Pet Memorials
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12/14/2003 - 3/5/2016To the best dog any family could ask for - Skippy! We had Skippy for 12 and a half years and he filled our house with lots of love, laughter and barking! He licked our tears when we cried, he begged for food all the time, loved sticking his out our the window in the car (his vacation), barked like crazy at the mailman, loved when Kyle tortured him with hanging his toys on doors and loved he sweet sister Lizzy for giving him kisses every night before she went to bed. Thanks for your unconditional love!Cathy KlosinskiSpringfiefld, PennsylvaniaMarch 7, 2016
6/10/1994 - 3/2/2016I knew Elliot (Cho Cho) was special the moment that pretty little kitten with big ears awkwardly jumped out of the cardboard carrier on the way home from the store almost 22 years ago. Little did I know back then that he would be one of the closest companions in my life, I’ve had a couple of other pets as well who we dear to me but Elliot was just one of a kind.

He was with me throughout all my growing pains, moving from my parents house to living with my first roommate, moving from the West coast to the East of Canada and then moving to the United States. He was by my side through it all. Along the way he met many people who thought they didn’t like cats but his charm would always win them over. He had this uncanny ability to sense that someone was distressed and would make himself available to comfort them. He was probably the most patient and tolerant cat I’ve come across. He was very loving and would always cuddle up with you whether you were watching TV, working on your laptop (he always tried to help out) or in bed.

He was at his happiest sitting out on the patio enjoying the sunshine and the oddball that he was loved to eat plants as well. He was a very vocal talker and he’d let you know when you crossed the line with a loud meow, like when you sat on his favorite chair. He had his favorite spot on the bed as well and unfortunately it was my pillow, he would also let you know when he wanted to go under the covers and his idea of an alarm was pushing his head on your face until you woke up and gave him attention.

As cute and loving as he was, he was also tough something I realized after he was diagnosed with kidney disease a year ago, which he fought through that like a champ. Even at the age of 21 he endured the needles, pills and doctor visits in stride. He was my tough little guy and I’ll miss his funny meow, loud purr, walking on me like I was a tree, cuddles and head butts. He lived everyday to his fullest with love, a playful attitude and lots of Chutzpah. I’d like to say that I learned a lot about how much there is to enjoy in the world by watching him enjoy the little things and how not sweat the small stuff by how resolute he was to adversity in his own life. Thank you Elliot for being part of our lives, you were special and will always be remembered.

Bonnie & Asher
Bonnie BishopPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaMarch 7, 2016
11/21/2001 - 3/3/2016I had the privilege to see my puppy being born a little over 15 years ago. Nowell was goofy and loving and always wanted to lean up against you or sit on your foot. We took her on tons of river trips, camping trips and car trips. She loved to play with any kind of ball big small didn't matter even played with a pumpkin during Halloween! She was loved by everyone that knew her all the way till the end. Nowell was a very sweet natured but very protective of her family. She woke me up one night to warn me someone was breaking into my car! I loved her with all my heart and she will be greatly missed. goodbye my sweet girllaura lethbridgegalt, CaliforniaMarch 7, 2016
3/5/2016We lost Scotty today and immediately felt the emptiness and sadness of losing a wonderful loving friend and family member. We will remember and miss his stubbornness and tenacity, his desire to live life on his terms and to hold others to accept him as he was. Scotty passed peacefully with his loving family by his side. Scotty will always be in our hearts. Heaven as gained what we have lost an Angel.Edwin RiosROSELLE PARK, New JerseyMarch 7, 2016
3/2/2016We are so fortunate to have had our Sweet Lady as part of out family and are so sad that she left us way too soon. She was the best! We love you Sweet Lady. RIPMichelle BentleyFt Lauderdale, FloridaMarch 6, 2016
8/6/2016 - 3/2/2016Derrick was an amazing and beautiful dog. At 83 pounds he was a champion racer a very stoic Boy. He was very well mannered but had such a playful side to him as well. He certainly is going to be missed in this household. Thank you for all the wonderful memories and the joy you brought to my life.Cindy NaughtonElma, New YorkMarch 6, 2016
Boo Boo
3/3/2016Boo, you are my heart, my joy, my angel of 18 years. At first you were skittish and maybe a little wild still, plus I didn't know how to deal with a cat yet. But you taught me and we became best friends. It started with you following me around the house as we played hide and seek. I loved how you would meow when you couldn't find me. We'd take turns chasing each other around the house. Medical school is tough on families, it was for me and Matt, but I forget that it was tough on you too. But we made it fun. Tossing crumpled notes in the trash morphed in to your favorite game of fetching tiny balls of paper over and over again. You mostly brought them back to me, but I could count on you bringing me one at 3am and pawing at me to throw it for you. God,I miss that, I miss you. I miss how you would always want to rub your whiskers on my hair brushes in the basket, and how you would give me kisses in exchange for snacks. I think you trained me on that rather than the other way around. What I will miss most are the snuggles. There were very very few times that I'd get in bed and you wouldn't be right there to snuggle with me just in the curve of my tummy as I lay on my side. You would rest your chin on my arm as you lay in the crook of my arm. I love how you used to head butt me until I was in an acceptable position for you our you'd paw me and your blanket over and over until it was just the right thickness for you. Oh, Boo, you took away so much pain. Maybe that's why it hurt so much now, you're not here to keep it at bay anymore. This is a price I gladly pay to have had you in my life so long. I love you so much. Sweet dreams for now pumpkin until I see you again.heather DozierAtlanta, GeorgiaMarch 6, 2016
8/17/2002 - 3/2/2016Lizzie had a great life, traveled, had lots of dog friends. She was a true member of the family. She will be missed.Dianne McLainLas Vegas, NevadaMarch 6, 2016
2/29/2016Missey was the light of my life for her 16 years. The dog that the rescue and vet thought would not be wanted; just needed love. Independent but loyal to those she loved, Missey won over everybody with her one ear up/one ear down and underbite.

