Pet Memorials
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5/6/2008 - 3/20/2021The house feels empty without you, Tanner. Thank you for 13 great years of love.Todd HuseHerndon, VirginiaMarch 28, 2021
9/26/2006Ode to a good dog:

Kona (formerly ‘Buddy’ before we rescued him -but at the time we had next door neighbors with their own Buddy doggie (so cue the name change) aka Bubba, Bubbie, Bubs, Ro, Rona, Kone, Konie, Santa’s Little Helper, etc etc
9/26/06- 3/19/21

Probably the most well traveled, but prone to anxiety & motion sickness dog- HI ‘06-‘08, NY ‘08-‘10, HI ‘10-‘12, VA ‘12-‘15, MA ‘15-‘17, VA ‘17-‘21 with a sprinkle of visits to VT, GA & maybe more...

Thank you to everyone who met him, pet him, played with him, stayed with him, tolerated and cared for him ❤️ he was not always easy, was frequently unpredictable- as rescues can be- but always a good dog 🐕

He will be missed and loved, always in our now bruised hearts and probably furever in our house and on our clothes with his ever present and shedding fur! 😅

Thank you to Lap of Love Nova- Dr Jessica-for helping with his peaceful and compassionate at home passing and to Ohana Veterinary Clinic (and a few others) for helping us take good care of him.
Kristin CraigheadBristow, VirginiaMarch 28, 2021
5/27/2004 - 3/26/2021Cheds,

today i opened my eyes, the day after you left, and instantly started crying remembering that yesterday actually happened. the day i had to help you say goodbye to me. you wouldn't have done it on your own you were too strong for me. too supportive of me even in your time of need. i can't put in to words the value of companionship you provided over our 17 years together. you always knew all the things my spirit needed, a true gentleman as i would tell the people....

when my mom and i first captured you and took you home it became clear you could hang with the best of them. you caused all the mischief and put the dogs in their place; which made me so happy because i considered myself a dog person (now we know the truth). you helped me get my rest in pharmacy school by napping on my open books. i took all of your not subtle suggestions. you were not rattled by 3 moves, a dog, a wedding, and 2 babies. you trusted my choices, leaned into the chaos in a relaxed fashion, and knew we would conquer all. just as i trusted your judgement when you thought you could fit in any box or bag (no matter how small) placed in your vicinity.

you were always present and i'm noticing that now that you're gone. how much i looked for you daily and watched you saunter through a room and plop down somewhere to join whatever was going on...and maybe end up lucky enough to snag a piece of chicken, popcorn, or some salad leaves. this was a constant for all of our days together. you refused to be ignored - meowing and chattering all the time to make sure i was paying attention as you followed under foot. and if that didn't work you were good at knocking on doors; which came in handy when you got stuck in a few closets over the years.

my heart aches and at times i feel i cant breathe normally. i choke knowing we have said our goodbyes for now. i've cried and cried and looked for you to cry to and you're not here. i will be lost navigating without you. i'll hope to harness your steady calmness when i need it most in the future. the past year has been confusing and scary but i'm thankful for it because we were forced to slow down and i spent every minute i could with you by my side. you helped me maintain sanity with a newborn during a pandemic with your purrs, you 'helped' me do puzzles, sat with me while i read and attended zooms of all kinds. you made an effort to entertain the kids in your own special way. you hinted for me to stop online shopping by resting your chin on my hand so i was forced to relax and absorb all your love and positive energy,

getting to observe your relationship with barley has been magical. i know he feels his own personal loss now too. you guys grew into such a cute old couple. there is no better cat/dog duo. and may all people reading this take note that opposites attract and we all really can get along.

i am so glad to have known you. i'll continue to look for you around the house and i'll miss hearing your meow through the door when i get home at midnight. who is going to night owl with me now? who is going to gracefully pounce on the couch and keep me warm?

i've gotten a consistent amount of messages over this time that remind me just how much of an extension of me you were. those who knew you had a funny or warm memory to share. people wanted me to say goodbye to you from them even if they hadn't met you. they told me that they loved and felt they knew you because of hearing me talk about you and that makes me so proud. i love that you allowed me to put that energy into the world. a true model for the people my mr december; a legend.

you were my best pal and i was your person and for that i will forever cherish all of our memories. i'm so lucky to have belonged to you. frolic strong out there my dearest pooks. hope you get to munch all the flowers you want now. until we meet again.....xxxooo

