Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
9/14/2007 - 2/24/2020The first day we went to the Humane Society, we naively walked right past your kennel. Thank goodness we came back the next day and caught sight of your beautiful red coat and your calm, sweet disposition. Little did we know the amount you would impact all of our lives. You were a gift, teaching us patience in times of frustration, peace in times of despair, and overall love. We will miss you never growing tired of playing fetch, trips to the dog park, your love of walks, chasing after squirrels and birds and how your ears looked like pigtails when you were intrigued by a sight or sound. We will miss you peaking your head through the shutters of the front door, always waiting for us to come home to greet us with cuddles and a tail wag. Oh Fenny girl, we miss you so much.Allison BelangerSt. Petersburg, FloridaFebruary 25, 2020
12/15/2007 - 2/24/2020In loving memory of our sweet Sugar.Michael & Anne RameeMaitland, FloridaFebruary 25, 2020
3/11/2016 - 2/23/2020I don't know how she spent the first half of her life, but I know the second half was full of all my love. How do I just go back to how things were before my life was changed by this fluffy little Muppet? My co-pilot, my shadow, my best friend. We were robbed of our time together by a lung mass. Absolutely tough and brave until our last moments, she greeted her Uncle Trevor and the Doctor with a wagging tail. I'd give anything to have her impress everyone with her jumping skills, leaping into my arms for kisses. Sleep well my little fluff.Laura BlankenshipAuburn, WashingtonFebruary 25, 2020
2/10/2012 - 2/24/2020Luna, we miss you more than words can describe. Your memory is in every inch of our home and hearts, where you’ll stay forever. Thank you for being the best friend and protector to your little human sisters, daddy’s biggest fan , and keeping me company day in and day out. We’ll miss you and love you always.Jupiter, FloridaFebruary 25, 2020
12/25/2007 - 2/24/2020My poor dear dog who fought so hard for the last six months to keep a brave face while dealing with physical issues - we love you and will miss you terribly. The house isn't the same without you. It was a tough decision but we know that you are in a better, calmer, and loving place now. Love you Ruby.Lutz, FloridaFebruary 25, 2020
5/8/2020 - 2/23/2020On Sunday our heart's were broken when my girl earned her wings. We said goodbye to our precious Dakota aka Moda Boda and Mimosa Cariñosa. You were truly a sweet soul though you occasionally bullied me into rubbing your head, giving you a treat and sleeping in our bed. Lol. I will forever miss our holidays, watching TV together, car rides, your photos shoots and your little fuzzy body by my feet at night. However today you run, jump and play in doggy heaven. Until we meet again baby girl know we love and miss you dearly. You will always be mama's girl.❤

P.S. Thank you Dr. Blaine, for being such a great support to my family. I liked you the minute you walked in and wagged my tail to let you know. I was surrounded by so much love and beautiful energy my transition to see my sister was easy. Dr. Blaine you were truly like a family friend and your light is amazing. I thank god for send you to me.

Love Mama’s Girl,
Dakota aka Boda
Liz & Ray PerezWest Palm Beach, FloridaFebruary 25, 2020
2/8/2000 - 2/15/2020Sampson was a min pin. Spunky as a pup and a ladies man. Prior to being neutered he was cozy with many of the local females in the area. Eventually he settled down and he and our other dog had a litter of 3. Two where given away and the smallest remained with us. Sampson taught me how to love unconditionally. I never saw myself as a pet owner and at times questioned my worthiness to have a pet. Sampson greeted me every day as if I was the best thing since slice bread. Made me feel so loved in spite of my flaws. I hope he understood how loved he was. Sampson thank you for coming into my life. In the end he decompensated physically and cognitively. On occasion I thought he would bounce back but that never happened. He seemed to be holding on until we where ready to let go. His quality of life was dismal and I knew that no matter how much it broke my heart I had to let him go. We contacted Lap of Love. Dr. Maura Lehman’s caring and compassionate demeanor helped us immensely. Her gentle touch and kind words helped us through this difficult time. Even though Sampson has left this world he’ll always be in our hearts.Connie KRiverside, IllinoisFebruary 25, 2020
6/3/2001 - 2/21/2020Dana was my best friend. He was a cat that would follow me out the door and be at my heels, even when I needed to go to work. He listened to all my issues; from crappy teenage drama to adulthood choices. He was a chatterbox that would always give me the best advice: relax and lay down. When my anxiety would kick in, he would rush over to me and put his arms around my neck and place his fuzzy head under my chin.

He would wait at the door for me to come home every day. As soon as I opened the door, the stories of his daily events would be told all the way up to dinner time. Eventually, the stories became shorter and quiter. He was diagnosed with diabetes in 2014 and he put up a good fight for almost 6 years.
Heather CurciOrlando, FloridaFebruary 25, 2020
4/10/2020 - 2/23/2020Sadie I miss you so much you were my best friend, my child and my boss! I’m so sorry I had to make the choice for you and your mind wouldn’t allow you to remember who you were, I just couldn’t stand seeing you loss you. I love you with all I have Sadie!!! Just know you have a big piece of me with you!!!Renee GarzaFairfield, CaliforniaFebruary 25, 2020
Ricky Bobby
1/19/2009 - 2/22/2020Beloved companion we miss you. You are always with us. Your spirit and personality remain in this house and in our hearts forever.Stockton, CaliforniaFebruary 25, 2020