Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
8/6/2006 - 9/13/2020Yesterday, heaven gained the most beautiful angel. For the last 13 years, you were my protector, my shadow, and by far, my best friend. You celebrated all life's greatest moments with us and stood by my side through all the dark days. I have said time and time again that you were my savior. You showed me strength, loyalty, and unconditional love. It was now my turn to save you. You are free of pain and free to rest peacefully. There is a piece of my heart that will never be whole again, but will remain with you until we are reunited across the rainbow bridge. Never doubt how much you were loved by all on this Earth, baby girl! I couldn't have done life without you. Run free, sweet Reesie Bear. You deserve every single pleasure under the sun. I love you more than I could ever say and am forever grateful for all the years we had together!!Stephanie HayesKnoxville, TennesseeSeptember 14, 2020
11/12/2007 - 9/7/2020Toto was the sweetest, most relaxed dog but was a grumpy old man at the same time. He loved going out to the barn to see the horses and run around. He wasn’t supposed to live past 4 but made it all the way to 12. He was a fighter and best friend. We miss you Toto and will always love you. Go run free with Binx, Chica, Chino, Ozzy and Logan.Chantae SmithFt. Lauderdale, FloridaSeptember 14, 2020
Sweet Pea
4/22/2005 - 9/13/2020You are so dear to us - we miss you and today is so strange and empty. My heart hurts and I keep dissolving into tears, but I am relieved you are at peace. I hope your transition was as gentle as it looked. I am beyond grateful we had Dr. Sierra to help you and us with this impactful and inevitable event. I will remember you always and think often of your deep, knowing, loving eyes. Good-bye my darling girl.Kelly TatoneDelmont, PennsylvaniaSeptember 14, 2020
5/5/2007 - 7/27/2020Alison Gillen and I are heartbroken as we had to say goodbye to our little girl Georgia yesterday.
Georgia was the sweetest, most loyal friend anyone could hope for. From the day she came home with us in Feb. 2009, every day was better because she was a part of it. She took good care of Mom when she was still alive, and was never far from Allison or I during good times as well as tough ones.
Liver cancer in Dec. 2018 was no match for her spirit, and snout cancer in July 2019 was supposed to take her in 3 months. She fought it for over a year with that smile on her face and constantly waggy tail.
She'll live in our hearts forever. Hug your fur baby today and everyday.

Thank You to Dr. Kristen for her kind care during a most difficult time. Lap Of Love helped when we most needed it.
Patrick GillenMassapequa, New YorkSeptember 14, 2020
9/6/2010 - 8/14/2020Corbin was almost 10 years old and a big loveable english mastiff. He was such a good boy. He was a couch potato that preferred car rides over walks because they took less effort and usually ended with ice cream. He loved food almost as much as he loved me I think. He will be missed immensely and never forgottenMichelle MassaroBridgewater, New JerseySeptember 14, 2020
6/1/2020 - 9/12/2020I cannot believe my days will not be filled with my sweet Bella. We rescued her 12 years ago, she was shy and timid. She fit right into our little family. My daughter who was 5 at the time was able to rename her. Bella it was. She has been thought so much with me, she knew when I was sad, mad, happy and just needed her near me. I was her person, she followed me around the house all day. She knew when it was time to relax at night, she was right up on the couch with me. She had stairs to get into my bed, yes she slept with me. I miss her being at the bottom of my bed stuck to my side. Our youngest daughter who is 9 was such a wonderful caregiver, she would take her for walks, feed her and do everything with her. She was even giving her her medicine the past 8 months. I’m heartbroken she is no longer her with us but more so for my girls. Bella was everything to them. I will miss my little companion , she was such a love. She loved spending time in NH at the lake, she loved roaming around and being free. She never went far from me. There will never be another like her. I’m not sure who rescued who. I’ll always feel the love she gave me and my family. Forever in our hearts. Till we meet again my girl. 💔🐶🌈Krisy MercerWakefield, MassachusettsSeptember 14, 2020
Miss Maggie Mischief Of Milwaukee
9/11/2008 - 9/9/2020Maggie was the sweetest, most loving pet we ever had. She was goofy and smart all at the same time. She brought us so much joy. Her passing was calm, gentle and peaceful. She will forever be in our hearts.Dana B ThorsonMilwaukee, WisconsinSeptember 14, 2020
1/1/2004 - 9/12/2020Yesterday I said goodbye to the truest love I’ve ever known. Jazmine has been my best friend and constant companion for fourteen years; nearly half my life. She saw me through hardship and heartbreak, always knowing when she was needed for comfort. She shared in my joy countless times, and often was the source of that joy, just by being such a magical soul. She loved me unconditionally, as I did her, and we had so much fun together playing at home and traveling the country. She helped shape the person I am today, and I will forever be grateful that we were able to share so many years to together. She leaves behind an indescribable hole in my heart and my home, but her passing was peaceful and dignified; everything a Princess deserves. She was ready to go, and we held one another until the very last moment. 16 years is quite a feat, and she lived them each to the fullest. Known to her many fans over the years as Kitty, Meowmeow, Jazz, Jazzy, Jazbo, Jazzleberry Pie, JBP, Jazzercize, the Cat, Jazcat, Fatcat, Sausagedog, Jazzy J, Miss J, Princess Jazmine, Catdog, Babycat, Fattybutt, @jazzy_does_tampa, and DJ Jazzy Jeff, she never met a stranger. To everyone who shared in showing her unconditional love, thank you for making her life special. Goodbye to my Jazzy, my strong, brave, beautiful, silly, stinky, sassy, affectionate, best girl. You were perfectly imperfect and valued beyond measure. I love you always.Kara OttervangerTampa, FloridaSeptember 14, 2020
2/10/2011 - 9/8/2020Jonesy was a great protector and an even better companion. She loved walks and car rides but was not a fan of swimming! She was there for my husband and me through many losses; it's almost like she was holding on until she knew we would be ok. She was always there to greet us at the door with her favorite toy. First, it was a green rope, then a green bucket. The rope had seen better days but the green bucket will remain with her. We couldn't have asked for a better dog, and a big part of her lives on in her younger sister, Roxy.Kara CookIndianapolis, IndianaSeptember 14, 2020
3/12/2012 - 9/12/2020Bean was the best lady around. She was always sweet and loving and my best cuddle buddy. It’s impossible to put into words what you gave us and how much we’ll miss you. I will never have another kitty quite like you. You didn’t like to be held or have treats. You couldn’t be bothered much with toys, although you did love catnip. You liked to play in the water faucet and were so fun to watch. You loved your fur brother Gunner and tolerated your kitty sister Cricket (sometimes). You loved to sleep in bed sharing my pillow and loved when I’d sing. You always greeted us with a loud meow, and chastised us with a long meow when we’d been gone too long for your liking. You loved laying in the grass on sunny days and just watching the birds. You truly were such a blessing, and we miss you terribly already.Lauren JohnsonLexington, KentuckySeptember 14, 2020