cat :) We love you rox-a-lox and cherish the time we had with you and love you had to give.Audrey NewcombDurham, North CarolinaJune 22, 2016
6/10/2016On Thursday June 10th we had to say goodbye to our dear dog friend, Maggie. Last summer she went blind within only a few weeks from SARDS. She bravely adjusted to that, then in late May her kidneys started to fail. She lived her life, taking her walks, visiting friends and family, even going to the Kenmore in Bloom Scout meeting right up to and including the 10th. Maggie was like a child and a very good friend to Michael and I -we admired her so and cherished our 11 years with her. Dogs are such a marvelous mixture of age-old, sage wisdom and child-like love of life. They are such good listeners and comforters and they allow us to pour affection on them even as it raises our endorphins and lowers our blood pressure. We are truly healthier and happier people because of them.

Maggie had looked at me the evening before for almost sixty seconds - in one of those moments that seem to stand still in time she had let me know that she was ready. Because we work for ourselves, Michael and I were able to spend every hour of the day with her; I had observed her through the years -I knew her and was keenly attuned to her and I understood what she was saying to me in that moment. The night of the 9th was very restless for her and I was rubbing her and encouraging her to rest as the dawn came. As I watched the darkness lighten to purple, I realized that it would be her last day. We called Dr. Steven Schultz at Lap of Love and arranged for him to come to our home at 4 pm that day.

After visiting family for the last time that morning, we came home and rested in the garden for a while. At 2:30 we went inside -we opened the window in our living room overlooking the garden and a gentle breeze came in. We turned on some soothing music and lit a candle then settled with her on the sofa where we had placed some towels. She snuggled in, resting her head on her Mama's lap and within minutes she started to die. Her skin seemed to sink into her form, her breathing slowed and she closed her eyes and hardly moved. Michael and I were determined to not have too many tears in her last moments, we wanted it to be as calm for her as possible -and though our throats ached, we achieved that goal for her.

I had told her earlier that day what was going to happen -that we knew she was ill and we were having the doggie doctor come to help her. I did this because she understood the intention of courtesy even if she didn't understand each word. Dr. Schultz arrived and examined her -she didn't move when he came, just briefly acknowledged him. He gently and professionally explained what would happen -that he would give her two shots. The first shot would relieve pain and relax her to the point of being almost sedated within ten minutes.

She received the first shot in her hip at 4:30 pm -she cried out for just a second -it most likely didn't hurt but it was surprising. She closed her eyes and snuggled into her Mama right after the shot and Michael and I sang a goodnight song to her -one we'd sing to her every night when we tucked her in her bed. We started doing that when she went blind to help her know when it was night and bed time. After that I told her some stories about her and our life together. When she lost her sight, she would sometimes be in her bed crying after we tucked her in -she was anxious and needed comfort. I found that the sound of my voice telling stories to her relaxed her and she would soon be sleeping peacefully. So she went to sleep that day as she had so many other times before, with her song and a story.

At 4:40 pm Dr. Schultz gave the final injection and we watched our dear girl respond to it, her body sipping four final breaths. Michael and I told her that it was ok, that she should go to paradise ...and then she was gone. We began sobbing and shaking in our grief and in our relief in knowing that her sickness was over.

Dr. Schultz had brought a stretcher with him and we placed the body of Margaret Elizabeth Foster on it, covered in her "Good Dog" towel. Michael and Dr. Schultz carried her out to the veterinarians SUV and gently placed her in the back. All but her head was covered as she lay there so still, her body going to be cremated. I sat on the back of the vehicle with her and petted her for the last time and noted that she had her eyes halfway open; perhaps she knew that in paradise her vision would be restored so she kept her eyes half open to be ready. Michael and I stood in the driveway as Dr. Schulz drove away with our girl and then two very, very old people walked past the bright garden flowers and back into our suddenly dark and lonely home.

Michael and I very highly recommend Dr. Schultz and Lap of Love, his integrity and care helped us to say goodbye to Maggie at home where she was most comfortable.
P.S. Two days after Maggie died was the KVIS Dog Days of Kenmore event.
Melissa FosterKenmore, New YorkJune 21, 2016
5/29/2005 - 6/15/2016Roscoe left big basset paw prints on my heart. That's where he will live forever. Fly free my sweet boy, eat at the Bridge buffet, bury your toys under every tree, never have your ears cleaned again, howl to your heart's delight. I will hear you, pat your sweet whirly butt, and remember the joy you brought to me.Linda WittigHummelstown, PennsylvaniaJune 21, 2016
6/16/2016Buster 2000 – 2016
My buddy, my pal, my stubborn friend,
You came into my life when I was first getting back on track. You accompanied me on my journey of growing up and accepting life on life’s terms. The early morning walks, prepping for the day, the late night walks, putting the day into perspective. We had a lot of fun together, Bark Park, the beach, car rides, fighting for the couch on Sundays. We had some scary times together, namely storms and thunder. And the times you escaped ! With the ongoing fence building and tunneling, the climbing of tress to wonder around the neighborhood. The time you played hurt, laying in a puddle because you were caught out and about, and then refusing to look anyone in the eye when you were called out.
You were so dam stubborn, stand offs on which way to go, when to leave the park. Remember when you would jump into the wading pool and refuse to shake if we were heading home before you were ready ? And even now, you still do what you want, when you want.
I, no, we will miss your friendliness to all the dogs and people you crossed paths with, your tolerance of Sandy, the young bouncy pup, who was always in your face after we moved into the house (that you made me get ! Thank you) and Bullet, the little brat, will be sorely missed. When Nico and then Lily arrived, you did your best to ignore them, except when we weren’t looking and you would allow Nico to snuggle with you. Nice one softy !
Can’t forget David, thank you for not eating him and putting up with him pecking at you when you were napping in his way.
As you cross the rainbow bridge, you will be taking a very important part of me, which will never be filled. I will miss you so much, and I will remember you every day !
Thank you for being you.
Love you Buddy
Mark RussellDania Beach, FloridaJune 21, 2016
8/3/2000 - 6/15/2016Tucker was everything a best friend should be. He will forever live in my heart.Jean CuberoTampa, FloridaJune 21, 2016
12/30/2001 - 6/6/2016Mocha, it's taken me two whole weeks to write this tribute for you and about you. I got you home today and I told myself that when I got you home, I would put away your favorite bed, share your other two beds with the other 7 dogs, and rearrange my room so I am not staring down and leaving treats in your empty bed every single day. I have you home now... I miss you so so so much. My heart aches without you here.... There is such huge hole in my life where you have been my baby, my "dogter" for the last 14.5 years.Lisa BurnsLake Worth, FloridaJune 20, 2016