She loved the water. A command to get in the tub had her racing up the stairs and jumping in the tub patiently waiting for you to get there. Swimming in the creek at a local park was a joy and her vacation to the beach was fascinating to her. Water in the version of snow made her eyes light up. Missey couldn't wait to go out and run in the fresh fallen snow. She would rub in it and make her own paths through the piles larger than her.

Missey had her favorite toys that were initiated in to the family by having the squeakers removed by her. She would have dance parties with me in the kitchen where she would hop while I danced. Luckily we have 2 parks very close to the house that she would love to go and explore. An obvious smile on her face as she walked down the paths.

This dog was also the epitome of unconditional love. When I went through an illness that could have kept me in bed, she was my reason for getting up. She laid by my side when I was to fatigued or would pull me along on walks to keep me going when I was too tired. She loved me through a broken heart when relationships ended. Always being the constant in my life.

Though I miss her terribly, I know that Missey is running in the fields, swimming in the creeks, laying in the sun, and running through the fresh fallen snow over the rainbow bridge. Until I see you again my light and love...
Risa KotrickEphrata, PennsylvaniaMarch 5, 2016
Tybalt, Prince Of Cats
5/6/2000 - 2/28/2016Tybalt (TIH-buhlt) was my first baby, the first pet I adopted as a young adult. We had a great life together, and he was with me through multiple life changes: moving to another state, marriage, and having kids. He was so gentle and understanding with the kids, and my 6yo daughter had become close buddies with him. Most of his interactions with my 4yo son involved me telling him to "let go of his tail!" or "Put. The cat. DOWN." But even so, Tybalt never harmed him.

I knew Tybalt was changing and slowing down as he aged. He hadn't jumped to the cabinet tops in years, and was even growing hesitant about walking up the stairs. He had been coughing, wheezing, and panting more, too, but I just couldn't bring myself to make the decision yet. Our family was out of town a lot the first couple weeks of February, then while I was away on a business trip, my husband told me Tybalt really wasn't himself, and hadn't been very interested in eating. Phoebe, our other cat, had been caterwauling at night; my husband thought she was trying to tell him something about Tybalt. I knew I couldn't put it off any longer, and made the appointment the day after I returned home.

We took time over the last couple days of his life to pay lots of extra attention to him, and fed him some deli meat when he wasn't interested in eating on his last morning. His absence is heavy on our hearts, but it's a relief to know Tybalt isn't suffering anymore. He fell asleep in my arms, purring, and surrounded by his family. Each of us got to hold him and love on him. And we will always remember him.
Joan CosasManchester, MissouriMarch 5, 2016