Pet Memorials
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Maggie Mae
10/7/2004 - 5/15/2020We shared a special bond from the first moment. You were the runt of the litter and you just wanted to be loved. We took you home, and loved on you and you instantly connected as my little girl and from then on out we were a team. When you got kennel cough, I spent every day and night with you, holding you in my arms with your head on my shoulder so you could breathe easier and nursed you through it. Over the years, you anxiously awaited my coming home every day from work, the first to greet me and talk endlessly about how much you missed me. Through your senior years, I tried to give back to you all the love and understanding you gave to me. we took slower walks, I carried you when your legs just couldn't hold you up, once again, I stayed up at night with you because your mind didn't want to sleep all night any longer.... we were still a team until the very last day. Quarantine 2020 allowed me to work from home with you by my side every day and the day Dr. Kelly came to visit, was a typical nap by the office door waiting for mom..... and as you took your peaceful nap, and we hugged and kissed you, you closed your eyes. You may have physically left me, but you are forever in my heart and by my side.Shannon ThompsonEdgewater, MarylandMay 18, 2020
3/3/2007 - 5/16/2020Our dear Bella will be so missed. We all have a pain in our hearts . We hope Bella is pain free and runnin the fields.. We love you BellaDebbie MIllerwading river, New YorkMay 18, 2020
8/28/2005 - 5/13/2020Our sweet Rocky boy, we miss you so much. We are so lucky to have had you in our lives for almost 15 years and you will always be a special part of our family. We will forever cherish the time that we got to spend with you even though it felt like it was too short. It was so comforting hearing your collar jingle as you walked around the house. We will miss taking you on walks around the circle and seeing you roll around in the grass as happy as could be.

Regardless of what hard situation came your way, you were always so cheerful and strong. No one could ever replace you and all the fun memories that we had together. You are forever in our hearts until we meet again. Run free buddy, we love you forever.
Moseley, VirginiaMay 18, 2020
12/23/2011 - 5/15/2020My big ole sweet boy. You were the world to me. You brought me nothing but joy and happiness. I believe you truly did more for me then i did for you. I new from the time i saw your photo at the Humane Society that you were meant to be with me, and i wasn’t wrong about that. You were always the first thing i saw every morning and the last before i went to bed. Nothing made me happier then seeing your face when i came home from work, and even better the days i had off with you. I will miss you singing to fire sirens, and how nothing every seemed to bother you from thunderstorms to earthquakes. You were my rock, and i just don’t Know what i will do with out you in my life. My world has become very empty since you passed. However i know you are now out of pain and your last few days were very hard. I hope i brought you some of the joy that you brought me. I will always love you.Brad IrwinSalt Lake City, UtahMay 18, 2020
11/29/2004 - 5/8/2020Tati was a sweet, loving Miniature Pinscher. Contrary to what is usual with that breed she was super friendly even to children. There were two different kids who were afraid of dogs and over time Tati brought them around to loving dogs - one even got one as a pet. She was a important part of our family since our child is grown and it was just the two of us (hubby and me) at home. She was very attached to me and used to wait on a hill at the end of the driveway for me to get home. She was also a pain at times - she never was fully potty trained and we had to put pads in the house for her to use and she still didn't always use them! But we still loved her and miss her so much. She has a full, long life (15.5 years) and it was so hard to have to let her go. We will always miss you Tati!Virginia HelmendachKnoxvilleq, TennesseeMay 17, 2020
Teddy Traveler
11/1/2006 - 5/15/2020The day I came to pick you up and I opened your kennel we both knew that this was a match made in heaven! You have been a pure joy to have as a companion for the past 13 yrs. We have walked the fields together, played fetch and taken vacations together over the years and always had a smile on your face. I have taken tons of pictures of you in silly hats and shirts and you always were always smiling no matter what I put on you. You were loved by all the neighbors and kept then laughing with the way you would steal rags out of their garage or coffee mugs and veggies from their compost bin. You loved to eat vegetable and would often help yourself to peppers or tomatoes in the garden. Buddy and Scooter your fur cat brothers will miss sleeping with you on a cold night. I will miss seeing your sweet face each time I came thru the door. Rest in peace my loyal friend until we meet again I will carry the memory of in my you heart!Sharon HazeltonMonroe, MichiganMay 17, 2020
9/28/2009 - 5/14/2020I love and miss you Bunny more than I could ever express.Judy NelsonSnohomish, WashingtonMay 17, 2020
11/18/2011 - 5/10/2020My dearest Rio,
You came to me when I needed you most, and you were with me in the hardest times of my life. When we first met, I had no idea you would impact my life in the way you did. I had no idea the sheer depth of the love I would have for you, or the extent of the joy and happiness you would bring to my life. And I could not possibly have anticipated the extent of the grief I would experience upon losing you, my sweet baby boy.

