Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
Jake Lennon Dejesu
2/18/2021 - 4/8/2021Jake was a rescue from the humane society and a birthday present from my partner. He was the greatest thing that ever happened to us and lived a great long life. We were always with him and took him everywhere we could. He was the most loving and loyal boy. He was a pack dog and a natural herder. He was sensitive and protective. We will miss him more than we could describe here. My partner walked the humane society and didn’t see Jake until he was on his way out. Jake appeared in his cage and Andy new within a minute he was meant to be ours. From the minute we brought him home, we loved him. He had kennel cough and I remember being such a worried parent and spending hours calling 24 hour vet hospitals for reassurance this was normal. I never stopped worrying about him, loving him, caring for him,. He loved us until the end. He was our life’s greatest gift and giving him a happy home was the honor of our life. We will always love you Jake. GBF
Nick Dejesu DejesuFort Lauderdale, FloridaApril 13, 2021
Hotah (pup)
9/27/2009 - 4/11/2021I love you Hotah puppy! You'll always be my beautiful handsome Hotah.Aimee DomalPlymouth Meeting , PA, PennsylvaniaApril 13, 2021
Schubert Sosa
8/20/2002 - 3/25/2021We parted with our beloved Schubert after nearly 19 years. Our story, and our desire to contribute to Lap of Love's mission to assist other families during this sad transition may be unique from other Lap of Love supporters. Firstly, knowing that Schubert was nearing his final days, we called Lap of Love. Kristi and Dr, Shannon could not have been more sympathetic and kind, explaining their process for helping families witness this peaceful transition in their home, in their arms. I learned and trusted the information in their video and after several calls to them I was even more convinced that this was the only way we would say goodbye. Unfortunately, prior to our scheduled visit, we had to take Schubert to the vet where we were advised that it may be better to say goodbye that day instead.
We are contributing to Lap of Love in memory of a family friend and longtime friend of our son;.
Christopher J. Hylkema (November 22, 1987 - February 25, 2021) was truly an extraordinary young man. He was a Firefighter, Flight Nurse, Nurse Practitioner, Rock Climber, very talented Actor and fabulous singer. He was amazing! Chris was a big lover of cats too. So we know he would want to help you to help others in your compassionate mission as well.
Chris , I hope Schubert has found his way to you now and until we meet again. Ruth and Jose Sosa
Ruth SosaEwing, New JerseyApril 12, 2021
Ziggie....the Zigster
1/1/2020Sunday April 11, 2021 was one of the saddest days for my kids and I. We cried so many tears and hugged each other like we haven't done in a long time. We had to make the hardest decision of our life to put our little Ziggie down so he would b in no more pain and have no more suffering. He lived a very short happy life (he was only 15 mths old)..Thankful we could bring him to peace in our home where he was most comfortable with all of us by his side letting him know how much we loved him and would miss him. Thank you to Dr Amy with Lap of Love for coming to our home to help comfort him and us during this difficult time . RIP Ziggie. We will def miss your cute lil crazy hairstyles, your under bite to where looked like you was ways smiling, your little whines bc wanted held ALL the time and will definitely miss cuddling with you. Your sisters are looking for u still but they also know ur at peace now. We love you Ziggie....Zigster. We will never forget you and will always b with us in mind.Jennifer BurdineFishers, IndianaApril 12, 2021
5/10/2009We lost our baby Isabella on Saturday, 4/10 and our hearts are beyond broken! She was the love of our lives and our baby! She had a rough time over the last 12 months including losing her eyesight and eventually passing due to kidney failure but not without our endless efforts to help her maintain her dignity and health. It broke our hearts to let her go but we promised her from the day we became her mommy and daddy that we would always take care of her nd the decision was to free her of all of her pain and set her free to be able to enjoy life once again. She was everything to us including a snuggle bug at bed time, our greeter when we got home every day and the light and blessing every moment in between! Although it is inconceivable how we will begin our lives without her, we know she was so loved and we gave her all and more to make her almost 12 years so special. We love you more than you could ever feel or know and miss you terribly! Mommy’s eyes are swollen from the tears and heartbreak! May you rest is sweet peace my angel and give your grandparent all the kissies you gave to us each and every day!Laurie VelardiWayne, New JerseyApril 12, 2021
4/6/2013 - 3/14/2020Dear Frodo:
You came to me unexpectedly and I was thrilled to have you for the 3 years you were a part of my family. We had so many good gentle moments and many challenging times too. I know love was there between us and with Roxie and Rover. I am sad that you had so many challenges but we worked through them as best we could. Thank you for teaching me about how to care for a cat and the memories of all of the cats I had as a child. I will always remember how you loved to nap anywhere and everywhere. I wish you could have live longer but am so grateful for the time we had together.
