Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
11/1/2001 - 12/4/2012Almost 11 years ago, my sister-in-law saw a dirty, starving Siberian Husky mixed puppy on the side of Highway 301 between Starke and Jacksonville. He was eating roadkill or garbage. She picked him up brought him to our house. He had one blue eye and one yellow. His stomach was distended from hunger, he was dirty and smelled like garbage. He was nervous. He cowered at every touch, and had obviously been abused. We gave him a bath and the water turned black, and it took three more baths before he smelled reasonable. Over the next few weeks, we gave him couple of square meals a day, a trip to the vet, a warm bed and a roof over his head. We named him Yukon Jack - we called him Jack. He joined our family, which included our first pup Stella. In a month or two, he doubled his weight and his coat got shiny. In a few more months, we added another family member, Maestro - they became fast friends and loved to wrestle. And we became the crazy couple with three dogs. In the years to follow, Jack turned into the most beautiful, sweetest, most loving canine companion in the whole world - he was our love bug. He was everything you could ask for in a dog - loving, loyal, content. He was a happy dog and made our happy house even happier. He made friends everywhere he went. He even spent some time as a hospital therapy dog before we moved from Jacksonville to Tampa. Although he never completely lost his cower, he loved people, and people loved his beauty and his sweet, loving personality. Everyone who met him, loved him. Eventually, we brought two children into our family too. He often slept in their room and tolerated their mischief. All along, we knew we rescued him and gave him a better life and that he was a lucky dog. In the end, he never knew that he gave us a better life and that we were lucky too. He paid us back tenfold. He added a quiet and loving balance to our house that will be missed. Yukon Jack epitomized the term "Man's Best Friend".Colin and Suzanne MaillouxValrico, FloridaDecember 12, 2012
She came in to our lives as a small dog with a large heart. Today our hearts are broken and a piece of our family is missing. We held her close to our chest when we found her this morning and we could not let go. We have had tears all day and we searched for the reason you left so soon and what we could have done. It seems as only yesterday we brought you home and how you changed our lives with showing us nothing but Love and Affection every day for thirteen years. Cruzie met us at the door every afternoon when we came home from work. No matter how bad the day was in our lives we were met with love and needing to be held. I wished I could have gotten her to the emergency vet clininc faster, but she passed suddenly in our arms and together. We have returned home with tears, our hearts broken, and many memories of what we had that was precious in our lives which is now gone. Words cannot express what a difference you made in our lives and our world is shattered now that you are gone. I know that one day when we leave this earth that our journey will take us to where you are now and we look forward to the reunion in heaven when we will all be together again. Again what a difference that Cruzie made in our lives even though she was a minature Chihuahua that was seen as tiny, she had the largest of hearts. We Love and Miss our Cruzie.JD BrownGreenback, TennesseeDecember 8, 2012
Our beloved Heidi...when we rescued you from the shelter 14 years ago, we knew we got a very special gift. Your unconditional love has paid us back a thousand fold and you will be remebered always. You are with your mother (my wife had passed away several days earlier) and your sister Gidget. I will love you always and take care of mommy!!Joe KowalskiGreenacres, FloridaDecember 4, 2012
When my husband and I first saw jasper we knew that we had to make him a part of our family. He soon became my first child. Jasper was an adorable and fluffy golden pup. we simply adored him! Every morning I would sing to him and massage his back and legs while he would stretch. This became our morning routine for 13 plus years! Jasper was two years old when my son Ben was born. Jasper could not wait to cuddle with our new baby boy. As Ben grew, jasper and him became best of buddies.

Jasper was always so gentle and protective of Ben. Everyday we would walk jasper to the park and he would love to run into the lake and dunk coconuts in the water that we would throw for him to play with. He loved that! Every summer we would take him to Vermont to hike, run and play in all of natures glory! He loved Vermont! No humidity! He also loved wading in cool mountain ponds and streams. The pure cold water felt great on his hips and invigorated his spirit as well!

