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9/11/2006 - 7/25/2020We said goodbye to Blue today. Fourteen years of love, companionship, loyalty, mischievousness, fun, bravery, adventure and friendship. I will miss her everyday as she was my sidekick and partner in crime.Bill TobinMcDonough, GeorgiaJuly 26, 2020
3/28/2006 - 7/24/2020Two days ago we said goodbye to our feisty, sweet, beloved girl, Nina. At 5 pounds she was quite petite but bossed around her much larger buddy Ben. Nina was very active, curious, sociable, and affectionate, and loved being on our laps. Curling up with her while she purred and kneaded was happiness itself. She brought great joy to us and everyone who visited our home. In the past couple of months we began taking her outside with us in the backyard and she greatly enjoyed exploring and lying in the sun on the patio. Our hearts are aching and we will miss her so much. But we’re grateful to have had Nina in our lives for 13+ years. Being at home these past few months has been a gift in that we were all home to take care of her, and to shower her with love. Rest in peace, sweet girl.Lisa PalmerHopkinton, MassachusettsJuly 26, 2020
10/13/2006 - 7/25/2020Our sweet Gracie girl will be missed terribly. She had such a calm and loving personality. Gracie truly gave us all so much joy, love, & laughter for almost 14 years. Our hearts are broken not having her by our side but knowing she’s not in any pain comforts us during this time. God bless our sweet fur babies they sure do comfort us. To my sweet Gracie, I will miss our road trips & just feeling you curl up next to me. Thank you sweet angel for loving us all & being such a good little girl. You were our boys first pet & I truly enjoyed with all my heart watching them grow up with you.
We love you RIP our sweet little Gracie 10/13/2006 – 07/25/2020
Stacey MooreCharlotte, North CarolinaJuly 26, 2020
Cassius Clay
12/3/2006 - 7/24/2020Cassius is so very missed. He was our companion & protector for 13 years. He welcomed any human love, even if he just met you during a walk. He brightened every room he walked into & he was the neighborhood matriarch. His “Cassius’ Corner” sign represented his favorite corner of the yard to lay & watch the neighborhood activity. Loved to the end & beyond.JoAnn ReveszAllen Park, MichiganJuly 26, 2020
7/11/2008 - 7/24/2020Lily, from the moment our eyes met, our hearts ♥️ were changed forever. You gave us an unconditional love that can never be matched. When cancer struck, you were there for me in a way that no human could ever be. You provided calm and non-judgement everyday. You are so loved. You will be missed. Please find us in your next life. In the meantime, you’ll be greeted by our friends and family — Danny, Dennis, Bob, Steve, Erika, Bridge, Paddy, Elizabeth, Fritz, Bernice, Mary, Michael, Alice, Sophia, and Andy. Please receive our compassion and love as you leave this world 🌎 in peace. We love you. Until we meet again. 💕Kelly JabbuschNational Harbor, District of ColumbiaJuly 26, 2020
2/1/2014 - 7/21/2020💝🐁🌻🌺🌱💞
I said goodbye to this wonderful girl today. I'm heartbroken and I miss her so much.

She was a lady of many names, once known as Melisandre, others knew her as Stinkmeaner. She later assumed the name Sylvia Plath, but I believe she told me what her name had been all along- Roxy.

She was sweet, sassy, and sometimes sour. Because of her, I can proudly say that I can catch an angry, baby-oil-covered ferret. I fell in love with her at the pet store and brought her home, even though I probably shouldn't have. She went from a crappy pet store cage to a bunny hutch to having full free reign of the apartment the last few years.

It took a long while for her to warm up to me, but she loved me so hard the last few years that I had completely forgotten that we once had a pretty shaky relationship. Once we found our groove though, it's like the bad time never happened.

Sylvia kept me on a schedule from the moment I woke up. She would dart into the bathroom just before I could close the door so she could keep an eye on me. When I was moving too slow for her, she would pat my leg with her little paws.
She was a really great big sister to Binx and tried to teach him how to use the litter box and eat meat. She successfully taught him not to be afraid of bathtime and how to escape the tub when mom forgets and leaves a towel on the side. She played with him even when she didn't want to and tried to show him how to be gentle with her. He's a good boy because of her.

Sylvia "Roxy" Plath will be greatly missed in this house.

Every time I catch the sunlight on my glasses in the corner of my eye, I think it's her.

One day, that won't be so sad.
LiLi CarterColumbus, OhioJuly 26, 2020
7/20/2020Tuxie was the ultimate stud-fluffin! Rescued from outside with a severely injured eye, nursed back to health and then lived in a loving home for another 11 years!Ellen GreenwoodSpringfield, VirginiaJuly 26, 2020
9/12/2012 - 7/23/2020On July 23, 2020 we not only lost our dog but a significant part of our family. We loved Remy dearly and anyone that knew us knew that. He was included in everything we did. We made sure he had the best and that his needs were met. He brought so much joy & happiness to our household. He had a wonderful disposition. He was a sweet dog. He loved us unconditionally and we gave it right back to him. Remy had a lot of personality and he made us laugh. He loved people. He was an inquisitive little guy and he loved smelling plants and flowers. He would race around the yard like he was at the races. He never missed an opportunity to chase rabbits. He was king of the yard! When we would go on walks people always commented on how beautiful he was, before asking permission to pet him. If you said give me five Remy he would give you his paw. He was a smart dog and he knew how to make you feel better. One time a friend of mine agreed to pick Remy up from the Doggie Daycare after she picked him up she called me and asked if anything was wrong with Remy's leg. I said no why, she explained that he would not get in the car. I thought that was odd but we hung up. I thought about it and called her back and asked if she had anybody with her she said yes her new boyfriend. I laughed and said Remy has been taught not to get in the car with strangers. We both laughed Remy was one smart cookie. Remy will always have a place in our hearts. We miss him dearly and will treasure the memories!Cindy OdomWilliamsville, New YorkJuly 26, 2020
1/3/2005 - 7/7/2020Run free of pain and young again, Angel Snoopy, playing ball with Corey in God's green pastures, until we meet again. You were a VERY good dog and I miss you more than I can bear.Mary Lou SeymourNorth Augusta, South CarolinaJuly 26, 2020
Sushi Sint
1/20/2009 - 7/19/2020Sushi was the best dog anyone could ask for. In his own way, he kept our family together and found ways to constantly make us laugh. For 11 and a half years, Sushi was our most loved family member and my parents considered him their son, and still is. He would obsess over any toy (preferably pink), knock right out in car rides, and loved running down the shore of Dewey beach every summer. We'll miss all of him - down to his little quirks; stealing croissants, sleeping at the head of our pillows and rubbing his lil face on any wet towel he would see. While we know he's in a better place now, we also can acknowledge that even if we can't see him, he will always be a part of us. We love you so much, Sushi <3Julia SintSilver Spring, MarylandJuly 26, 2020