Pet Memorials
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10/7/2000 - 5/31/2016There are so many things I want to say but not enough time or space.So firstly,let me tell you about my experience with "Lap of Love".Toby ,who had been fighting a seesaw of health issues being a 15yr old Rottweiler of enormous body and heart, became what I considered ready to leave Friday night of the holiday weekend naturally.He never did anything easy accept share his enormous heart which is why I think the universe willed that we be kindred spirits.I have been nursing him through some good days and some bad ones now for two years.My vet had never met a 15yr old Rottie and was stunned at his demeanor and health and that he could actually walk.I called out of despair and desperation to end his suffering when his breathing and bleeding became obviously uncomfortable and terminal,as most reading understand too painfully well.The folks that answered on Monday(holiday) were quite nice and scheduled an immediate ASAP call.Doc Sara showed up punctually. She was here but wasn't, all at the same time.I'm a man and brainwashed by society like most males to show no emotion but found myself freely grieving in her presence.I would venture to say this kind of love and bond could easily be weighed against that of any human companion.How lucky to have someone so empathetic at our disposal.She eased my intense fear of being responsible for his leaving, instead of a compassionate helping hand to help his soul depart from this life's earthly vehicle that now no longer served his indomitable spirit.My dearest Toby you were my salvation not my dog.My house is an empty shell with you gone as is the enormous hole in my soul.I have never loved a being as deeply and know I never will again.Goodbye my dearest dearest friend.Please know I still need you to watch over me.I always will. Your loving Partner in life.I fear my heart will never heal.Keith GillsHenrico, VirginiaJune 2, 2016
6/12/2002 - 5/31/2016We will miss Ballou very much as he was a sweet and gentle boy. He loved attention and was not shy about
showing us affection. Paul and I hope that he will be happy to be reunited with my sister with whom he was with
for a part of his life. Be happy forever, our "little bear".
Regina PorzioFalls Church, VirginiaJune 2, 2016
Norman Tailford
6/29/2006 - 5/13/2016MR. Big Stuff ! From Pink OK... close to Norman OK so went with the later. So sweet and gentle. Loved hard boiled eggs and string cheese for a snack. Miss you bunches ❤️Linda TailfordGrapevine, TexasJune 1, 2016
5/26/2016My baby girl letting you go was so hard but letting you go was the right thing to do, I could not watch you be sick anymore.I know that you are at peace, running and playing at the bridge. You will meet me there with all my fur babies that went before you. Please play nice and know I love you so much and thank you for loving me the way you did. I love you baby girl Rest In PeaceCarol FragolaBronx, New YorkJune 1, 2016
4/1/1998 - 5/23/2016Cody was a such tough little guy. He lived through cancer for more than 8 years and survived a stroke this past winter. Nothing kept him down. We believe it was all the love he wanted to give and all the love my daughter and I gave in return that kept him with us for so long. There is such a huge whole in our family now but believe all the affection he gave and the laughter he brought will continue to bring us happiness. Will miss him always. Love and kisses.Denise VaughnPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaJune 1, 2016
4/1/2002 - 5/22/2016Moon remained loyally by my side for 13.5 years. She was seen by few, but loved by all. Moon was a beautiful and regal cat, with sad but loving eyes. My darling kittyface, I will always think of you as I lay my head down on the pillow every night. I miss waking up to you with your head gently resting on my forehead. Not a moment goes by that I don't think of you. You are so very missed.Gillian MurrayPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaMay 31, 2016
12/4/1999 - 5/2/2016In loving memory of the two most wonderful doggies in the world, our Magical Mystery Mootz, a long legged Jack Russell, maybe a bit of Rat Terrier, so we called him our “Jack Rat” and his older sister Kimmie, our Sweet and Soulful Manhattan “Witchy Woman”.

