Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
Sally Noel
10/30/2005 - 2/19/2021Sally Noel went to heaven, but will remain in our hearts.
She is missed dearly by all who knew her.
She could never be replaced.
Rest our sweet one...till we meet again.
Doreena TompkinsGreenback, TennesseeFebruary 26, 2021
Teeny Hotrod
10/15/2002 - 2/21/2021Teeny Hotrod was one of the most beautiful, gentle, sensitive, and emotionally intelligent kitties I've ever had. Our connection felt otherworldly. He brought me the most wonderful unconditional love, joy, happiness, and companionship. And in turn I feel honored that I was able to give him the best life possible. My heart is broken and he will be greatly missed.Elena ScalisePittsburgh, PennsylvaniaFebruary 26, 2021
5/29/2007For almost 14 years, she was my best friend, my confidant, my protector, my snuggle-bug, and my baby. For almost 10 years, she’s occupied Kevin’s heart in just as many ways. It was impossible not to adore her. Not a day has gone by that she hasn’t made us smile or that I haven’t felt blessed to have her in our life. She was well loved by her human sister Ashley and furry cat sister Tiger as well as everyone else (furry and human) who knew her. She passed away today at home in our arms. Thank you to Lap Of Love for helping us through the process, for helping Coco pass peacefully and painlessly and at home where she was comfortable.

I’m having a hard time with words so I hope these photos capture what my sweet dog Coco “Pookie Bear” meant to all of us .

Until we meet again. 🌈
Megan WittJackson, WisconsinFebruary 25, 2021
Macy Kay
9/11/2009 - 2/25/2021Our Macy Kay
It’s impossible to forget the dog that gave us so much to remember. She had the softest ears ever, a love of belly rubs, gave the best hugs and always left some fur behind for us to remember her later too.
It brings us peace to know her spirit is free and she is running over the bridge with her frisbee, but If love alone could have kept her going we for sure would have loved her long enough to live forever.
She will be missed more than words can express. We love our Macy Kay. She will be in our hearts each and every day.
Elizabeth WebbinkForistell, MissouriFebruary 25, 2021
Maggie Bombeck
10/20/2004 - 2/23/2021My dearest Maggie Mae
I know you couldn’t see or hear me but I hope the angels that guide you home can share this letter with you. And that you get to see the most beautiful sunset that we shared when you passed tonight.
You came into this world so sick and those first few months no one thought you would survive. I was so afraid to give you a name and get so attached but from that day forward you put up a good fight.
My most memorable New Years Eve was just a week after getting you and sitting at the stroke of midnight in a steamy bathroom trying to get you able to breath since you had double pneumonia. I could feel with each “Huffa Huffa Huffa Kack” you had such a will to live. Your grandpop named you and you lit up when you heard your name.
You were such a sassy pup and had the courage of a dog 20 times your size. You amazed me with your fierce determination in a fluffy little package. Every day for the past five years you navigated your way without being able to hear me call your name or see me and often got startled by my touch when I tried to rescue you from the maze of furniture legs.
I want you to know little dog that you have such a large piece of my heart. You came into my life and I needed you more that you needed me. You gave such great kisses and little bubbly snorts when you snuggled. You even had a little pink heart on the tip of your nose, that has faded over the years but that pure love certainly remained.
This past year I have been with you 24/7 and I saw your fear and anxiety during your waking moments and how peaceful you were in your doggie dreams. Your tail only wagged in your sleep my Waggie Maggie and then only occasionally. I wanted you to be free of this body that was failing you even though until your last breath I wanted you to stay and held you in my arms until you were free.
We wanted you to be surrounded by love with familiar smells and to be with your family both human and K9 at home and Dr. Brad from Lap of Love came to our home to help you pass in comfort.
I am hoping there is a doggie heaven and that you get to see Kody dog and Zoey girl and get to play, see, hear and smell all the good smells and that you feel the loving touch of your Aunt Mary and PopPop Bill. At the end of a full day of play I hope that there is a comfy bed in the sun where you can curl up and sleep a great sleep. Have wonderful dreams Maggie Mae. Until we meet again
Kimberly BombeckHolmes, PennsylvaniaFebruary 25, 2021
Koco Lopez
6/11/2010 - 2/11/2021We lost our beloved Koco, February 11th, 2021 after eleven wonderful years with him. His passing was very sudden and unexpected, our hearts could have never been prepared for what we had to face in his last days. We came home the Sunday before his passing and noticed he paralyzed from the waist down. No sign of trauma, bite, or anything from that nature. We rushed him to the hospital not knowing our life would be forever changed. He was diagnosed with Intervertebral disc disease (IVDD). His case unfortunately was so weird and unexplainable that he would have no symptoms and would be at a Stage 5. After exploring all possible options, we faced the reality he would he paralyzed with a zero percent chance of ever using the bathroom on his own and walking. He started to lose his ability to know when he was going to the bathroom and never walked again. We were willing to take care of him and clean the daily messes, yet It would have been a selfish thing to do to keep him around when he was in so much pain and was already bleeding internally. Koco being a large dog would undergo much stress losing his mobility and we knew he couldn’t continue the fight, although he was so tough through this process and had so much life in him. Knowing his top part of his body wanted to fight and his other half had given up broke our heart in a million pieces!
This family was very blessed to enjoy the last days we had with you, making them as memorable as we could. Feeding your favorite food, having all the family lay with you and bring you your favorite treats. I know you defiantly enjoyed the special cupcake the DeLeon’s got you. You left knowing we loved you very much.
It’s sad to think our family had many more memories to make and he’s not here to see it. Koco got me through the toughest moments in my life and I am forever grateful to have been his mommy.

