Pet Memorials
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1/8/2008 - 11/11/2020You are such a wonderful dog! Your independence, your continuous smile, mixed with a smidge of spite and a bunch of Golden personality.Kim PhliegerSeminole, FloridaNovember 12, 2020
2/18/2007 - 11/9/2020We lost a little piece of our heart on Monday when our Bella crossed the rainbow bridge. For almost 14 years she gave us nothing but love and loyalty. She was so loving and would take every opportunity she could to kiss you and show you how much she loved you. In her senior years even when she lost her hearing and moved slower than she had she would still greet us at the door when we came home, snuggled with us on the couch, and always waited in the kitchen for food to fall! She was such a good girl and we will miss her terribly, our hearts will never be whole.Gina DiGiovanni KirbyElmwood Park, IllinoisNovember 12, 2020
3/9/2011 - 11/9/2020From DAD:
They say all Dogs go to heaven, but where do Gods go when they die? Yesterday Weezy decided he had more important work to do elsewhere as he left his humans here on earth. Weezy was what everyone who gets a dog dreams they will become. I don’t know anyone who met him that didn’t say he was the best dog they had ever met.

I’m pretty sure he had more friends than me considering he got along well with other dogs too. He was like my shadow in the sense that he was right by my side no matter where I went. But he was so much more than that in the sense that he was with me in the dark where no shadows could be cast and perhaps that’s where he shined the brightest as he was always there for me.

I could write a paragraph or two listing all of the amazing qualities that he had but I won’t. He wouldn’t want me to anyway. He never wanted the spotlight to be on him and he never wanted to be the center of attention. Instead he always put me first and wanted more than anything to do what I wanted him to do.

I know a lot of people will say that I did a great job with him and taught him a lot. But what people never got a chance to see was how much he taught me. He taught me to be a better person by not making everything about me and I’m sure we can all learn from him there.

I will fail to put into words how much Weezy has and always will mean to me. I will fail to describe the love that I have for him. But I will not fail to remember him every day . I will not fail to continue to be more like him every day.

Thank you to everyone for your love and support.

R.I.P Weezy Wee 11/9/2020
I love you buddy! ❤️

From Mom:
Weezy Wee,

Im going to miss you. I have much gratitude and reverence. You always protected me since day one. You always comforted me. When I was pregnant you kept me safe. You always lay at my feet, perfectly happy in your stead. You weren't thrilled we brought Hazel home but you made space for her. You loved her even though babies made you anxious. You made even more room in your big heart when we had Izaac. Like me, you are a little rounder from the kid food and a little grayer from two thousand 1-5am wakings. But you haven’t let it keep you from pouring every inch of your furry self into this family.

Thank you for being the one thing that stayed the same. Thank you for always looking out for Bon. For always being there for him and helping him be the best version of himself. Thank you for being my alarm system when He gets home late, for playing horsey/tiger /aquarium with two babies and protecting our three (THREE!) children. Thank you for keeping Mikayla safe on her jogs. Thank you for being so selfless. From the bottom of my tired mama heart, thank you for eating the sweet potato fries off and chicken nuggets of the floor, and thank you so very much for that cold nose nudges and air licks at the end of the day. Even when I have nothing left, it reminds me that I am and was always loved.

