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Bubba Duke
6/11/2005 - 2/27/2021Bubba was my best friend and my service dog and you could say we were inseparable. It was the hardest time of my life watching him fade away but laps of love made it the most peaceful process it could be. He was a fighter up until the very end and I know he's resting in peace. And there's never a price tag on peace. Bubba has been everywhere from the top of stony man mountain in Shenandoah to the coasts of the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. He loved long car rides with me and my wife and those will always be our best memories.Levi HammHerndon, VirginiaMarch 7, 2021
10/1/2007 - 3/5/2021We said goodbye to you yesterday, sweet and gentle Summit. Never before was there a kinder soul. Thank you for all the joy and happiness you brought to the family - your family. We will miss you forever...James VerbonitzBradenton, FloridaMarch 7, 2021
2/10/2008 - 3/5/2021Koda, you were the greatest dog and our best bud! Thank you for getting me through some tough times. You were always by my side. You were a gentle giant and the biggest lap dog ever even though you were a hundred pounds. We will miss you and always cherish the wonderful memories we have. You lived a good long life and brought us so much happiness. Thank you for your unconditional love and for always protecting us!Lisa SwearingenJamison, PennsylvaniaMarch 6, 2021
8/13/2010 - 10/17/2020You were the best dog a family could have. Even when you were in so much pain and could barely get up, you barked at anyone coming near us, you were such a protector of your family. You always showed us you were so happy to see us, again, even when you were in so much pain and could barely get up or walk. You were the sweetest girl!!! I miss you so much!!!! Im so honored to have been a part of your life and to have had you by our side for 10 years, wish it could have been longer. You will always be in our hearts forever and ever!!!! Can't wait to see you again!!!!!Dawn GriffinHerculaneum, MissouriMarch 6, 2021
1/13/2009 - 3/5/2021Our sweet Sheira, we love you!Katie LockamyYork, PennsylvaniaMarch 6, 2021
8/21/2008 - 3/5/2021I am thankful to have had 12 years with my baby Chloe. Chloe ( Chihuahua/Toy Fox Terrier mix) passed peacefully, quietly and pain free with the help of Dr. Kari from Lap of Love. Chloe developed heart failure and even with all the medical care we could provide she continued to have painful fainting episodes and fainting seizures. Chloe loved cheese and due to her heart condition was denied her favorite treat. Upon her last moments on this side we were able to feed her cheese until she fell a sleep. We are so thankful that Lap of Love was able to come to Chloe in the comforts of her own home and peacefully pass onto the other side. Thank you Lap of Love.
Dawn ReederHowell, MichiganMarch 6, 2021
6/22/2008 - 3/5/2021Dozer was the best boy we could have ever asked for. He was always so loving and playful, and always made sure he took up at least half of the bed at night! The love we have for him is and always will be immense and unbreakable. Until we meet again, our Dozebaby 💙Karlee BryanMorton, PennsylvaniaMarch 6, 2021
11/24/2004 - 3/5/2021Alley Lynn was my very best friend. I loved her every second she was in my life! She helped raise three human babies and was the best mama cat you could imagine! All three of our kids absolutely adored Alley. She made holidays special, she made our house a home. That's how much she meant to us.

Our home is feeling empty these days mourning her loss but her passing was incredible.

We love you, Alley!! You will always be in our thoughts.
Amber McCueSt Petersburg, FloridaMarch 6, 2021
12/15/2013 - 3/5/2021Gosh we here do I even start. Maverick gave our family so much joy , laughs and unconditional love. We could not ask for a better dog . He was so fun and silly with the little goofy things he did. Then there is his loyalty to his ultimate best friend and hunting partner his dad. I know he will miss the special time and bond you both had sitting in the hunting blind. We love you more then anything Maverick run and play and live your life over the rainbow to the fullest.
Rip our sweet baby boy
Stacy LangeLakeville, MinnesotaMarch 6, 2021
5/6/2007 - 2/26/2021It’s been a week since you passed, Jack, and we miss you so much. I still can’t believe you’re gone. You’ve left such a hole in our lives and I wish so much that you were still here with us. What I wouldn’t give to lie with you in the soft grass one more time, to take you to your beloved dog beach one more time, to give you your favorite Nubz bone one more time. Every morning you used to love to walk down the hallway to our home library and wait for me there. Every morning I wake up and I remember that you are gone. You were our cherished little bunting, our sweet precious gray-faced girl. How I loved your sweet and tender eyes. They were the most beautiful brown, almond-shaped eyes. I loved every moment of being your Mommy. You were and are loved beyond measure, sweet Jack, and you were the best girl ever. We love you so much and miss you beyond words. But this is not the end. We will see you again one day, never to be parted again.Holly KleinCape Coral, FloridaMarch 6, 2021
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