Mootz 12-04-09 – 05-02-2016 Kimmie, 1997 – 10-31-2015

Our beloved Mootz was rescued from someone who bought him spontaneously from a pet store and never should have had a dog to begin with. Thankfully she realized that when she saw how we treated our girl Kimmie and asked if we would adopt him. They got along immediately, so Mootz joined his loving sister Kimmie and his thrilled mommy and daddy in December 2003. For the next 13 years they were inseparable and brought nothing but love and laughter to our lives. Kimmie, passed peacefully on the morning of October 31st at the age of 19 while in bed between us with her brother Mootz at her feet, her head on daddy’s shoulder. She made sure we got our morning snuggle before permanently going to sleep. We lost them almost exactly six months apart. They were adored by everyone who ever met them. Mootz was a very introspective little guy who always tried to be the best boy he could. He loved his walks and watching TV with us, always waiting for an animal (be it a real one, someone in an animal suit, or even an animal cartoon character). He must have seen them as invaders to his home and would bark and attack the TV screen. He and his sister Kimmie were both two time cancer survivors (note the scar on his left shoulder from the radiation needed after his second surgery.) Kimmie had a slow growing spindle cell sarcoma on her front right foot which can be seen in photo. We were not about to have half her foot cut off which was the only solution at the time as there was no radiation available in Charlotte then. When it became available in time for Mootz we asked the radiologist if he would do some palliative treatment on her paw as it was becoming a “club foot” (which you can see in the photo of her above. He said he could make no promises about how well it would work, but if we were willing to spend the money it might at least slow the growth of her tumor. So of course we went for it, and much to our (and the radiologist’s surprise) it shrank and then disappeared! She was our miracle girl!! When she passed on October 31st, there was a very noticeable change in Mootz who kept waiting for his sister to come home. He was grieving the loss of his best friend for over 13 years and he started to deteriorate rapidly. On Jan 27, 2016 he was diagnosed via ultrasound with an undetermined mass in his thoracic cavity near his heart. He developed a low, constant cough, had trouble walking, and we sort of knew the mass was his third cancer. We sought the advice of multiple vets and all concluded that anesthesia and surgery were out of the question as he would likely not even survive the anesthesia. The goal was to keep him comfortable as long as possible. On the evening of May 1st, he intensely stared his Mom in her eyes seemingly asking how she could fix the pain he was in. We knew that it was time. We called Lap of Love and spoke to Brian a Tampa based rep, who was very kind and gently asked all the right questions. He set up an appointment with Dr. Bri to come the following morning (we had called after 8PM). She was wonderful as we sat with Mootz on the sofa as she kneeled on the floor speaking softly to him while preparing to do what she agreed need be done. Mootz seemed very comfortable as if he knew why she was there. We have a huge hole in our hearts and we know we can never replace them, but we also know they are still spiritually with us. We hope they don’t mind if we save another doggie or two as we did them. They know they will always be our beloved Kimmie and Mootz.
Rich & Sally FurrCharlotte, North CarolinaMay 31, 2016
2/10/2000 - 4/16/2116Buddy brought more love and joy to all of us over the 16 years. You were our best friend, a comfort in bad times and sickness a brother to our youngest, silly and just loved everyone you met. Even when Dr. Lisa came to the house he greeted her and gave her a kiss. You are forever loved and missed, just no words! Hearts are broken.Marie RyanBrooksville, FloridaMay 31, 2016
12/1/2003 - 5/29/2016My Carmen, my comfort, my friend, my companion, my savior when my husband passed, my social butterfly (everyone knows me as Carmen's mother), my joy...I will miss you cheerful sillinessness always. All my love as you romp with all that love you. Sleep and play well my princess...I'll see you.Jessica JohnsonPalm Harbor, FloridaMay 30, 2016
Smokey Yukon Black Jack Cox
11/20/2005 - 5/29/2016My beautiful boy. Nothing will ever fill the hole in my heart . But I know you are at peace running around heaven in fields of green grass. Thanks for being one of the great one's. I have cried a thousand tears for you my love and you will be missed. There's a special place beside the hole in my heart that will forever be our place. Good bye my lovejane CoxLake Worth, FloridaMay 30, 2016