Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
1/1/1998 - 10/21/2013Roy was my best friend. He was there for all of the years where I developed into the person I am today, and outlasted everything else from my childhood. I had promised him for years that when I got my own place he could finally live inside. My greatest fear throughout all of college was that I would never get the chance to keep that promise, but finally the day came where I could and it was one of the happiest moments of my life. It was only for three years, but when the time finally came I had no regrets because I knew without a doubt that they were the best three years of his life. Its been a little over four months since then and I still think about him almost every day. I miss him so much but I know that it was the right thing to do. He only ever got up on my desk when he needed something from me specifically, and the last several days he would just sleep up there whenever I was at it -- he knew that something was wrong with his body and he just wanted me to make it all better, and it broke my heart. I made him a nice box that would deteriorate quickly underground, wrapped him in a white cloth with his favorite toys - an old drawstring from a pair of my pants that smelled like me and a fuzzy mouse - and buried him next to his grandmother in a nice spot with lots of warm sunlight. I will never forget you Roy. You were my best friend and I love you so much.Robert RamsayFairfax, VirginiaMarch 3, 2014
10/31/1997 - 1/22/2014My little Buddha dog. Sammy was the most patient, loving and grounding member of our family. He kept me safe for sixteen beautiful years, and I will cherish his love until the end of time. He saved my life. He taught me grace, dignity, and strength. I miss him dearly, every minute.D. LeVesque & J. CaseyOakland, CaliforniaMarch 3, 2014
2/20/2014In loving memory of Fiona:
I long to touch your golden head,
sleeping gently on my bed
You are no longer earthly bound,
Heavenly peace you now have found
There is a crown upon your head,
From this earth you were lovingly led
Loyal companion, faithful friend,
You knew I'd love you to the end
You were my beautiful lioness,
The joy you brought, I can't truly express
Twelve years ago you came to play,
Our souls were entwined that fateful day
We knew you'd found your forever home,
Never again alone to roam
My best friend through the hardest times,
Your presence gave me peace of mind
The smile you wore on your sweet face,
From my heart can never be erased
You gifted me with your sweet love,
Which now rains down from Heaven above
You are in your eternal home,
Chewing on a celestial bone
It was my turn to pay you back,
Though the courage I thought I'd surely lack
I looked upon your weary face,
And knew you'd earned God's eternal grace
You were guided by a gently hand,
Across the bridge to another land
My final gift, it broke my heart,
From there you never will depart
Darling Fiona, please remember to be,
At the bridge waiting for me.
Cheryl WyattOldsmar, FloridaMarch 3, 2014
5/18/2003 - 2/16/2014The first day my eyes met yours I fell in love with you for ever, you have brought such
joy to our family, you will never be forgotten or replaced. One day in Heaven a beautiful place I will be looking for you, for without animals Heaven could not be Heaven.
Beth BraffordSanford, North CarolinaMarch 2, 2014
2/18/1997 - 2/26/2014I wanted a cat for as long as I can remember, but my mom was not having it. In lieu of getting a cat, I was given a cat figurine, cat picture, or cat stuffed animal for every special occasion. On my 8th birthday, my dad was assigned with the task of distracting me while my mom set up a surprise birthday party. My dad took me to PetSmart to look at the kitties available for adoption as my "distraction." The woman hosting the adoption event at PetSmart had me sit down, cross-legged on the floor, and handed me an itty-bitty black and white kitty. My dad said the moment he saw my eyes light up when I held that itty-bitty kitty, he didn't have the heart to say no. I will never forget the state of ecstasy I felt when I became the owner of my very first kitty. I named the kitty Sox because I was obsessed with Socks Clinton, the First Cat of the time, and my kitty had the same white paws.

Sox has been apart of my life, (and the life of my family), for over 17 years. Today was her last day. We were fortunate enough to give her the kind of good-bye she deserved. Dr. Christine came to our house to make Sox comfortable and help her on her journey to her final resting place. Sox left us while laying in her favorite chair with all the comforts of her home. I'm so thankful for those 17 years! We, my mom, dad, sister, grandmother, aunt and friends, loved you Sox. You will be missed immensely, and never forgotten! Thank you for being such an amazing part of our family!
Tracy TroyAlexandria, VirginiaMarch 2, 2014
3/15/2014 - 2/28/2014Yesterday my family and I said see you later to our ever so loyal, loving and giving girl, Nasiana as she gracefully and peacefully went to the Rainbow Bridge. We know you are free of all pain and are back to enjoying that frisbee you loved so much. Thank you for blessing us with your wonderful and always loving presence for over 16 yrs. Rest in Peace my NaniBooBoo.Mary AbregoZion, IllinoisMarch 2, 2014
10/1/1997 - 2/26/2014I will miss you more than I could ever express. Sleep well my handsome man thank you for the many years of love and laughter xoxoxLisa HaslamSeattle, WashingtonMarch 1, 2014
2/22/2014For my beautiful and faithful friend. You are loved and missed so much.
You were brave, loving, and a special part of our family. Rest in peace until we meet again.
Sandy ParsonsGreensboro, North CarolinaFebruary 27, 2014
4/9/2004 - 2/25/2014"At 4:58 p.m, my best friend passed away. Kenzzie brought joy to everyone she met, I grew up with her and now she's gone. She lost her battle to cancer, and I lost her. Rest in Peace my beautiful girl, I can't wait to see you again in a better place " Was written by my 14 year old about my beautiful furry baby-girl- you've been a best friend, sounding board and all around wonderful family member. I will miss you at my feet while I'm working at the desk and dancing circles when it was time for a car ride. Sleep peacefully baby-girl, mommy will see you at the rainbow bridgeKelly SattleyPalm Harbor, FloridaFebruary 27, 2014
Cali Elizabeth
3/15/1998 - 2/23/2014At 6:22 pm on Feb 23, Cali Elizabeth Thome while in my arms and with the assistance of Doctor Kiva of "Lap of Love" passed from this world to join her old sidekick CJ in Doggie Heaven aka Rainbow Bridge.
Cali had been ailing the past month or so and on Friday our local Vet told us she had renal failure [her kidneys were shutting down]. The last 96 hours have been very difficult as Pat & I had to watch our cherished member of the family stop eating & drinking. Cali went down hill faster than we expected and with DR. Kiva's help she left us in a most peaceful way.
Although avoiding grieving is near impossible – we are reflecting on the life we shared with her.
The near 16 years [15 years & 11 months = the equivalent of 87 years for her age & weight] we had with her make us grateful and thankful that our lives merged and we shared many memorable moments with her. We will always treasure those memories.
Clearly, our pets leave paw prints on our hearts & we are forever changed! [Anonymous].
James Thome SrClermont, FloridaFebruary 26, 2014