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5/1/2008 - 12/2/2020Gili came to us from a rescue. She had been returned twice after being picked up in NYC with only a "few days left". It's a lose to those that initially turned their backs on her. But, a huge WIN for us. Yes, she was tenacious, strong-willed and a handful at times, but she was also the smartest, absolute sweetest, smiley pittie ever!! A true huntress, she loved everything about exploring outside -- sniffing ever scent left in our yard, eating whatever she came across, and always expecting a treat upon her arrival back in the house. She never missed a meal and was happy to steal any remaining food left by her 'big' baby brother. Her huge presence in our house is already so very much missed. Her barking at ever sound, rushing the door at the thought of a visitor bringing her a treat, and her daily pittie-fits made our home a very active place. She had a special way of 'talking" to us with her expressive eyes. She knew too much and she was knew she was not well. We will forever miss our girl, her wet kisses, sweet smile and big personality. May she rest in peace now.Lisa EChester County, PennsylvaniaDecember 4, 2020
11/3/2020 - 12/1/2020Lily was the best companion anyone could ever want. She went everywhere with us and got to touch so many people’s hearts. There is a terrible empty void now that she has gone over the Rainbow Bridge, but the impact she had on all of us will live on forever. I have never loved an animal like I love my Lily. There will never be another sweetie like our Lily. We love you to the moon and back.Linda StabileMillstone, New JerseyDecember 4, 2020
Grizzly Bear
10/17/2008 - 11/15/2020My most big beautiful baby bear. The most wonderful protector and lover of our hearts and home.kristin wattmagna, UtahDecember 4, 2020
9/1/2000 - 9/26/2000There are so many things to be said about Cattywampas -- he had a huge personality and 20 years of worldly life to bless us with his charms. He loved the outdoors and had been abandoned outside for several months before we adopted him, and so was fearless and bold. Although he was scrappy, he was a fighter and we were at the vet quite often for first aid in his younger years. As soon as he got home he would be scratching at the door to go back out, whether it was with stitches or staples in his head (just the once)! Such an ornery cat in the outdoors would run inside and jump on the closest lap to cuddle and get his chin scratched. His best buddy was our large dog Harley (2001-2015) and they loved to hang out on the deck or in the back yard together. When we moved onboard our sailboat and sailed from New England to Florida, they stuck together in the cockpit and walked around the deck – best buds. Catty’s little LED light on his harness let us know he was still onboard at night. Catty settled into his favorite spot - the chair at the navigation desk - and declared himself Admiral! We were able to visit so many places and see so many sunsets together! We will never forget Captain Catty’s cocktail hours where he would sit with us and entertain, and usually take over our cushions!

