Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
12/7/2014Frito, You will never leave us. We will keep you in our hearts forever. We love you and miss you.Mike & Tara QuinnTampa, FloridaDecember 11, 2014
12/23/1996 - 12/4/2014Jack, your family misses you every day and we think about you constantly. You were with us for almost 18 years so we shared a lot together, good and bad. The house is different without you around and we can't seem to stop looking for you and expecting to see your energetic welcome when we get home after a day out. You truly touched our lives and we were blessed to have you as part of our family as long as we did.

Love you and miss you,
Mom, Dad and your younger Sister
Eric FusseneggerE FALLOWFIELD, PennsylvaniaDecember 10, 2014
9/19/2006 - 12/9/2014It is with heavy heart tonight that I write this. We had our vet (Dr Juliana Lyles, DVM) from the Lap of Love Veterinary Hospice and In Home Euthanasia come to the house tonight as we had to put our Howie boy down. He was one of the sweetest boys you would ever know. I don’t think he had a mean bone in his body.
He started to have problems with all his legs about 2 months ago so we took him to the vet. We were told that he had a brain tumor and that he would only get worse. Well, he got to the point that he could not control any of his legs, and was not able to walk. He is a big boy so his constant falling was hard on him. He is just over 8 years old so this was a very hard decision to make, but one that had to be done.
I can’t believe our Howie is gone. I will miss his goofy antics, his loving kisses, and his love for everyone. He was such a sweet boy, who will now run free without falling, over that Rainbow Bridge.
I wish our fur babies could be with us forever. This is so damn hard, not only for us but for our other dogs. Raven will be lost, Howie was her best buddy. They truly loved being together.
I could go on and on but I will leave it as it is. Run free our sweet Toivo’s Deal or No Deal (Howie).. You will forever and always be a part of our hearts.
Thank you, Dr Juliana Lyles, DVM for being there again for us. You have been with us now with Boomer, Cleo and now Howie. Your care and understanding is beyond what we could ask for.
Roberta and Don ToivolaStreamwood, IllinoisDecember 10, 2014
6/1/2000 - 12/8/2014I said goodbye to my little black spaniel yesterday, and I am heartbroken. I miss her so much and I would give anything to have her back again. I know she was so sick, but I didn't realize how she was woven into my entire existence. She was my princess, angel, sweet baby girl and I will always look for her....everywhere....until we meet again.Mary Beth CogswellCharlotte, North CarolinaDecember 9, 2014
9/6/2000 - 11/28/2014Harmoney was our sweet Yellow Labrador, she was fourteen years old. she gave us so much love and joy.She was a great dog,very obedient. A wonderful companion to us all.
She loved her walks and playing fetch with the tennis ball. We will all miss her very much she will not be forgotten she will be treasured in our hearts and minds forever.
Cathy GobleLake Forest, CaliforniaDecember 8, 2014
12/5/2014I was so thankful to have Dr. Christine in my home last Friday. I had my cat Max for over 17 years and he was a beloved member of our of family. He was my first boy! He passed away in my arms on our couch and was so comfortable at home. I wouldn't have done this any other way. Dr Christine was amazing and helped me through such a hard time. Thank you Lap of Love for providing this service for our four legged family members. We already miss Max so much and are so thankful for our many years with him.Susan OswaldAlexandria, VirginiaDecember 8, 2014
11/11/2004 - 12/3/2014To our beloved Chasie,

You have shown us nothing but unconditional love. Every time we walked in or out the door you would be the first and last to greet us. You have already left a big hole in our hearts, for nothing will replace the love you have given us. We miss your beautiful huge boba eyes, your lovely smile. We miss your different stages of fluffiness and your joyful spirit. We are just thankful you are now resting, that there is no more pain.
Janel MedinaAnaheim, CaliforniaDecember 6, 2014
3/12/2002 - 12/3/2014I Miss and Love you and there's absolutely nothing I can do about it. I wish I could kiss your nose and pet your head. We all miss you baby.Amber WatsonNPR, FloridaDecember 5, 2014
12/7/1999 - 12/3/2014Missing Jack, the Best Dog Ever... your family hopes that you are comfortable and safe, and chasing everlasting tennis balls and Frisbees.Chino Hills, CaliforniaDecember 5, 2014
Teddy Bear
2/24/2011 - 12/3/2014you left us too soon Teddy Bear but it was time. Now go run like you never could before and be free of pain till I can hold you again.mitchell PennellAiken, South CarolinaDecember 4, 2014