Pet Memorials
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Sarah Jean
3/8/2014God got it right when he made dogs.Elizabeth MayeuxPonchatoula, LouisianaMarch 15, 2014
Connor D' Dog
3/15/1999 - 3/15/2014A small dog with a big heart of Gold and offers unconditional LOVE and PATIENCE.
Connor was the love of my life as to others who had the chance to got to know Connor. He is small in structure but possess a pure heart of gold and unconditional love to people. He loves to be scratched and be cuddled all day long none stop. He loves attention, little kisses. He is very energetic and active happy dog.
Maria RompRaleigh, North CarolinaMarch 15, 2014
8/20/2003 - 3/13/2014It is with great heartbreak that we had to bury our dear sweet Halbie today. Dr. Brad Bates, a wonderful vet from Lap of Love came and did an in home euthanasia yesterday so our Halbie could be in familiar, comfortable surroundings when he passed. Dr. Brad was kind and gentle, with a consoling beside manner that put me at ease. I got to hold and talk to Halbie and kiss him and scratch his ears for at least 15 minutes while he was sedated so he could feel no pain but still hear my voice. I told him how much we loved him and would miss him but he would feel all better now. I constantly repeated all the greetings I would give him and things I would say to him when he was well and wanted to be carried around like a baby and petted, hugged and kissed. He always wanted to be with me and followed me around like a puppy. Whenever I sat or lay down he wanted to be right on top of my lap….or my neck! Thank you, Halbie, for loving us so deeply and unconditionally. Thank you for being there for me every single time, especially during the bad times. You are such a sweetheart, one in a million. I’ll never experience another cat like you. Grateful to have us and always affectionate. Happily allowed Brayden to manhandle you, even hold you upside down and dance with you. You were the first thing Brayden smiled at as an infant, and one of his first words: “kit-kat.” You always wanted to be with us and snuggle. Never did I hear a cat purr so much in my life. There is a gaping hole in my heart; you will be deeply missed. You went way too soon and much too quickly. I am glad your suffering has ended, however I feel mine is just beginning. I’m not sure how to face life without you, my little buddy and constant companion. Your genuine and unequivocal love will never be forgotten. Thank you for coming into my life and making it fuller. We love you. Godspeed, Halbinator, our Little Half Tail. 8/20/2003 – 3/13/2014.Christel NickumDoylestown, PennsylvaniaMarch 15, 2014
3/11/2014Thanks to MBK & Danny for adopting Willie and give him so much love. He really came out of his shell after moving in with you. We'll all miss him!
Kisses from Jake & Woodstock
Deb PaigeWest Harwich, MassachusettsMarch 14, 2014
2/10/2001 - 2/11/2014Brutus was a very special pomeranian. He was really smart. If you told him to "assume the position", he would turn around so you could pick him up. Each time you walked in the house, he would welcome you with a toy in his mouth with this beautiful trumpet sound. He used to have this tiny squeaky monkey toy, and I would squeeze it and tell him, "say hi mr monkey". When I put the toy on the floor, Brutus would pick the toy up and as I told him to "say hi mr monkey", he would bite the toy until it squeaked for me. Then Brutus would get a round of applause. He taught the other poms a game with the cat too. While the other pom got the cat to run, Brutus would hide just around the corner of the hallway where the cat couldnt see him. When the cat ran, Brutus would try to cut the cat off and scare her as she came around the hallway. We can tell the cat misses him and keeps looking for her buddy who gave her such a good chase game. Brutus was very gentle and loving. He was orange and cream....he looked like a baby cub.Connie Olsensmyrna, DelawareMarch 14, 2014
9/2/2007 - 3/11/2014Oh my Oreo mommy loves you so much! I want to thank you for making this easy for us. You were my bestest boyfriend and helped me get through everything. You were the most lovable sweetest friendliest little boy who really loved everyone. You will be missed by many. I love you and will miss and think of you everyday. Rest in peace now… With all my hugs and kisses mommy.Christine PannaschMorganville, New JerseyMarch 14, 2014
3/12/2014We loved you to Samantha! We got you a long time ago and you were my constant companion! I hope you are there with Gabby with your tail wagging looking for those cookies. You were a special gal whom we could not love enough! We will miss you forever!Lynnette ZueckClayton, North CarolinaMarch 13, 2014
12/6/1999 - 3/8/2014My sweet peanut earned her angel wings tonight. She was with me thru thick and thin. She made me laugh and was my partner in crime. Mocha brought so much to my life. She gave unconditional love, brought companionship and was and always will be my baby. I was one lucky mom! I will miss you dearly and will love you always!!Lisa SimoneHuntington Beach, CaliforniaMarch 12, 2014
9/22/1997 - 3/7/2014"If love alone could have kept you here, you would have lived forever." Kiki, for being such a beautiful little puppy girl, you were such a huge part of the family. There's a hole in our hearts that are being filled with memories we will cherish forever. You gave us the best 16 years anyone could have only dreamed of. We love and you dearly, puppy girl. Until we meet again....Sarah WeedTampa, FloridaMarch 12, 2014
5/15/1999 - 3/8/2014Our beautiful Beckley was an incredible cat and beloved member of our family -- a great “big brother” to his two siblings, Bailey and Beauty, and definitely the alpha cat! Beck was a model of pure unconditional love, always greeting visitors at the front door! He worked especially hard to win over anyone foolish enough to ignore him. Beckley had a special bond with our granddaughter, Ellie. When Ellie was just a toddler (unable to pronounce the “B” sound), she would run in the door and yell, “Eckley…Eckley,” and he always came running. Beckley’s favorite activities were curling up in the sunshine or in front of the fireplace, lying on laps, and sitting in the window watching the birds. He loved Christmas, especially opening presents and lying under the tree. He was our dog-cat, lap cat, and alarm clock. What we wouldn’t give for another wake-up call from him. We will never enter the house, turn on the fireplace, or use the electric can opener without thinking of him. Almost fifteen years was not enough time with our precious one. He will be in our hearts forever.Jan Mourning LeonardSt. Louis, MissouriMarch 12, 2014