Having to make the decision to relieve you of your pain and suffering was the hardest thing I have ever gone through. I wanted so desperately for something, anything, to be able to fix what was causing you pain, and to be able to continue to have you here, with us, as a family. You were always so loving, so kind, so full of life and energy, that you didn't show us how much you were hurting until the final weeks we had with you. Even then, as we tried to help ease your pain and pray for you to get better, you never stopped trying to go everywhere we went, never stopped following us throughout the house, never stopped protecting us from sounds that you felt were a threat. You were a little warrior to the very end, and it made our decision all the harder to make, because you never stopped being YOU.

Rio, there are no words for me to express how very much I miss and love you. There is not a place in this house that doesn't remind me of you. You were so ingrained into our lives, such an integral part of all we did as a family together. You were our empty nest baby, and the three of us went EVERYWHERE together. We didn't want to go anywhere that you couldn't go, because we felt guilty leaving you out of anything, knowing how much you loved to be with us and go on adventures. We are devastated at losing you, far too soon, and wish so desperately that we could have saved you.

I hope and pray that you know how much we both loved you, and still do. You changed both of our lives and made us better people, and left a hole in our hearts that can never be filled. As much as it hurts to miss you the way we do, we take comfort in knowing you aren't in pain anymore, and that we will see you again in heaven. We know that God must have a special place for such a loving and selfless companion, and we will smile and cry happy tears to see you again when that day comes.

I want you to know, as much as it hurts to have lost you, if I had known you would have been taken too soon, I still would not have changed a thing. I wouldn't give up the wonderful memories I have for anything in the world. So Rio, my sweet and precious boy...RUN, play, chase birds and rabbits and jump in the water the way you love to do. Have fun and enjoy being free of the pain, until we meet again.

Love your Mom,

My dearest Rio, it is with a heavy heart that I write this to you. It should come as no secret to you that in the beginning of our relationship I wasn't as caring and loving to you as your mother was. You realized very early on that you had your mom wrapped around your little finger, but I wasn't that easy to win over. Please forgive me for not telling you while you were on this earth, but I feel you have a right to know my true feelings for you.

You see your mother felt the yearn for a dog, but I was apprehensive. Apprehensive not because of you, but because of previous experiences your mother and I had with previous pets. Not bad experiences, but at the time our lives and family were very busy. Please understand that as a husband and father you want what's best for your family and I knew that adopting a dog was a huge responsibility. Anyway after steady perseverance from your mother and finally understanding how much it meant to her, I conceded and soon after you came home to us. Early on I felt as if you sensed I was the alpha-male. In the beginning, you never asked me for more than I was willing to give and all you wanted from me was my acceptance and validation. But as time went on, the years went by and because of your perseverance you found not only my acceptance and validation, but you found a way into my heart. I didn't know it at first, although your mother always said that you had wiggled a way into my heart. Rio you somehow managed to change me. I realize now that YOU had become the alpha-male in the house. You practically ran the house. You even told us when it was time to go to bed at night because you were tired and wanted to go to sleep.

I want you to know that you have made an everlasting impression in my life and have made me into a better person. You always showed me unconditional love even when I didn't show you the same in return. It was an honor and privilege to have been your dad. I couldn't have been prouder of you for giving your mother so much happiness throughout the years and for that I am eternally grateful.

Please know that your mother and I did our best for you to get better, but sadly it was apparent that God was calling you home. Your mother and I were heartbroken to see you suffer and saying good-bye to you has been the hardest thing we have ever had to do. It was a heartbreaking, yet humbling and beautifully tragic experience to have you pass and go to Heaven, but your mother and I know that you are no longer suffering with pain.

So run and play my dearest Rio! Run on the open fields and be kind to those bunnies and birds you liked to chase free of all pain. And know that someday we will all be reunited in Heaven. Till we meet again my sweet little boy!

Love your Dad,
Carolynn GamezFort Myers, FloridaMay 17, 2020
5/1/2007 - 5/16/2020Willy will be so missed. He was my “fat” boy and in his prime weighed a whopping 24lbs. Willy was always the center of attention and when we would host gatherings or birthday parties he always made sure to be right in the middle of it. Everyone always got a kick at how he would just lay right on his back in the middle of a crowd. I sure am going to miss him. He was more than a pet, he was family and was there to comfort me during some difficult times. I love you sweet boy and miss you tremendously.Morgan GlassMurfreesboro, TennesseeMay 17, 2020
4/2/2013 - 5/16/2020Buddy was the funniest most beautiful dog to me. We had so much fun together, and he was a sweet soul. I will love him for eternity and beyond and even though his time here was short, I am glad for what we had.Birdsboro, PennsylvaniaMay 17, 2020