Theresa, Roxie and Rover
Theresa KeelerCollege Park, MarylandApril 12, 2021
Harley / Sir Walter Harleigh
7/13/2008 - 4/5/2021We miss you terribly Harley. You were an amazingly loyal, stubborn, unique, always full of Love and our best friend. We miss your cuddles, your kisses, your supervision, your endless energy and playfulness, and your pin wheel tail wags. Our house is so empty without you, but your pictures remind us of your love every day. Always in our hearts.Marc BeckelSilver Spring, MarylandApril 12, 2021
Shadow Devil
5/12/2007 - 3/28/2021Walt Disney World was Shadow’s favorite place. She stayed at almost every resort hotel multiple times, and her favorite was Bay Lake Tower because she LOVED the monorail. She would sit by the window in the hotel room or on the balcony and watch it go by, and loved to ride it. She also loved to ride on the boats and the Walt Disney World Railroad. She went to many Character meals and really enjoyed meeting the various Characters. She liked riding the People Mover at Magic Kingdom, enjoyed going “around the World” at Epcot, and visiting the hotels at Christmas to see all the beautiful decorations. She also visited Disney’s Vero Beach Hotel and even went on a back to back Concierge Level Disney Dream Cruise, where all the Crew Members knew her name, and treated her like a princess. One year she went “Trick or Treating “ at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, and during the parade, Cruella deVil came up to her and tried to snatch her for her gorgeous black fur coat. In cooler and less crowded times, Shadow enjoyed going to Disney Springs to “people and dog watch.” She was an advid Disney Pin Trader having collected nearly 200 pins, only Disney dogs, of course.John & Kat GeorgiouWinter Garden, FloridaApril 12, 2021
8/1/2005Almost 16 years ago I brought home my best friend Roxy. On April 10, 2011 I had to say goodbye to her forever. Roxy was the sweetest, funniest, goofiest girl ever, and anyone who met her instantly fell in love with her., and she with them. All she wanted to do in life is love others, and that’s exactly what she did. She celebrated with me during many good times, and was there for me during the absolute worst times of my life. She gave me unconditional love every single day, even on the days I didn’t deserve it. She was truly an angel, and I miss her more than I can describe.Kamran KhurshidPembroke Pines, FloridaApril 11, 2021
1/26/2008 - 4/5/2021Our precious Zoey (13) has left such a huge hole in our hearts, we miss you so much, and the pain is simply devastating. You were such a huge part of our lives, you traveled with us and went every where we could take you. Nothing has been, nor will it ever be the same without you. We miss your funny personality, the was you sang Happy Birthday with us and Amazing Grace. You brought so much love into our home. You actually rescued us! Life will never be the same without you in it. You were so stoic with your arthritis, you made it through a couple of surgeries and were so brave. We stayed at your side through them all and you were so brave. I did not think you would be taken from us so soon, but you just got too sick and we could not let you suffer any longer. I kept praying that you would get better, but nothing helped and we love you too much to see you suffering and no longer enjoying life. I am so very sorry we had to make that very painful and dreaded decision to send you to Rainbow Bridge, I can't wait to get there and join you. again. We loved you so very much and the house is so empty without you. No one will ever replace you and you will NEVER be forgotten. For now, I will have to find comfort in all the memories everywhere and the paw prints you have left on our hearts. Rest in peace, my special girl.Sheryl WarnerPalm Beach Gardens, FloridaApril 11, 2021