Pet Memorials
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11/20/2002 - 10/2/2020Your wings were ready but my heart was not. I will never forget you. Thank you for 18 years of friendship and loyalty. This is not the end you will always be my forever friend.Frank ReyesFern Park, FloridaOctober 13, 2020
Queequeg "Kitty"
10/20/2012 - 10/10/2020He said "....woof."
Queequeg Loki "Kitty" Drizhal
September 20, 2012 - October 10,2020
He gave a lot of joy, and made us laugh...a lot. He was the best snuggle buddy, chased away many a mail carrier, loved to fetch his squeaky toys, loved to pester his brother Prancer ( and loved his brother Prancer) and liked to stick his entire tongue up your nose when he pounced on your chest in the morning to wake you up.
Amy DrizhalWoodland Hills, CaliforniaOctober 13, 2020
9/7/2008 - 10/11/2020There has never been and never will be again a more perfect, loving, happy, and joy filled creature as our beloved Nasha. She would light up a room when she entered and touched the heart of everyone she met! We loved you with all of our heart as you did us. There is an emptiness that can never be filled. We miss you so much ❤️Debbie GarnerManheim, PennsylvaniaOctober 13, 2020
7/4/2020 - 10/11/2020In Memory of MummaPittsburgh, PennsylvaniaOctober 12, 2020
10/21/2007 - 10/5/2020Teddy It has been so hard without you here. We miss you so much. The way you sat next to us on the couch and when it was dinner time, you sat in a chair waiting for a plate. I think of you every night. You would wait for us to get comfortable under the sheets, and then you would jump on up and get yourself nestled in between us. It's not the same and it never will be. I hope and pray you are in no more pain and in a loving place. We love Teddy.Jennifer AngelinoMount Juliet, TennesseeOctober 12, 2020
11/18/2018 - 10/11/2020We are broken without you Pup, you are everything that is love.KRISTINA APODACASan Jose, CaliforniaOctober 12, 2020
7/9/2005 - 10/9/2020Our Sweet Baby Grace,

We are missing the pitter patter of those little feet upstairs between rooms. Your little popcorn jumps to get our attention that you were wanting a treat. My tv cuddle buddy and little spoon in bed, you are so loved. Running to your jar of treats and looking back to see if we were following you.

Jerry and Aileen are sure glad to see you again, we are sure of this. You lived a great, long life and were loved by many.

Michael & Josie
Josie GillespieIndianapolis, IndianaOctober 12, 2020
3/27/2007 - 10/11/2020Sweet Madeline - we will never forget you.Barbara SmithGreensboro, North CarolinaOctober 12, 2020
11/28/2010 - 10/1/2020Norman, life is so empty without you. Not to mention the house. You were so loved and will be so missed. You couldn't have been more loving, more snuggly, more silly and more eager to please. I couldn't have asked for a better puppy. Our bond was immeasurable, and everyone saw it. Grandma, Mommy and Steve will think of you every day. We hope you found Grandpa.
Mommy loves you, sweet boy <3
Jessica MettsAiken, South CarolinaOctober 12, 2020
6/1/2006 - 9/19/2020Connie Bear: We will miss you every day. The sound of your feet pitter-pattering on the floors, your barking uncontrollably when we pulled into the driveway, your morning snuggles, your soft ears and seal eyes... We love you, Connie-Girl!Jeff & Jamie WilderTampa, FloridaOctober 12, 2020