'there is nothing like the power of a quiet constant love"
katie zbrighton, MichiganMarch 28, 2021
9/6/2021 - 3/25/2021“BEBE” the fighter. You’re truely the definition of
A fighter, ever since you were born you went through a lot. We adopted you when you were 1 yr old and we loved you ever since. But you left us to soon and we are extremely heartbroken. Lung Cancer took you away from us. It was a tough decision to make but we couldn’t watch you suffer day after day anymore. It broke our hearts seeing you with less energy and less strength, you tried your hardest to show love even though you we’re having a hard time breathing. You showed us how to love, learn and respect your breed because a lot people have a misunderstanding about pit bulls but if they were able to know you, they would realize that you are the most lovable and most forgivable sweet heart that could have ask for. It’s been two days without you and I still cry but what comforts me is knowing that you’re in a better place, free of pain, running around, living the life that you deserve. We love you with all our heart, my beautiful star.
Maggie CastañedaJupiter, FloridaMarch 27, 2021
6/26/2006 - 3/26/2021My sweet dearest Missy, very loving and most definitely the sweetest. Missy crossed over on March 26th at 4:44pm. I remember helping you give birth and Lucky was first to come out, he wasn’t breathing and you looked so worried but I kept you calm and got you ready to push out the second pup. I rubbed Lucky with assistance from the hospital and used a turkey base to remove fluid and he sure did come around and I remember you licking me in a way of “thank you so much Rosie”. I will miss you sooooo much, especially cuddling... I’ll never forget you, ever. I love you Missy <3Rosalee HamiltonWaterbury, ConnecticutMarch 27, 2021
Red Kitka
3/1/2002 - 3/25/2021Our little Red Kitka -- when Bob and I married he had two cats -- one was near-feral and the other -- so talkative and present, initially I was mildly annoyed. How quickly my kitka grew on me. He adored Bob, tracked him like a a laser as he moved around the house. Over time he seemed to love me almost as much, and he often went from my lap, to bob's and back over the course of an evening, as if he wanted us to have equal time. During COVID he seemed to love Zoom meetings as much as I disliked them, and co-workers quickly knew his name and expected his appearance, to watch the faces move on the computer screen or just sit in my lap. Red Kitka was always with us -- at night he slept ON Bob, or he curled himself around his hand. He was a talker. He chirped, he purred, and he talked to us near-constantly. He acknowledged us when we walked in a room, he announced himself when he entered. He loved to show us that there are things more important than work (by laying across our laptop). I love animals of call kinds, but some have a soul -- they look into your eyes and you connect. That is our Red Kitka. We had the great gift of 18 years with him, and we had hints that his time was near, allowing us to soak up every moment with him and hold him at every opportunity, knowing that cats are not a forever gift. We were able, with Lap of Love, to ease him into his next life with us nearby, in our home. Our loss feels so enormous right now. These creatures are so small but they bring joy, and a small, sweet reminder that our bonds with animals are part of what makes life so wonderful. Farewell our little boy.Stacey Kimmel-SmithBethlehem, PennsylvaniaMarch 27, 2021
11/7/2010 - 3/24/2021Freckles was the sweetest, the smartest, the best behaved, the most loyal, and the most gentle dog we ever had. She brought so much love and joy into our home. God blessed us with this precious little girl, and we are forever grateful to Him.

Sadly, she only lived for 10 years and 4 months before her heart and kidneys failed on her, and we had to let our sweet girl go to Heaven, in order to not suffer with the sickness that would have overwhelmed her.

Everyone that knew Freckles, loved her. And Freckles loved everyone she met. She always had a huge smile and wagging tail when she met someone new, or greeted someone she already knew.

Our home is so empty now, without her. We love you so much, Freckles. And we'll miss you forever, until we meet again.

Tom & Holly
Tom KeliherNorthridge, CaliforniaMarch 27, 2021
2/14/2007Gracie was a service animal, she loved going for long walks, she loved People especially children. She was a blessing to us. She never left my husbands side. Everyone knew Gracie. She will be extremely missed.Lynda and Tommy DeMeuseBellaire, FloridaMarch 27, 2021
7/18/2012 - 3/26/2021My sweet Bentley. Mommy, Sissy, and Grandma miss you so much. It’s only been one day without you. You are so terribly missed. The house is so quite. I had your favorite breakfast this morning peanut butter and toast. I missed you pawing at my bed this morning wanting mommy to get up. So many things we will miss and cherish forever. Sissy will miss you licking her face every evening, and Grandma is missing your greeting every morning with your paw up to her leg wanting her to pet you. Mommy won’t have a work partner any longer during the day, but I will think about all the great memories we shared. Bentley loved attention and he made it well known, and we all loved to give it to him. We will love you forever Bubby.Jackie ByrdBrownsburg, IndianaMarch 27, 2021
8/27/2007 - 3/20/2021To my beautiful, sassy princess Zoya, you are so missed. We miss your snores, your judgmental stares from your bed, your sweet eyes. You’ve always been my Pretty Mama. My Mimi. You always will be. Your life was so long, but still too short. You saved my life, and my life will never be the same without you. I hope you’re being your sassy little self playing with your sister Stoli and your doggy cousins. I know they missed you.

I’ll see you across the Rainbow Bridge. I know you’ll meet me there when it’s my time.
Kristina HeidaLas Vegas, NevadaMarch 27, 2021