It is so hard to be without you now Cattywampas, as you were a huge part of our lives on a daily basis, whether having breakfast with Daddy, lunch with Mommy, and dinner scratching at our legs for table scraps. Of course you would always get some! We couldn’t make a sandwich without you on our feet. Your meows were non-stop (a little annoying in the middle of the night until we got your meds right!). You always had something to say, wanted to be a part of every conversation and every hug, whether you were sitting on Daddy’s chest on the couch or putting your arm around Mommy’s arm for our bird watching hugs from the window. We miss you so much words cannot even describe! We know you are playing with Harley again. We think of you both always and know some day we will get to see you again, our soul mates, our “wolf pack,” as you both were so loyal and loving and knew we would all protect each other and stick together forever. You are always in our hearts and on our minds and will be so missed and loved forever.
Lauren & Drew NPalmetto, FloridaDecember 3, 2020
3/9/2009 - 12/2/2020Brutus, my best friend, my protector and the guardian of my other dogs. He took care of everybody, including me. He had a heart filled with love for everybody and all his furry siblings. he was the love of my life.Castle Rock, ColoradoDecember 3, 2020
Cici "Cute And Cuddly" Greene
6/21/2014 - 11/1/2020CiCi,
It's been a month since you've passed and I feel I can finally write this message. I treasure all the time we spent together and I am so glad to have had you in my life. It has been so much more quiet without you, and as the days turn cold, I miss my warm cuddle buddy more and more. We were able to get a beautiful photo framed and a memory box under the Christmas tree and think about you everyday. We even saved you a plate of Thanksgiving food, like we do every year because we are thankful for you, still.
I'm so glad we could give you one final gift, a gentle passing in my lap. Although it hurts that you are no longer with me, I can take solace that your pain and suffering has ended. Please remember me on the rainbow bridge, I'm sure it's nice and warm. I'll see you soon, and give you lots of love to make up for the lost time.
Rachel GreeneBradenton, FloridaDecember 3, 2020
3/10/2012 - 12/1/2020Sage was the best girl. Every where we went - the vet, the groomer, the park - EVERY TIME people would just say “we love Sage! She is so sweet!” She was your typical golden retriever who cared more about human companionship than her fellow dogs. Any time we were around other dogs, she’d rather get to know the humans. We had to stop going to the dog park and start walking since sitting around by all the humans wasn’t really expending much energy. She was the funnies little peanut with the sillies faces. She loved the water - didn’t matter what kind of body... ocean, pool, lake, puddle... wherever there was water - she was in it. She could play and swim for hours without getting tired. Some of my favorite things about her are the smallest things: the way she laid by our bed ... but somehow always ended up halfway under the bed; the way she would lay by the door and squish her face against my yoga blocks or the wall; how excited she would get if I just mentioned the word Starbucks or Taco Bell; the way she never stopped bouncing around in the car even if it was an 8 hour trip she would have just as much energy at hour 8 than at minute 1. She was the cuddliest little panda and would lay completely on top of you. She would wag her tail just when you talked to her. She was the happiest pup and never complained. Sage was the light of my life and I will miss her every second of the day.Marissa CozettePlacentia, CaliforniaDecember 3, 2020
7/31/2008 - 10/26/2020When our sweet Lucky was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, we hoped we had a few more weeks/months with him. We had almost two years with our very special boy, losing him on October 26, 2020. He began his life as a feral kitten in 2008 – not sure where he came from – but he made his way to us via a stranger’s car engine. He more than made up for his rough life by living his life to the fullest. He was a polydactyl – the first one we ever had – and as a kitten had a hard time learning to walk (let alone run) with style and grace. He looked like a giant spider when he tried to walk up or down the stairs. But once he did learn, there was no stopping him and all the mischief he got in. He was a handful but one of the most loving cats ever. We will miss you, Lucky Lou. We hope you have found Pixie and Mick and are waiting for us over the Rainbow Bridge.Terri SmithsonLititz, PennsylvaniaDecember 3, 2020
2/6/2011 - 8/15/2020Mick, you be will greatly missed by so many. What a perfect addition to our family 8 years ago. You loved everyone – adults, kids, other dogs, cats (well, you were terrified of the cats because they would smack you on the nose every time you tried to lick them). You hogged the bed or the sofa. You loved running in the yard, chasing squirrels. You and your sister Lucy occasionally went AWOL in the woods – always returning muddy and dirty but tired and happy at having been on an “unauthorized” adventure. You lived life to the fullest up to the end. You will always be in our thoughts and all the love and joy our “big boy” brought to all those who knew you. We hope your sister, Pixie is with you and has once again taken you under her wing – making sure you don’t get into too much trouble over the Rainbow Bridge.Terri SmithsonLititz, PennsylvaniaDecember 3, 2020
12/14/2009 - 11/27/2020We lost a piece of us when our sweet little man Freddie crossed the rainbow bridge on November 27th at the age of 11.

When we rescued Freddie 5 years ago, you could not help but to fall in love with his little face instantly. Not only that, but he was also the ultimate little snuggle pug right from the get-go! You could see immediately that he had a special soul that was like a shining light everyone was drawn to. You could never meet a more intuitive dog; he simply knew how to be in any situation. We described our little Zen-like pug by simply saying "he knows"! When you were sad or scared, he was right there on your lap staring deeply in your eyes so you would know things would be alright. Happy - he was right in the middle of things to be the life of the party. Tired - right there to perfect the art of snuggling with you. He was never bossy, he just wanted to be with you in the moment.

Freddie was not just a sit-around-the-house pug, he was a working pug! He went to his mom's hair salon almost every day to entertain clients, sit on laps, and get more kisses then any dog could ask for. When clients with autism or special needs came in, he would sense their reluctance and immediately walk up to them with his little tail wagging to calm them down. He even graced the lap of celebrities who wanted to get their hair styled at "the salon with the pug"! He always needed to be close to his mom though, so you would catch him throughout the day dragging his bed around to be right under her feet while she worked.

Freddie was barely ever alone. If mom and dad went on a trip or would be gone for the better part of the day, he stayed with his Nana's. He loved going to their houses as he was even more spoiled than normal! He was always at family gatherings and would simply be just like one of the kids. When dinner was done and the conversation would start around the table, he would insist on getting a chair so he could be front and center and participate in the discussion. He genuinely understood what we were saying, and we would always tell him that if he talked, we promised not to tell anyone :-)

At the end of the day, his favorite thing was to be with his mom and dad - especially his mom! We would call him our little "Forest Pug" because he sure did love his momma! He also had a special place in his heart for his dad too. Sitting on the couch you would always find him in his mom's lap, staring at his dad. When it was time to go to bed he would snuggle in between us, give one last good loving, and sing us his pug snoring lullaby to sleep in hopes of staying in his mom and dad's bed all night!

The world is a little bit lesser of a place without our special little guy there to brighten it. He touched not only our lives, but the lives of so many others. It was a blessing to spend these amazing five years with Freddie, even though it seems much too short. We take solace though in knowing that his powerful little spirit will always be here watching over us for the rest of our days.

Run free little man, mommy and daddy will see you on the other side soon.
Jared ThompsonBroomfield, ColoradoDecember 2, 2020
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