Pet Memorials
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My Dearest Spike,You have been a loyal, loving companion for over 16 years. It is hard to believe you are gone. Your memory is always in my heart. I continue to see you all throughout the house. You made such a lasting impression on our hearts and lives! A best friend you were always there through goods times and bad. I remembering being you home to our first apartment. You were a sweet and cuddly kitten. You grew so fast. always into mischief. You sure did like heights. It was always a surprise to find you laying on top of the refridgerator or up on the counters. I didn't mind! Anything for my boy. Then you were there when we moved into our new house. You were so scared of the stairs. It didn't take long for you to adjust and then you had to make a bed in every corner of our new home. I always called you and Daddy "Peas and Carrots" because he couldn't sit down without you wanting to be on his lap. It was so cute how you always had to be touching him. Whether you were snuggled up against his hip or lying across his shoulders touching him with your paw. You have been a fiathful friend and a beloved member of our family! You are sorely missed! Love, Mommy & DaddyMiramar, FloridaNovember 19, 2012
Sweet Snoops taught me not to be afraid of dogs. She was my first dog, & I got her when I was 40 years old!

Snoops had the kindest heart, and such a loving spirit. She was not mean a day in her life. She was also very brave, having lived with cushings disease, thyroid disease, amputation of her back leg due to cancer, and finally losing her battle with congestive heart failure.

Through it all, she wagged her tail & greeted the doctors & nurses with love. Even Dr. Allison was greeted with a happy tail wagging on the day she helped Snoops "Earn her Wings".

We are so grateful to Dr. Allison & Lap of Love for making the farewell to our beloved Snoops a dignified and painless experience. You people are truly angels for those of us who have to make tough decisions to free our pets from the physical suffering they have endured.

We know Snoops is up in doggie heaven playing with other friends. One day, we will meet up again, and that will be a truly joyous day. Until then, we are very thankful that we were blessed to have Snoops in our lives for these past 11 years.

We will miss Snoops every day, but we will smile when we remember her, and all the joy she brought to our home.
Sue, Mike & Chris LucenteParkland, FloridaNovember 19, 2012
In Memory of Alex's Sasha - she is now at Peace in Kitty Heaven.Charlotte, North CarolinaNovember 19, 2012
Satchel paige "satch
On Saturday Feb 25, 2012 we lost a very special and dear friend, one we delivered ourselves “pick of our litter”. He lived a very full life, We gave Satchel to our son too raise, Off and on through-out the years he returned home to us. We jokingly would call Satch the college kid.. There came a point where circumstances brought him home for good. The one and only person I could come home to and no matter what, was always greeted with a smile, a wag and a hug, The grief we feel now is crippling, saying goodbye to someone who never critiqued you, never got mad at you, and most importantly never left your side though good times or bad. Too say we will miss Satchel, is an understatement. Through the good, sad and many funny days you brought us
you will live forever in our hearts.
From our hands to Gods, goodbye my friend, we love you.
Chris Tom TroianiClearwater, FloridaNovember 19, 2012
SASSY was truly an amazing dog. Her owner found her walking across a major road which was 6 lines across and made the promise to rescue her if she saw her if she saw her for the 3rd consecutive day. She saw her - the owner was nervous taking a strange dog into her car with her 3 year old daughter in the back seat. SASSY just sat there in the back seat knowing she is going to be safe for the rest of her life. SASSY found her new owner. A few years later the owner had best friend in need of a gentle dog and allowed SASSY to stay with her best friend. She was taken care of and was spoiled by her new owner. Within a few years the new owner passed away while in the home and SASSY was traumatized.
The previous owner brings SASSY back to her home and pampered her for her last 5 years. SASSY was so incredibly gentle-affectionate-never a challenge-she was so smart and just wanted to be loved, walked and fed. SASSY crossed the Rainbow Bridge 3/8/12 @ 8:45PM and is no longer in pain - she is with one of her owners right now but, is so missed here. I have learned so much from knowing SASSY - I just wish I could be like her. We use the word unconditional love without really thinking about it to its fullest. SASSY loved everyone that she met.
I am just a friend of the family and have my own dogs and cats at home and feel as though SASSY was my precious baby. There will never be another LOVE like SASSY. SASSY I miss you so much and I know you found your previous owner.
Thank you for being so remarkable and loving us all. You saved us SASSY.
Hollywood, FloridaNovember 19, 2012
Dearest Sundancer,
We have released you into the bosom of Father God where we know you are free and filled with Joy running and playing on greater grass with passed loved ones, but we miss you deeply. Yet we believe you remember the family that loves you here and are awaiting for our re-union. My inspiration thank you for changing our lives and setting it on a new course to effect the quality of life of many more dogs through Canine Pet Massage and also bringing our marriage and love for one another deeper together. You have taught us so much and we will never be the same. Even in your physical decline you always persevered and wouldn’t give up until it was your time when you new your purpose was fulfilled. You will always be our beautiful princess! You Lived for 17 years but your aunt and I had the honor and privilege to care for you for two of those years directly. But you have impacted my life (Joseph)like no other pet I had before. Thank you for your love!


You were a true inspiration to me (Aunt RoRo) for your unconditional love you showed even throughout your frustration of not being able to walk on your own anymore and even until the end when you showed us in your own way that it was time for you to go be with your brother. No matter what, you always showed me that you were happy to be among us and you always bounced back from anything that was wrong. I will truly miss you and you will always have that special place in my heart saved just for you. We will see you soon.

Joseph & Rose OjedaLake Mary, FloridaNovember 19, 2012
In loving memory of Shelby Leigh Laflin, the best and most loyal friend her mother could have ever had. Shelby was an energetic, spirited dog for most of her life, and always acted younger than her age. She became ill with renal failure during the summer of 2011, but she fought a good battle and hung in there with good quality of life for many more months. She left this world to wait for us on the other side on February 18, 2012, at almost 12 years old. She will be lovingly remembered and missed by her parents and her sister, Maggie, and we are very grateful that she enriched our lives for so many wonderful years. We love you Shelby!!Laflin FamilyTampa, FloridaNovember 19, 2012
“Even in our sadness, we hold onto the thought that a life lived with so much love never really ends, but goes on forever in the hearts of those who remember.”- Unknown

Rest in peace Sadie Nieschalk

December 1999-February 2012
The Nieschalk FamilyJacksonville, FloridaNovember 19, 2012
Simon was about 2 months old littlle scrap of a kitten with matted fur, pot belly and funny crooked tail when I first met him. He had been picked up from the side of I-95 by a friend and was in dire need of home. His gregarious spirit and determination, however, were unmistakable already then. Simon grew up to be a beautiful cat who loved to breeze in and out of the house,roam in the backyard and beyond and who loved fiercly my black lab mix, Sela.

Simon never really bonded with people, other than me, and often preferred roaming outside at night rather than cuddling with the rest of us. His life was full of adventure, he was a brave little soul and always determined to do his "own thing". Grave illness finally took over his mind and his life became suffering, fear and panic.

With the help and gentle support of Dr. Dana Lewis of Lap of Love I made a decision to let his spirit go. He left an empty place in our home and hearts. Such a small cat...such a big empty place! We miss you Simon!
Meyra WolfeCary, North CarolinaNovember 19, 2012
3/13/1993 - 12/28/2011Shae our beautiful white wolf hybrid gave us twenty years of unconditional love and devotion. We will miss her , but our memories of her will never be forgotten.

We Love You Shae,
The Great White Wolf.
Lori and Carlo P.Plantation, FloridaNovember 19, 2012