Pet Memorials
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1/1/2003 - 11/9/2020The house is very lonely without you. While we don't know your actual birthdate, when you chose us to be your forever family you were estimated to be 3 or 4. We have had the best 14 years with you Sugar Bear. Please protect us from up there. We can't wait to be reunited with you again someday. We love you furever!Amye BRichmond, VirginiaNovember 11, 2020
11/6/2004 - 10/26/2020You were the light in my day and you brought me so much joy. Rest in peace my sweet girl.Deborah RitchieRaleigh, North CarolinaNovember 11, 2020
11/5/2007 - 10/22/2020Roxy has been the best part of my day for the last 13 years. I am so blessed to have been her "mom" . I miss her so very very much!Missy SchoningRaleigh, North CarolinaNovember 11, 2020
Leo (pookie)
3/17/2002 - 11/10/2020Leo was a happy, fat cat. He loved to eat and lay around the house. He was a strong, independent little man and loved his blankieJennifer LollisAurora, ColoradoNovember 11, 2020
Maximus Gene Xavier Jones Hubbell
11/12/2007 - 11/9/2020I have been blessed by this guy for 13 years. Goodbye is never easy but it was time. I want to continue to enjoy the good moments we had with him and smile at the memories.

Rob Verbarg was definitely his favorite person. Max would SHOWER him with joy whenever he saw him. And by ‘’joy” I really mean pee. Haha!

When Max was a puppy he loved his friend Zeus. We met them camping and Max had tunnel vision for Zeus. He ran ran ran right into the river where Zeus was. And then he ran backwards (who knew that was a thing) as fast as possible because what on earth is this cold wet stuff! He never did like water after that.

An ex boyfriend wanted to see if Max would protect me if someone tried to break in. So he pretended too. Ya Max pooped himself he was so scared. So much for a guard dog.

Max was once in a peanut butter eating contest at the APA carnival. Him and this other dog both lost because they wouldn’t touch the peanut butter! I guess he had stage fright.

In more recent years Max rode a wagon to go apple picking with us and got to sample all the free apples he wanted. Turns out Max doesn’t like apples.

We’ve enjoyed taking Max sledding, though he preferred to chase the sled instead of ride it.

We loved being able to take Max on bike rides with us. He looked like a king in his chariot.

Max was never too certain of Henry but he knew it was his job to protect him. Even at the very end when Max couldn’t walk at all on his own he wanted us to carry him up the stairs so he could sleep next to Henry. Henry would be sleeping soundly in his crib and Max would shake his whole body to make sure Henry heard that he arrived.

Maximus Gene Xavier Jones Hubbell you will always be loved and will be very missed. If you have any good Max stories we would love to hear them.
Whitney HubbellSt. Louis, MissouriNovember 11, 2020
7/9/2008 - 11/6/2020In loving memory of our beautiful boy Dillon, always in our hearts and never forgotten .
Rest in peace my beautiful boy and chance as many balls as you want
Dona QuinnLebanon, PennsylvaniaNovember 11, 2020
10/8/2007 - 11/2/2020Misty - We love you so much! You brought more joy to mine and your dad's life than you'll ever know. We miss you immensely! You're no longer by our side, but forever in our hearts. Our hearts still ache in sadness and tears still flow! What it meant to lose you, no one will ever know. If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever! We know that your Spirit will be with us everyday, and that will get us through until we see you again in Heaven! We will smile at all the amazing memories you gave us. Forever missed and always in our hearts, Rest in Peace, my sweet baby girl!Paula WilliamsFriendswood, TexasNovember 11, 2020
11/19/2020 - 11/9/2020Pigu Forever <3Haley HLos Angeles, CaliforniaNovember 11, 2020
11/19/2007 - 11/9/2020Hoover was the quintessential Black Labrador, with boundless energy and inquisitiveness that got him into trouble on many occasions. He will always be remembered and loved by those he met, but most especially by the Roberts Family. He was so like us. Not particularly outgoing but regardless making friends everywhere. Hoover was a last-minute addition to the family. When we first picked out Kirby, his yellow littermate brother and found that no one had picked Hoover when the pickup day arrived … we brought them both home. The two pups were both adorable, but Hoover was more athletic than most, always lean and muscled. Hoover was the first one in the pool or any available water, the first to retrieve, the first one to return, and always ready to play - even the day before his last day. He was never demanding of your attention or super cuddly. But he displayed his love with tongue pops and open grin. As pups, Kirby and Hoover were mentored by old Sparky. Sparky was the 13 yr old nursemaid that taught them till he passed at 17 yrs of age. At nine years of age, Hoover and Kirby, taught young Halo, the rules of the Roberts home. After Kirby passed, Hoover took on the position of Chief Proper Puppy Police and at 12 years old taught young Doc Henry what living in a pack with humans was all about.

I have so many fond memories of Hoover:
• The Mother’s Day surprise in the pool, when we learned at 7 months of age that he was part porpoise and could defecate while not missing a stroke of his doggie paddle in the deep end.
• He went with me to try his paws at Dock Diving. He loved swimming out of the tank with the bumper and racing up the steps to try it again. However, unlike the dogs doing it at trials, Hoover would run fast, STOP, then jump into the tank to retrieve the bumper.
• We tried Treibball Dog Sport. He was the only one in class that bit the big balls hard enough to pop one. Some of the dogs were scared of the balls, Hoover loved any and all balls, sticks, bumpers, and such. Several years later he required surgery to remove a large plastic dog ball he swallowed. That ball trophy is one of the most expensive items in the curio cabinet.
• We tried out to add him as a second Therapy Dog, but his habit of popping his tongue when excited was off putting to the evaluator. It didn’t matter, as he was the best therapy we could have in our home.

In his advanced years, he didn’t seem to realize his body was failing. The mind was willing and just the week before our neighbor posted a photo of Hoover giving his all in a game of tug with Halo & Skipper.
His enthusiasm for life never left him. Photos never capture the grace and beauty of Hoover. He will be remembered with love for my remaining years.
Sheila RobertsORLANDO, FloridaNovember 10, 2020
Lola Ray
1/14/2010 - 10/31/2020To our lovely Lola-the house is eerily quiet but the squirrels still taunt us daily-they miss you, too!! You were a wonderful gift-Stephen and I loved you with every ounce of ourselves. We shared so many experiences and we have so many memories to sustain us. Our time together was too short. You will always be our favorite gal!Colleen and Stephen Abate and SmithSan Leandro, CaliforniaNovember 10, 2020