Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
4/2/1999 - 2/18/2014Bo was a big loving boy. He greeted everyone that came in the house with lots of head butts and loud purrs. He demanded attention, with his 20lb frame he always got it. He followed me around the house and was always in the way or in the middle of what I was doing. I still see him everywhere, We will miss him dearly.Kandi WilliamsonPuyallup, WashingtonMarch 5, 2014
1/30/2003 - 1/30/2014You were our light, our love, our salvation. You were loved, spoiled, cherished and adored. Wait for us our darling girl. We will see you again. And we will miss your beautiful countenance every day until we meet again.Kristin Shamel-ArsenaultWinston Salem, North CarolinaMarch 5, 2014
Brandi Lee
1/4/2003 - 3/3/2014For my Girl, Brandi Lee
I lost a special friend of mine
the kind you can't replace,
and looking at her empty bed
I still can see her beautiful face.
I know she's in a special place
our Lord has for such friends,
Where meadows, fields & flowers
help make them strong and whole again.
I know she's watching over me
She'll be with me when I cry,
So with one more kiss on her beloved head
I told my friend goodbye.
-Author Unknown
Brandi – You were the sweetest and most loved dog who ever lived. I will miss you every day for the rest of my life until we are together again. XOXO
Barbra DiJohnMedia, PennsylvaniaMarch 5, 2014
12/31/2001 - 2/25/2014Sophie was a fun loving, energetic girl with lots of attitude. She loved any type of activity - long walks, hiking, running on the beach or playing with her friends. Sophie, you were loved very much and will truly be missed.Jennifer HoviesTacoma, WashingtonMarch 4, 2014
5/16/2000 - 2/25/2014One week ago today we made one of the hardest decisions to let our beloved Shady pass on to the rainbow bridge. We new it was time but we knew also our lives would change not having our sweet girl shady anymore. We miss you everyday. And love more pain sweet girl ,,,run free!leisha osullivanlackawanna, New YorkMarch 4, 2014
9/29/2014 - 2/27/2014You were there when no one else was, you saw me thru the worse part of my life and always wagged your tail to make me happy. I know you are not suffering anymore and I wish that were enough to take the pain away, but its not. I feel so guilty for every time I scolded you, and all you ever did was love me in return. You were the dog of my life. I love you so so much, I will always keep you in my heart and mind until the day that I pass. You deserve no less.William MinaOrlando, FloridaMarch 4, 2014
5/1/2001 - 2/28/2014Hercules,
You were the kindest of dogs and such a blessing to our family. When you came to stay with us, it was just supposed to be for a weekend. We fell in love instantly, and couldn't imagine letting you go. Your back legs began to fail you over the past year, but you continued to play, walk, and love life as you always had. As you worsened over the past month, though, we knew it was nearing time to say goodbye. We did the last kind thing we could. We held you, pet you, told you we loved you, how much you meant to us all, and what a hole in our hearts and lives your absence would leave. You left us peacefully at 10:00 am on Friday, February 28, 2014. We miss you deeply, and hope that you are running and chucking with Papa, with not a leg pain in sight.
Alexis CurrierLynn, MassachusettsMarch 4, 2014
1/12/2001 - 3/1/2014Buddy was our best friend! He will deeply missed each and everyday!!! Our hearts are breaking until we will see him again! We love you Buddy and will miss you!! We always put your needs in front of ours because you were our boy! Everywhere we go we will think of you, because we never went anywhere without you! You will forever be in our hearts!!!Diane WertzSinking Spring, PennsylvaniaMarch 4, 2014
1/1/1998 - 10/21/2013Roy was my best friend. He was there for all of the years where I developed into the person I am today, and outlasted everything else from my childhood. I had promised him for years that when I got my own place he could finally live inside. My greatest fear throughout all of college was that I would never get the chance to keep that promise, but finally the day came where I could and it was one of the happiest moments of my life. It was only for three years, but when the time finally came I had no regrets because I knew without a doubt that they were the best three years of his life. Its been a little over four months since then and I still think about him almost every day. I miss him so much but I know that it was the right thing to do. He only ever got up on my desk when he needed something from me specifically, and the last several days he would just sleep up there whenever I was at it -- he knew that something was wrong with his body and he just wanted me to make it all better, and it broke my heart. I made him a nice box that would deteriorate quickly underground, wrapped him in a white cloth with his favorite toys - an old drawstring from a pair of my pants that smelled like me and a fuzzy mouse - and buried him next to his grandmother in a nice spot with lots of warm sunlight. I will never forget you Roy. You were my best friend and I love you so much.Robert RamsayFairfax, VirginiaMarch 3, 2014
10/31/1997 - 1/22/2014My little Buddha dog. Sammy was the most patient, loving and grounding member of our family. He kept me safe for sixteen beautiful years, and I will cherish his love until the end of time. He saved my life. He taught me grace, dignity, and strength. I miss him dearly, every minute.D. LeVesque & J. CaseyOakland, CaliforniaMarch 3, 2014