As jasper matured and as his mobility began to wane, we tried out best to make him comfortable and happy! Jasper gave us so much joy, happiness, love and beautiful memories to last a lifetime. We were blessed to have shared our life with him for 13 years and 8 months! My home is quiet now, and I would do anything to hear him bark, to see his beautiful face and wagging tail again! We love and miss him dearly! I pray that he is whole again, strong, young, healthy and happy running and playing with his real mom and siblings in heaven!

We love you jasper!
Love, mom, dad, Ben and Charlotte
Liesa BerksonHollywood, FloridaDecember 4, 2012
You will forever be were there for me until your end of your 15 years!
You brought joy to Uncle Jim, who at 82 years old never had a pet other than a bird; he truly enjoyed your hanging out with him while I was at work!

Samantha, Zack and I are missing you here, but we know you are now with our family in heaven‘s Rainbow Bridge and playing and purring along with Coke, Cola, and Razine and enjoying big kisses from Maxime; my loves. I miss you all.
Constance MuellerDelray Beach, FloridaDecember 4, 2012
10/1/1999 - 10/29/2012It has taken me a month to sit down to write Buster’s memorial as it’s still hard for me to believe that he’s still not with us. He was the most loyal companion and made my heart smile so much each and every day. One unique boy, truly one of a kind.

Technically his official breed was Doberman / Lab, but in actuality we all realized that he had transformed into a “PEOG” (People / Dog). He was so much of our social gatherings with friends and family, standing around like he was part of the group…being a regular busy body.

As with all our friends, Buster too acquired a few nicknames: “Mr. B”, “The Greeter”, “Mr. Velvet Ears” and “Panky” (a pet name that my husband and I gave him at some point that stuck).

His understanding of vocabulary was none like I have ever witness. Eventually my husband and I would spell or speak in code so Buster wouldn’t understand, especially anything dealing with “going”, “ready”,” car rides”, etc. And if he didn’t understand, you knew he was trying by the way he would tilt his head back and forth trying to figure out what we were saying.

And of course he had his favorite activities: early morning walks without his leash & meeting up with other 4-legged friends, swimming at Belleair Dog Beach, boat rides to none other than “Buster Island”, riding in the truck (front seat of course), stalking squirrels (aka Bin Laden’s), taking a “walk about” in the Cul-de-sac to visit the neighbors cats, Saturday afternoon naps with Mom & Dad, broom chase and getting a new stuffed animal in the suitcase whenever we came home from vacation or business trips. And yes he was spoiled to the max, but it was fun and so much worth it!!! He gave us some much laughter, joy and happiness for the 13 years that he was with us, which by no means was long enough.

He was my constant Kling-On (true busy body fashion)…always wanting to know where I was and what I was doing. I miss my shadow but know that deep down that he’s in a better place and hope that he’s with his best bud Killian hanging out like the two old guys that they were.

When our time is up, we certainly look forward to the day when we will meet again and when we do, it will be our turn to be the Kling-On. We love you and miss with all our hearts.
Sandy & Bob SchuylerBelleair Bluffs, FloridaDecember 4, 2012
My dear Marky, we miss you very much! The house is empty without you! It's almost 3 months since you left us and the pain is still great. Bumbo's looking for you all the time and he spleeps in your spots. We wish that we could bring you back. We will always love you my beautifull girl! <3

Joao, Sofia, Peter and Bumbo
Seminole, FloridaNovember 29, 2012
What a blessing to have the love for and of a creature as sweet and loyal as my little Riley. I can honestly say that in over fourteen years, we were never left to wonder how much we were loved by the other. What lessons he taught me about living, loving and dying. I miss him every moment... Every moment.

I love you, Riley. You will always be "the sweetest little puppy in the whole wide world!"
Heather F.Chapel Hill, North CarolinaNovember 29, 2012
Lap of Love is very compassionate and understanding at this horrific time in our lives. We are very grateful for everything they did!!!!Susan .Ballentyne, North CarolinaNovember 29, 2012
Tinny will always be missed he wasn't just a cat he was my little baby. He had a great personality. He was one of a kind and never be replaced. He was taken to soon.Tina C.Florissant, MissouriNovember 29, 2012