Pet Memorials
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3/1/2021 - 4/2/2021Farewell my friendAnne McLaughlinNaples, FloridaApril 10, 2021
9/27/2000 - 3/16/2021Frost and her sister were my wife and I's first kids and they were part if us before we were even us. Frost, you were the most extraordinary mess of uncatlike cat I've ever known, and I very much enjoyed being your dad.
Goodnight Derpa, we love you.
Love, Dad

G'night Derpa Doo Doo. If there is an after life, pee on all the floors, trip all the angels, eat all the food, and send our love to Rage and Twitch.
Love, Mom
Aaron SholesHilliard, OhioApril 10, 2021
7/26/2006 - 4/9/2021Lily our home feels empty without you. We miss you so much and look forward to seeing you again over the rainbow bridge! We love you.Naomi WhiteBradenton, FloridaApril 10, 2021
Fatso And Peanut
8/2/2009 - 4/8/2021Raised from puppies FATSO AND PEANUT have been Our Protectors and Our BOYS for 12years.
Watching over us, Guarding our home. We know they're watching over us now.
There's A Void in Our Lives, and A Pain in our 💔💔
Lillian and Tim Carreon CARREONRancho Cucamonga, CaliforniaApril 10, 2021
Bella Marie
7/1/2006 - 3/9/2021Bella was the onryiest lil chihuahua. Just her over protective side I suppose. She was so lovable and sweet . Hated the vacuum , loved pizza. We miss seeing you waiting for us at the door when we come home waiting to give us kisses and get your snack!
March 9 2021 she went to the rainbow bridge.She was our first family pet and brought so much joy and love into our lives. We miss you B. So much has changed that we never thought we would notice. You left a paw prints in heart forever. 💜
Shonna gomezSan diego, CaliforniaApril 10, 2021
Bailee Mcgillicuttey Peterson
3/17/2007 - 4/8/2021Having her in our lives made us complete.Venessa PetersonNorth Las Vegas, NevadaApril 10, 2021
6/19/2006 - 3/19/20213 Weeks ago Dr Blaine helped me say goodbye to my "Big Boy." Henderson, my Basset Hound and I have been together for 14 years and 5 months. I will miss the tick tick ticking as you walked across the wood floors looking for me, those soulful stares when you needed to go out. I could go on but if you are reading this you understand.
I really, really want to express how grateful I am to everyone at Lap pf Love. From Christine, she answered my call and in the most soothing, calming voice told me to take my time, and again if you're reading this...
I received a beautiful hand written note from Dr Blaine, it was obvious he listened, it wasn't some routine "sorry for your loss (insert pet's name)". No it was personal and very touching.
Also, thank you to Allison for her follow-up emails informing me what to expect over the next couple weeks regarding Henderson coming home.
All of you are amazing and I am forever grateful. I am still sad and will tear up from time to time but all of you are loved and respected.
Thank you & Love,
Vanessa GeraciLake Worth, FloridaApril 10, 2021
5/8/2005 - 4/2/2021This is one of the most difficult things to write - a tribute to an amazing dog who will always be remembered for her enthusiasm for life. She was born and died in our house, with us by her side. She never spent a single night of her life without at least one of us. An incredibly athletic dog, she never ceased to amaze us during her heyday. Jane - I am so sorry that your final time on earth was not what you deserved. I could talk about you for hours. Please know that we miss you terribly, and hope to see you again...Renee ArtymyshynFlemington, New JerseyApril 9, 2021
6/10/2006 - 4/5/2021Ginger my sweet baby girl you were the best and smartest fur baby. We will miss you so very much mommy loves you so much. i know you are in heaven now and you are in no more pain. I love you my sweet baby gir.Linda PurvisFairland, IndianaApril 9, 2021
8/3/2009 - 12/11/2021Argos came to me as my little boy of 12 pounds from my home state of Michigan where I flew to pick him up and flew him back to Houston, Texas easily fitting under the seat on the airplane . He quickly became my big boy of 100+ pounds though! It was right after a marriage separation and I hadn’t been alone for 20 years. He quickly became my best friend and protector. I worked at home so we were almost inseparable except when I had to travel for business. He was my road trip companion between Texas and Michigan at least a couple times a year and we both loved it. He loved to go for walks every day, play frisbee, ball, and on rainy days hide and go seek with a rubber Kong hidden with bacon flavored treat inside. He loved my four grandchildren and all other children. He even liked to walk up the steps and slide down the slide with them at the park. He was a very well behaved and gentlemanly German Shepherd. He gave me almost 13 years of love for which I will always be grateful. He will never be forgotten.Melissa WeissLeague City, TexasApril 9, 2021