Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
2/15/2018 - 2/13/2021Coco,
My beautiful sweet big girl, I miss you so much mi amor, your time in this world was so short, but at least it comforts me to know that the time you lived was full of joy, love, car rides, playdays, yummy meals, you were so spoiled and a very demanding young furry lady lol. I miss seeing that floppy face running around, I miss holding your paw, you loved giving paw to every hooman you would meet, I miss waking up and see your big ol' head on the side of my bed with those beautiful eyes you had, wagging your tail asking to go outside. I miss touching your ears, you had the softest ears of the world, they were like marshmallows.
Thank you for giving me the best 3 years of my life, you were an angel sent from above to set me free, you were there with me when I had no one else, you showed me that unconditional love does exist, you were my loyal companion, I enjoyed taking you everywhere with me, including work, we had fun, it was you and me against the world, you were such a good girl despite your big size, you always behaved so well always..... (let's not count the times you dragged me through the sprinkler system to chase a duck or the times I was late to work because I had to change my clothes because of your slaver or big paw prints lol). I wish I could have you longer, but I know you came to this world with a purpose, we were 2 at first and then we became a family of 4, you got to have a little furry brother with who you had lots of fun and played a lot, a daddy that spoiled you even more and that gave you so much love, you left making sure I wasn't alone anymore, making sure there was someone looking after me. Thank you for everything my sweet big ol' head, I hope you are happy up there chasing butterflies, I have the hope I would see you again one day, I know you will be there waiting for me at the other side of the rainbow bridge wagging your tail ready for more belly rubs and kisses, I love you my sweet big monster, my Toto, you will be forever in my heart and in my mind.
Gloria PerdomoDavie, FloridaMarch 4, 2021
12/1/2005 - 3/3/2021Our Frosty Face AngelDenise RiordanEDISON, New JerseyMarch 4, 2021
10/1/2009 - 3/3/2021Baby was such a ray of sunshine every day. She was always so sweet and loving. She was an inspiration because she went through such adversity and continued to live life to the fullest extent. We will always cherish the wonderful memories of our life with her and all of our adventures together. We were so fortunate to have her in our lives.Sharon LaffeyClaysville, PennsylvaniaMarch 4, 2021
8/11/2002Our Bentley Boy forever in our hearts. We miss you.Maryanne JacksonEl Cajon, CaliforniaMarch 4, 2021
5/9/2007 - 2/28/2021Luka,
You were the sweetest little baby in the world. For over 13 years you brought me and our family such joy and happiness. Your unconditional love made tough days seem not so tough and happy days even happier. You were my best friend. I miss you following me around from room to room. I feel like a part of me is missing, but I know you are in a better place where you are running around like a puppy again. I will think of you every day and miss you. You left a paw print on my heart forever. Make sure you eat every cookie in sight. I love you my girl.
Wakefield, MassachusettsMarch 4, 2021
Sara Bella
1/19/2006 - 3/1/2021My beautiful girl ..we miss and love you!! 15 Years of unconditional love!!denise corbettTonawanda, New YorkMarch 3, 2021
8/7/2006 - 3/1/2021For the last 14 years Duke was always with us. He was our first baby so cute with his runny nose when we first got him. And so small he could hardly walk up and down the stairs of the second floor apartment we lived in. It wasn’t long before he was practically dragging us up and down the stairs. He was there when we brought our first daughter home from the hospital, as well as our second and he loved them. He heroically tolerated them trying to ride him when they were little and endured them trying to play dress up with him.Lindsay BultemaOveido, FloridaMarch 3, 2021
12/1/2004 - 3/1/2021We adopted our sweet Riley girl when she was 3 years old. She instantly stole the hearts her human sister and brother, Kristin and Dustin and mom and dad too! Riley fought an aggressive cancer for the last two years of her life, she was a real trooper. Riley had this sweet and gentle spirit about her and she will always be loved and dearly missed. Thanks to Lap of Love Riley’s transition to the next chapter of her life was very peaceful.Cindy FieneYukon, OklahomaMarch 3, 2021
7/1/2006 - 7/1/2020Sherbie created a spot in my heart that will forever reach for his soul. It has been some time since he passed and I couldn’t bring myself to post each time I tried. He was kind enough to bring two new kittens into my life, but the absence of his physical presence still aches. I have no words for the impact that he had on my life or the comfort that was brought when work would throw something horrible my way. The scars that I have from accidents during play time healed, yet the wound to the heart forever bleeds.

While Lap of Love didn’t have a DVM to send out they connected me with someone that made the journey to guide Sherbie to the bridge. It was clear that money was not their goal. They wanted to ensure a comfortable passing ASAP to stop the cancer from hurting Snuggle Kitty anymore.
Brian MorrisonWoodbridge, VirginiaMarch 3, 2021
10/15/2005 - 2/23/2021Dr. Nick was so kind and gracious when Lily needed help passing on in December. No one else would do to help with Honey's passing. Lily and Honey were constant and steadfast companions for the last 16 years and I will miss them both desperately.Las Vegas, NevadaMarch 3, 2021