Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
Willy P
3/31/2010 - 3/31/2021To our beloved Willy P. You were our first fur-baby and the closest thing to a child we will ever have. There was an aura around you that everybody felt in your presence. Calm, handsome, friendly and cuddly you made instant friends with the 4-legged and 2-legged alike. For eleven years you made our house feel like a home. Now the couches look barren without you there laying upside-down (in a silly pose that never seemed very comfortable) and our bed feels empty without you crawling up to our pillows to say good morning. You adopted us that day in Camden and for that we will be forever grateful. I hope you now have eternal peace and comfort.

-Love Mom and Dad
Chris MulliganBordentown, New JerseyApril 13, 2021
Lulu Belle
5/1/2003 - 4/12/2021We miss Lulu meowing at the top of the stairs. We are glad that she was able to go to sleep in the place that she so loved. She was the last of our fur babies (for right now). I appreciate Lapof Love’s compassion and greatly thank Dr Alison for her care.Sharon McCalmontSewickley, PennsylvaniaApril 13, 2021
7/4/2007 - 4/11/2021Our little ole lady Shelby was the most loving and sleepiest pupper ever. She would just look at you with that Droopy dog face and you would melt.Sandra GaffneyChurchville, New YorkApril 13, 2021
11/23/2007 - 3/23/2021"How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard...” On March 23, 2021 --- after a courageous two-year battle with cancer --- Santi was laid to rest. We were blessed with his gentle nature, unshakeable joyfulness, and unbridled enthusiasm for thirteen years, and I don't think even thirteen more would have felt like enough. While no eulogy could possibly articulate the extent to which those thirteen years have impacted our own, I will say this: everyone who met him loved him --- and he loved everyone. We couldn't have asked for a sweeter boy, and we are better for having been his.Tampa, FloridaApril 13, 2021
4/1/2007 - 4/10/2021We miss our Sasha Bear so much. She was the princess of the house and could melt your heart with the tilt of her head. Sasha didn't meet a stranger who didn't live her almost instantly. When someone met her, she made them laugh with her full butt wiggle.Charlotte, North CarolinaApril 13, 2021
1/1/2002 - 4/11/2021Chewie Monk Mosher, Monsieur Chewie, Chewie-bear Puppy Cat has been in our home and heart for 16 years (of his 19+) and thank you to all of you who cared so well for him and/or loved him. Mr Chewie or Monsieur Chewie, our little campagne (country) French gentleman was so gentle, but noisy and we miss his sweet, large personality and handsome beard of soft and airy fur. Everyone knew when he entered the room - he lived loudly! He was a dignified little gentleman who was always ready to comfort.Kelly MosherSEATTLE, WashingtonApril 13, 2021
12/20/2010 - 4/11/2021I tremble by your beautiful life through your kind eyes.
As life left your body and the breath exited your lungs, I cried.
Your paws cradled my arms, I felt pulse of sadness weighing my heart.
I prayed for courage and strength to let you depart.
Pain, suffering had made your simple life uneasy.
Your gentle gesture and protective nature burn in my memories.
Forgive my shallow fear that led to pain you endured.
I have exhausted all means to find you a miraculous cure.
I resent my loss in the battle of ill fate.
Deny, regret, decisions I hesitated.
I hope for peace in the farewell to your end.
This shared journey is treasured, oh my dearest friend.
In the next life we shall meet again.

Kasey NguyenMoreno Valley, CaliforniaApril 13, 2021
Jake Lennon Dejesu
2/18/2021 - 4/8/2021Jake was a rescue from the humane society and a birthday present from my partner. He was the greatest thing that ever happened to us and lived a great long life. We were always with him and took him everywhere we could. He was the most loving and loyal boy. He was a pack dog and a natural herder. He was sensitive and protective. We will miss him more than we could describe here. My partner walked the humane society and didn’t see Jake until he was on his way out. Jake appeared in his cage and Andy new within a minute he was meant to be ours. From the minute we brought him home, we loved him. He had kennel cough and I remember being such a worried parent and spending hours calling 24 hour vet hospitals for reassurance this was normal. I never stopped worrying about him, loving him, caring for him,. He loved us until the end. He was our life’s greatest gift and giving him a happy home was the honor of our life. We will always love you Jake. GBF
Nick Dejesu DejesuFort Lauderdale, FloridaApril 13, 2021
Hotah (pup)
9/27/2009 - 4/11/2021I love you Hotah puppy! You'll always be my beautiful handsome Hotah.Aimee DomalPlymouth Meeting , PA, PennsylvaniaApril 13, 2021
Schubert Sosa
8/20/2002 - 3/25/2021We parted with our beloved Schubert after nearly 19 years. Our story, and our desire to contribute to Lap of Love's mission to assist other families during this sad transition may be unique from other Lap of Love supporters. Firstly, knowing that Schubert was nearing his final days, we called Lap of Love. Kristi and Dr, Shannon could not have been more sympathetic and kind, explaining their process for helping families witness this peaceful transition in their home, in their arms. I learned and trusted the information in their video and after several calls to them I was even more convinced that this was the only way we would say goodbye. Unfortunately, prior to our scheduled visit, we had to take Schubert to the vet where we were advised that it may be better to say goodbye that day instead.
We are contributing to Lap of Love in memory of a family friend and longtime friend of our son;.
Christopher J. Hylkema (November 22, 1987 - February 25, 2021) was truly an extraordinary young man. He was a Firefighter, Flight Nurse, Nurse Practitioner, Rock Climber, very talented Actor and fabulous singer. He was amazing! Chris was a big lover of cats too. So we know he would want to help you to help others in your compassionate mission as well.
Chris , I hope Schubert has found his way to you now and until we meet again. Ruth and Jose Sosa
Ruth SosaEwing, New JerseyApril 12, 2021