Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
6/1/2020 - 6/23/2020Abby,

There are no words to describe my love for you, but I have a strong feeling you know. Your absence is deafening, but somehow I feel you all around me. You will always be my once in a lifetime dog, companion, and dearest friend. Yesterday was the hardest day of my life, but I would not give it up for anything, as it was my final act of kindness to extend to you. You have given me a lifetime of love, and how grateful am I to have shared such a sacred bond as ours.

Much Love,

Your Mommy!
Anne PattenCalimesa, CaliforniaJune 24, 2020
7/4/1999 - 6/23/2020Diehl Enterprises is sad but also pleased to announce that DUSTER, recently retired Director of IT solutions has been promoted to 2nd shift Supervisor of GOD's IT department in charge of loving pets transferred over the rainbow. Duster started his career at the beginning of this century working in the janitorial section cleaning cobwebs in the office basement. Several years later in a contractual dispute with management he left the company and traveled to unknown destinations for over 6 weeks, but returned having written a script destined for the silver screen entitled DUSTER'S BIG ADVENTURE. However issues determining who would star in this epic (Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, or Russel Crowe) negated of possibility of the film being produced. Duster was predeceased by his half brother Clifford of Waterford NY and his dearest friend and mentor Bubba.. He is survived by step mother MommaP, Daddy Boompaw, brother Big Baby George and step sister Samantha Jean. There will be no calling hours, and Duster's ashes will be spread in the Tampa Florida suburbs. Donations can be given to the Animal shelter of your choice, or non-sequenced small denomination bills placed in a used fast food bag and placed near the dumpster of your nearest Piggly Wiggly supermarket. Arrangements were handle by LAP OF LOVE, to whom we are gratefully thankful.James DiehlSun City Center, FloridaJune 24, 2020
6/10/2020Schaefer was a loving, funny, furry friend. We will never forget him.Carrie TelkeApex, North CarolinaJune 24, 2020
3/30/2004 - 6/22/2020Our sweet Mango will forever be remembered for her loyalty and love. She has joined her sister Kiwi and Brother Brandy in puppy heaven, where she can frolic without pain and feel all the love. I am sure she will be there to meet me, when that day comes. Until then, we will remember her with loving kindness. My sweet angel.Meg ClemmBlue Bell, PennsylvaniaJune 24, 2020
6/1/2004 - 6/22/2020Sweet Ginger, we will miss you so much and there is a huge hole in our hearts since you've passed. We are thinking of you everyday and there will never be another cat quite like you. You were so beautiful and loyal and we hope you enjoyed the long life you were blessed with. We are content knowing that you are no longer in discomfort and that you're completely at rest. We were so lucky to have you in our lives and seeing how happy you were in your home these last several months warmed our hearts. We will never forget you, we love you so much.Gina SullivanDallastown, PennsylvaniaJune 24, 2020
12/5/2004 - 6/19/2020Buster spent his life loving and caring for the people he loved. We return that love with gratitude. Throughout his many years he exhibited unrelenting devotion for his people. He will be greatly missed for those of us still looking to see him at home. His housemates Piper and Hoagie are feeling his loss as well. He's now living peacefully alongside his sister Shelby.Sonni VesoskyAIken, South CarolinaJune 24, 2020
2/16/2005 - 6/22/202015 years ago I brought you home and I was the happiest girl alive. Mia and I named you Harley after Dads motorcycles. You were a little girls best friend and continued to be that as the years on. When I grew up you grew up with me. Then we met Martin, and he treated you as his own. We traveled together, watched sunsets together and lounged at the beach with our paws in the sand, we called you Zendo Har. When Martin and I moved out we took you with us, and we couldn’t of been happier to have you as our companion. We had our adventures and you’ve been my comfort when times get tough. You're a silly piggy girl and your snorty noises are the best. We are going to miss you so much but today isn’t a goodbye, it is a see you again soon. I love you my sweet Pugonia. Run wild and free again and say Hi to Dad and Pugsley for us. 💔🙏🏻Asia MuszynskiPalm Harbor, FloridaJune 24, 2020
7/9/2003 - 6/16/2020Our beloved Nico was put to rest on 06/16/2020 just 3 weeks shy of his 17th birthday . Nico passed surrounded by his family even thought our hearts are so heartbroken we knew it was time for Nico to rest peacefully. We will never forget that day our baby crossed over to the rainbow bridge. Dr Jeff was very professional and answered all our questions we had and made sure every step of the way to ask if he should continue or if we had any questions for him . Today we received our Nico back home they did a beautiful job with his memorial box and cremation and we received a very touching letter from Dr Jeff expressing his sincere and heartfelt condolences which was extremely touching to our family during this difficult time .Jamie LightbodyWinthrop, MassachusettsJune 24, 2020
Miss Cookie
7/5/2001 - 6/21/2020My heart is broken with the passing of my beloved Miss Cookie. She was a beautiful soul who was always there to comfort me when I needed her. A mellow, gentle, petite girl who never missed an opportunity to sit on my lap, or curl up under the covers to sleep with me. May you Rest In Peace my Angel Cat.Tippy BielenbergTitusville, New JerseyJune 24, 2020
7/5/2002 - 6/19/2020It was very hard saying goodbye to our sweet Kloey. She gave us unconditional love, she was a loyal companion and she was an amazing member of our family for 18 years. She passed at home and in her bed very peacefully. Our house is so empty without our Kloey. I still feel her walking between my legs trying to find her bearings. She was always by my side. She would wait in her bed in the kitchen for me until I was ready to go to bed every night. And only then she retired to her bed. Kloey is gone, but she will live in our hearts and memories forever. I will miss her everyday. I believe we will meet again sweet Kloey!Betty WilliamsEl Dorado Hills, CaliforniaJune 24, 2020