Yes, I know he was just a dog. A dog who celebrated the good and bad with us for 11 years, someone who would welcome us over and over every time we walked into our home, a dog who protected us, a dog who ate dinner with every day of his life.
I will never forget when we made that triumphant entrance through the front door with the car seat, bringing our son home from the hospital, he was the first to welcome him with the famous–tail wagging and committed his love, devotion and loyalty, to serve and protect for life. His loyal, pure, and unconditional.

I will never forget the times I would come home from my many surgeries and he would sleep by my side giving me the deep thoughtful look, letting me know he was with me and we were going to get through this.
I always knew it would be sad when we said goodbye, but never in a million years would have imagined having lived such painful process as loosing you. I’ve never understood until now that losing your family dog is losing a part of your family, and that the pain of wanting them back to hug one more time, to whisper in their ear– call out your name–and tell them “You MAKE this family–you’re part of us, we love you so much”.

The house feels like something’s missing, and truly, we’ve lost a part of us that can never be replaced. I miss his quiet presence as I work alone and would do anything to hear his paws scratch across the tile one more time.

A huge thank you so my loving family and friends who made his past days special and stood by our side during this difficult time. We couldn't thank Lap Of Love for being so professional so caring and so loving during the entire process.

We’ll miss you, dear Koco. You will forever and always be loved by us.
Melissa LopiiOrlando, FloridaFebruary 25, 2021
Mittens Cole
3/14/2001 - 2/23/2021My Miss Mittens kitten(aka Dilly do, missy, punky punks) was the best friend anyone could ask for and made everything joyful for 19 years(half of my lifetime). I loved you to the moon and back again, and ALWAYS will. You will be forever missed and deeply loved, always. You are so loved by many.Christy ColeCharlotte, North CarolinaFebruary 24, 2021
11/14/2006 - 2/22/2021If you’re lucky, one of your pets will become your soulmate. Charlie was my soulmate. When he was young, he behaved as beagles do—loud, a little destructive, and trying to escape from the house every chance he got. When he did escape, he thought us calling for him was a really fun game. He would run full speed directly at us, then veer off at the last second. I had three beagles as a child but all had short lives. Charlie graced our lives for more than 13 years. Maybe the only good thing about the pandemic was that I had much more time to devote to Charlie. How can a mere human possibly repay such unconditional love and devotion? You can’t, but I do think we helped Charlie live a long and happy life. He knew how much we loved him.Fred BieseckerIndianapolis, IndianaFebruary 24, 2021
9/2/2010 - 2/22/2021Sam was such a sweet presence in our home and in our lives for over 10 years. She loved both people and other animals. She treated little Daisy like a puppy and tolerated Daisy's antics even when we knew she didn't feel well. She had the most expressive eyes and countless times we felt as if she was a person in her beautiful dog body. Thank you, Sam, for what you brought to our family. Rest in peace.Tracie ThompsonSeminole, FloridaFebruary 24, 2021
3/12/2007 - 2/24/2021Charlie gave us 14 amazing years. He loved us unconditionally. He was with my husband and I from the year we got married through surgeries, 2 kids, many house moves and adventures. We loved how he thought he was a big tough dog but he was a tiny chihuahua. He had the spirit of a grumpy old man from as early as his puppy years but that didn’t stop us from loving him so much.Ashley HohnbaumOrlando, FloridaFebruary 24, 2021