Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
10/16/2003 - 12/7/2015Our big beautiful boy, Casper has lost a long, brave battle with bone cancer. Casper passed away peacefully, at home, Tuesday afternoon, December 8, 2015. Casper was 12 years old. He withstood treatments, medications and intense pain with a brave face, and was finally released from pain by Dr. Katie Stander, DVM, assisted by Dr. Tiffany Matheson, DVM, from Lap of Love Veterinary Hospice, Inc. If Casper's remarkable story in any way touched you, consider making a small donation to the no-kill animal of your choice.Daniel & Kim KleinrockJacksonville, FloridaDecember 9, 2015
3/31/1995 - 12/6/2015My friend, Blue, was a beautiful black cat. He passed peacefully at home thanks to Dr Annie and her compassionate care. It was an answered prayer that he did not suffer. My last memory is of him being placed in a basket with a soft purple blanket. He was a cherished member of our family for 20yrs. Thank you Dr Annie for making a sad time into a beautiful goodbye.Mary NewhouseOrlando, FloridaDecember 9, 2015
8/21/2001 - 12/5/2015Debo - A forcefully affectionate dog with a pure soul who never had an enemy and lived life to the fullest. Remembering your big head hanging out of my car window, with the wind filling your cheeks will forever be one of my happiest memories. You were with me through some of the most challenging times in my life. I will miss you dearly buddy, and hope to see you one day running to me full throttle with your back legs out-running your front ... Somewhere over the Rainbow. <3Sharon DeliaColumbia, South CarolinaDecember 9, 2015
6/2/2003 - 12/2/2015Emmett was such a sweet, snuggly, loving kitty. I'm so grateful for the 12 1/2 years we had together. Thank you for being such a wonderful companion.Cherie CormierPlymouth, MassachusettsDecember 9, 2015
11/25/2015We think of Audrey as our most innocent girl. She had troubles but she never let them stop her. She came to us as a "leftover". Someone never came to the vet to pick her up after dropping her off for care. There was question of "shaken kitty syndrome" but all we knew was what we saw, a loving, forgiving, happy 8-10 mo old not sure when she was born) girl who couldn't stop herself from running into doors at full speed or falling off chairs and landing on her back or side without being able to land on her feet and usually miscalculating how high she had to jump to get on a chair and overshooting. Then came the seizures but only when she was asleep. Then came neurology evaluation, multiple medications tried until we settled on an old tried but true tablet twice a day. She was a trouper about taking her meds. But, sometimes the seizure was so strong, she would become incontinent. Well, then came the pads all over her special sleeping places because she sure wasn't going anywhere and the pads were washable so, no question on that. Audrey did not go outside only showed passing interest in the outside by looking out the windows. She did get out by accident a few times but she was retrieved quickly. Audrey, my husband, our former feral kitty Mama and I moved back down to NC in 2011 from the DC area. Mama and Audrey tolerated each other but were never true sisters by any means. Audrey slept with me at the head of the bed on her "pee pads" every night. She had kitty stairs to climb up to get on the bed. Once she had her first seizure of the night, I would wake her and she would go to one of her special "pee pad" nests that she loved. We received the diagnosis of lymphoma and adenocarcinoma about 3 weeks before Thanksgiving.................................................Kay BurkeCarrboro, North CarolinaDecember 8, 2015
10/28/1998 - 12/2/2015Tiger Lilly came to us as a baby kitty when someone left her at our front door after her mother had been hit by a car. She blessed us for 17 years with her loud motor purring any time you even looked at her. She slept right next to my pillow in the last few years. I saw her sweet tabby face every morning when I opened my eyes and every night before closing them. The last morning, waiting for the Vet, knowing it was her time, she licked the tears from my face, her eyes said she wanted to stay, but her little body couldn't sustain her any longer. She was a once in a lifetime kitty. Sweet Lilly, we will forever be a part of the tapestry of each others' lives. And we will be together again one day. But now, you have a new body, running in a field of flowers, with the sun to warm you. Til then, I will miss you and your sweet sandpaper kisses.Lisa ParkerApopka, FloridaDecember 8, 2015
12/1/2006 - 12/4/2015Maddie was a beautiful sweet girl, thank you for your kind and compassionate care, she deserved the best.Sandy KeenanHanover, MassachusettsDecember 7, 2015
12/4/2015 - 12/4/2015Rusty is forever in our hearts, even though no longer here in person. I still step over the spots where he would lay, at every doorway and in central locations in our home. Rusty's presence was always soothing, ever since his first day with us. His fun-loving sweetness and always wanting to be in the middle of everything was endearing and he was at times rambunctious with the guys. Most often, though, Rusty was at my feet in our family business office, always ready to take his walk, go for a ride and greet everyone who came home or visited. Tears of gratitude for the time we spent with him flow easily and stop when I consider that he couldn't let us know how much pain he felt, and that our decision to allow him to pass was the right one.Mary GallagherFolsom, PennsylvaniaDecember 6, 2015
7/27/1998 - 12/3/2015We are so grateful for 17 years of your faithful loving companionship, Snuggy Wuggy Woo. We miss you dearly and Mommy is so especially sad. May you be enjoying sunny perches, a warm lap and many brushies, a Christmas tree and many jumping mice up in the clouds. We love you, Snuggy. Angelique, Melissa, and Doug.Angelique Geissapex, North CarolinaDecember 6, 2015
11/11/2006 - 11/28/2015It has been two weeks now and I still cannot keep from crying on a daily basis. Jazz was such a sweet girl. She had my wife and me very well trained. She knew every move before we made it. Knew exactly what was coming for a treat, what to do to get one, and what to do so she would get two. So quiet yet brave and would let us know of any problem or issue. Her final days of dealing with cancer were heart breaking for us but she had a smile and maintained her strength until her last breath. I know I'll be with her again some day and so look forward to it. Jazz, We miss you so much. Take care baby. Love.Tim KelleyHuffman, TexasDecember 6, 2015