Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
1/7/1999 - 5/20/2013We will miss you Dugan! You were our sweet angel for 14 years. Thank you for all of your love you precious baby.Stephanie PalmerChapel Hill, North CarolinaMay 21, 2013
6/13/2000 - 5/13/2013To our Precious Emma (our bleached blonde chocolate lab):
Mommy, Daddy, Sammi and Lee will forever miss you and love you. You were always our rock and kept us all playing together. You were the smartest but the sweetest!!! We know that you can swim forever - pain free, with no chlorine in the pool...and eat all the cookies and bacon you want. We love you forever!!
Ashley NewhallerTampa, FloridaMay 20, 2013
5/15/2013 - 5/17/2013Dedicated to the most beloved kitty ever. We will miss you more than anything, Cleo Pie. Thank you for all the joy. You will be the best kitty angel. xoxoJennifer PayneOakland, CaliforniaMay 18, 2013
5/13/2013Goodbye my sweet Boydie. You were an angel sent straight from heaven to heal my broken heart when no one else could after losing my Jesse, several months prior. I never thought my heart would feel whole again, but you crept into that hole and slowly filled it up with every look from your soulful brown eyes. I will miss our snuggles and how you would come running every time you thought there was food being served. You were one of the quietest dogs I ever 4 years, I think I heard you bark less than 5 times. I know you are someplace special now and are with Jesse and Missy. Until we meet again, know you were loved and will forever be missed.Debby WattersonHigh Point, North CarolinaMay 17, 2013
6/1/1999 - 5/13/2013For the greatest love of my life. Neither of us ever failed to be there for each other. You were an amazingly compassionate and unwavering companion and friend. I'll forever miss you.Thomas RossTampa, FloridaMay 16, 2013
Leonard cohen rodriguez
5/13/2013We were fortunate to have you in our family for the last 12 years, you lived a good life in 14 years. Our family has been blessed to have such a loving and loyal companion, you were not just our dog but a loving member of our family. Thank you for all the cherished memories we will forever carry in our hearts.Alexis and Melissa RodriguezMiami, FL, FloridaMay 14, 2013
1/25/1998 - 5/13/2013Sadly.... we had to say good-bye to our "little bear" Guinness on Monday, May 13th. He was a very special and amazing little dog. He will be missed....

We also want to thank Dr. Anthony Smith for his compassionate and gentle manner with Guinness and us. He made this very difficult time bearable ......
Janice Wenning and Brad StewartBerkeley, CaliforniaMay 14, 2013
3/29/1997 - 5/8/2013You will always be the "Princess" - you gave us sixteen years of love, laughter, and memories we will cherish forever. There will never be another you....We love and miss you so much..............
Fran ZynisCoral Springs, FloridaMay 9, 2013
6/1/2002 - 5/4/2013Gentle and patient, you were never to be rushed and loved to run.
I will miss you and still look for you every time I come in the house. I'm glad we spent that last sunny Friday afternoon together.
Aixa HoltCoral Gables, FloridaMay 8, 2013
9/1/2003 - 5/8/2013Brandy, Brandy Girl, Brown Dog, Tail Wager, and many other... you were a joy to many peoples lives from the day you became part of my family, you will never be forgotten but there are people above who needed you more than us. Please take good care of them and don't forget to make Uncle Barry share his cookies!Sean SegaloffFort Lauderdale, FloridaMay 8, 2013