Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
9/11/2000 - 11/15/2013My sweet Tessie was such a wonderful pet and companion. She loved it when company would come over. Her tail would wag a mile a minute. I loved it when she would rest her head on my lap as I would pet and rub her. She had a saucy demanding personality that always made me laugh. I miss her terribly but know I will see her again someday. For now she is playing with Shelby and Darby being looked after by my Grandmother until I get there with them.Brenda WhiteClarence, New YorkNovember 16, 2013
Vincent was honestly the sweetest cat in the world. All he ever wanted was to sit in someone's lap. His purr was loud and soothing and his affection never ended. We are lucky he found us.Michelle SauerSt. Louis, MissouriNovember 16, 2013
Zoe Grace
9/15/1999 - 11/14/2013The most gentle loving goofy hound ever.Despite her hound dog instinct and boundless energy she was truly a joy in our lives.Gentle as a lamb to a fault to everyone she met,her personality will never be forgotten.Charles RobertsMonmouth Beach, New JerseyNovember 16, 2013
11/13/2013We love you so much Tika! We know you are running and jumping in heaven now. Forever in our hearts!Rachel LevesqueApex, North CarolinaNovember 13, 2013
6/17/2001 - 10/13/2013Good Bye Chloe
As Chloe’s face turned white and she got “the clown face” as it’s lovingly called, we knew that day would be here soon. The day we would have to say good bye to Chloe. In my mind, I knew I would miss her, we all would, but I’d just have to keep reminding myself that she is just a dog. As the tumor in her liver grew and the pounds started to come off, I felt sad watching her waste away. The pounds just kept coming off quickly, and on her 12th birthday we celebrated. Knowing it would be her last.
Chloe never complained…that was just not like her. Even on the first night we brought her home, she never cried, she never was any trouble at all. But on Sunday October 13th, she did cry. Tears were running down her face like a little child. She was shaking and she could not stand up and then we knew she was in pain. But how much pain? …Could she make it through the night? …Does she want to hold on? These were the questions running through my mind that no one could answer, but my heart knew. Making the decision to let her go in peace so she could feel no more pain was such a hard decision, I can’t even explain. But we did our best to keep her comfortable, in her own bed, in her own home surrounded by the first two humans who called her their own. We thanked her for being such a good girl, for letting us share those 12 beautiful years with her. And now that she is gone, and I no longer hear her paws tapping on the wood floors, and I no longer see her wagging tail when I walk through the door, I am crushed. And I am left with this enormous sadness and emptiness, finally realizing she was more than a pet, she was a member of our family. Soon after Scott and I married, we bought our house and six months later we brought Chloe home. She made our house a home, and she made us a family even before the kids came along. Amazing that a pet can do that… a dog, can turn two young lovers playing house into parents, into a family. But that’s exactly what she did. So as it turns out, I think she did more for us than we did for her.
Walking into that pet store 12 years ago, we only thought of everything we had to do for her. Walk her, feed her, and take care of her. But, we never gave a thought as to what she would do for us. We gave her a good life, because we loved her. But she gave us so much more. Thank you, Chloe.
We got her ashes today. We thought having a part of her would ensure she would be with us forever. But now I know that even if we didn’t have her ashes, she would still be with us. She is in our yard burying her toys, she is on the bathroom tile floor keeping her tummy cool, she is in front of the garage door waiting for daddy to come home, she is and will always be with us. In our hearts forever, we love you Chloe.
Evelyn FranklinOrlando, FloridaNovember 13, 2013
Hershel Alpha Weinstein
12/31/2005 - 11/12/2013Hershel was a wonderful brindle boxer whose life was cut short by cancer. He was the epitome of a loving boxer. He loved his family, and they loved him. Mr. H will be greatly missed.Alden & Mary StarnesJefferson City, TennesseeNovember 13, 2013
1/11/1998 - 11/2/2013The sweetest dog in the world. She loved to eat and relax on the couch and watch whatever was on tv - a dog after my own heart. She always followed wherever I went so it is odd that my shadow is gone. She will be loved and remembered forever. She was always ready to give a great big kiss to anyone willing :)Tricia ArceneauxBurke, VirginiaNovember 12, 2013
7/22/2000 - 11/5/2013Our beloved Boxer, Maya, passed away peacefully last week after giving his thirteen years of joy,love and laughs. She taught me the meaning of unconditional love and for years was my faithful running buddy. It was hard to stay in a bad mood when Maya was present. Over the years she slowed down, as we all do, and was no longer able to bound as she had. I'm hopefully that she's in a place where she can run as she had in her prime.Elizabeth DunleavyPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaNovember 12, 2013
1/1/2004 - 11/9/2013Arrie was a wonderful, loving dog. Janet and I will miss her grin as she raced to us when we whistled for her, and her coming to us after eating a meal feeling proud that she had done what we wanted her to do (i.e., eat... because when she first arrived she wouldn't eat) and then burping. Arrie watched over us. She loved us and we loved her. We were her pack and family. The intensity of our grieving will fade but we will always miss her. Her love was an unimaginable gift. We are grateful for that.Christine StinsonDurham, North CarolinaNovember 12, 2013
6/28/2002 - 11/9/2013This weekend we are suffering from a broken heart. Marco, our constant companion, filled our lives with joy and showered us with unconditional love and undying devotion. Although we take comfort in knowing that he is in a better place, one where he can run and play again, we are consumed with grief.

Marco was a Military Working Dog, one of our nation’s unsung Hero’s. I’ll never forget the day we adopted him. His trainer, Dennis, told us that Marco was “special”. That, we quickly learned, was an understatement. Marco was loved by all who came to know him.

Marco – you are, and always will be, missed every hour of every day. Our little boy; till we meet again.
Anne Marie and Robert FernandezAlexandria, VirginiaNovember 12, 2013