The world won't be the same without you

Bon CasasMcKinney, TexasNovember 12, 2020
4/16/2004 - 11/8/2020We had to say goodbye to our sweet, gentle Maddison on Sunday, November 8, 2020. She was diagnosed with kidney disease a little over a year ago and recently with heart disease. She was a little fighter to the end but I didn't want her to suffer any longer. On the last night of her life I had her by me on a chair on her favorite blanket and since I didn't want to move her around too much I sat on the couch next to the chair. A few minutes later I felt a little paw rubbing on my back and it was her wanting to sit on my lap. She spent part of that evening on my lap and it is something I will cherish forever. Also, that next morning when we were in bed she moved onto my stomach for a good while and I had another chance to love up on her. She was always a lap cat but we bonded even more these past few wks when she took a turn for the worse. I miss her so much and am grateful she was a part of my life for 16-1/2 yrs. RIP precious angel❤️Kathleen MitchellSouth St Paul, MinnesotaNovember 12, 2020
1/6/2012 - 11/6/2020Our Sadie Lady brought so much sunshine, joy and love into our home. We were so blessed with such a kind and loving companion. Everyone that met Mercedes loved her and she loved everyone back. Our home is just so empty without her. She had been by my side since we brought her home, until now. I am so lost without her and miss my Big Girl. My heart feel like it is broken in a million pieces. I will miss her for the rest of my life. Rest in Peace Big Sweet girl, until we meet again. She will be forever in our minds and hearts.Sheryl FrySinking Spring, PennsylvaniaNovember 12, 2020
11/8/2007 - 11/10/2020Alex was a super dog till the very last minute. He had an unbelievable spirit. Always happy, always prouncing, always ready to play with other pets or humans. He LOVED ladies. Life threw a lot at him, broke his back but not his spirit.

We'll miss you every day, our dear sweet boy Alex, our kind and jolly angel.
Irina HillLos Angeles, CaliforniaNovember 12, 2020
4/29/2013 - 11/10/2020Wally. Woo Woo. Woo Woo Man. Tinky Butt. Tinky Boy.
These are just a few of your nicknames. You were the silliest sweetest baby I have ever known.
I can’t believe your gone. I can’t believe I only had 7 short years with you. But boy, can I say how drastically you changed my life.
I have never known what unconditional love and loyalty was like until the day I picked you up.
You had the best personality. You were my little wild boy. My protector. My little piggy.
It’s so quite without you now. We only said goodbye yesterday but it feels like eternity.
I don’t have you following me around, or letting out stinky poots that could clear a room. I don’t hear your snoring at night or your snorting nose to the floor looking for crumbs.. I don’t have anyone to get into for getting into things they aren’t supposed to.
I don’t have anyone to hold on my chest or hold like a baby.

Mommy, Daddy, and Sip Sip miss you so much!
Words can’t describe the pain and emptiness BUT your not suffering anymore!
Now you can sniff and smell all the other doggies and you probably don’t have boundaries up there, not like you had them here anyway.
You have an abundance of toys and you can chew them all right through the stuffing and squeakys, nobody to stop you.
You were always my little escape artist and now your can run and run no more gates or fences.

You will never be forgotten! You left the biggest impression on our hearts, your personality was like we have never seen before and we are so happy you were apart of our family!
I will be telling your stories until my last day.
I can not wait to see you again my sweet baby Woo Woo Man!
Ciara LongMaryville, TennesseeNovember 12, 2020
Just Uno
6/30/2011 - 10/30/2020In Loving Memory of my sweet Uno. My home is much too quiet without you, partly because you were quite the conversationalist. You would "talk" as long as I kept answering back. Even though you were born blind, you still managed to play close range catch. For the most part, you were always wherever I was. You were at my feet if I was sitting, under my feet in the kitchen, & guarding me if I was in the shower. You will always be in my heart.Sally SchulerFishers, IndianaNovember 12, 2020
7/16/2003 - 11/10/2020My sweetest Junior Bear, you are so missed already. Your tiny footprints will always be on my heart and you taught me so many lessons. Your presence has forever changed my life and I will never, ever forget you. I hope you are laying on the couch with Reggie and enjoying eating everything in sight. Thank you for blessing us with your love.Addrianne DayGoose Creek, South CarolinaNovember 11, 2020
5/14/2003 - 11/10/2020Our beloved Punky peacefully left this earth on November 10, 2020, surrounded by loved ones. We will specially miss you stealing our food, tipping our drinks and your sweet cuddles. I am thankful to have had you as a loving friend for 17 and a half years. Farewell my beautiful Punky. Until we see each other again.

"Those we love can never be more than a thought away... for as long as there's a memory they live in our hearts to stay."
Karen StrangeCarmel, IndianaNovember 11, 2020