Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
6/1/2004 - 9/20/2020My pretty Suzy is gone physically but her energy and love remain. She's only been away from us for a day and I already miss her so much. She's left such a huge void in our lives and we'll miss her forever.Marianne BesseyLANSDOWNE, PennsylvaniaSeptember 22, 2020
10/21/2002 - 9/20/2020TJ left us after almost 18 years of life, he was a happy go lucky kind of boy who was always child like even when he had a body of an old man he remained a puppy till the end, he was the last of our trio of yellow, black and brown labs. I know he is with his brother and sister now running, jumping straight up in the air and chasing tennis balls. Our hearts are broken without him but find comfort knowing we will see again one day.Tonya HalliburtonCitrus Heights, CaliforniaSeptember 22, 2020
2/28/2006 - 9/20/2020Murphy was the king of the house and definitely the most loved Golden! He had quite the fan base and was known for his famous funny or cute "Murph snaps" (snapchat). He was most often found watching over the neighborhood in the front yard, frolicking in the bay, or lounging in a human bed. Every bed of the house was Murphy's bed and always will be. He was the star player of hide and seek and the glue to the Golden's home.

Murph - we cannot thank you enough for each and every day you spent by our side, through the ups, the downs and everything in between. You were an unwavering rock to each one of us. We will forever and ever love and miss you. Go run the bay and eat endless steaks papa.
Caitlin GoldenWest Norriton, PennsylvaniaSeptember 21, 2020
12/28/2007 - 9/15/2020Milly brought joy to everyone. She made human and animal friends everywhere she went. She was 'chatty' and goofy, gentle and loving. When she left us she took with her a piece of our hearts--a piece we would gladly give.Christina OchsChicago, IllinoisSeptember 21, 2020
5/8/2009 - 9/14/2020It's been almost a week and we are still hurting over the loss of our Jessie. She was the calm in our storm with a house of 3 boys aged 2 years apart. She taught them about unconditional love, respect, kindness, empathy, and responsibility. She was my pretty girl, with her soulful eyes and gentle spirit. Jessie always looked at us like she was made for bigger and better things. In the years that my mom was sick with dementia, she patiently sat with her even if she wanted to lay down. She would look up at her and listen to her songs like it was her favorite and listen to her gibberish like it was the best story she had ever heard. She did this for each of us as we poured our days' worries, frustrations, and stories out to her. Her ninja kisses would make us laugh as we tried unsuccessfully to dodge her affections. For those of you that have loved a dog, you know what we are going through. Her last few days were filled with extra love and really good food. The boys didn’t get the playful “Air Bud” dog they wanted but there was no denying the love they had for her. And poor Lucy! Jessie was a very tolerant big sister. We miss you Jessie and our home is not the same without you. Someone once told me the more it hurts when you lose a loved one means the more they were loved. You were loved my Jessie girl. Run free...and let Grandma feed you as many table scraps as you want!Kathleen McColaughElk Grove Village, IllinoisSeptember 21, 2020
10/11/2009 - 9/18/2020My sweet Pepper,
I love you so much and miss you terribly. "My pup" whom showed me so much love and joy. In the end, you got sick very fast and I tried everything I could, but we could not control the kidney damage. My heart aches and I never knew the grief would be this strong. I pray there are an unlimited amount of balls for you in heaven. I love you and miss you so much.
Bridget GilewskiNorth Tonawanda, New YorkSeptember 21, 2020
10/5/2010 - 9/15/2020My sweet Jack Jack. My first memory of you was Christmas morning. You were the best present Santa ever brought for Jacob. We all loved you from the moment we saw you. You were a big ball of fluff. You were the most wonderful, loving, goofy boy ever. We were so lucky to have you as a part of our family. You were Jacob’s best friend and Sarah’s playmate growing up. There isn’t a moment of Sarah’s life without you in it. You were one of my babies and the other kids always said you were the favorite. We miss you more than words could say. It is empty and quiet without you here. We are missing a part of us. We love you to the moon and back. Until we meet again ❤️❤️Rachel MaddoxSorrento, FloridaSeptember 21, 2020
6/3/2008 - 9/5/2020My baby girl Ellby passed away 9/5. And Dr. Blaine Brennock was incredibly amazing. She was a big fluff ball and her nickname became Fluffers, especially with her huge fluffy tail. "NO ONE" has ever heard her hiss and she was like angel and a mommy to everyone. She loved to dig for no reason, it was like she was looking for buried treasure, it was so funny and to see her fluffy tail going crazy. She loved to sleep on your lap and love to give kisses constantly. She just wanted to give you love. And when you I got home she always greeted me with love. Her sister Penny and I miss her terribly. But I know she is at peace, and digging to her hearts content. Love you ELLBY 💝. Thanks for coming into my life and putting a smile on my face everyday. You were loved by so many and you touched everyone's heart.Michelle GagliaJupiter, FloridaSeptember 20, 2020
Levi Williams
10/9/2009 - 9/14/2020It's really hard to come up with words right now, to describe the hole left in my heart, or the empty spaces all around me that you occupied for 11 years. Levi, you are so loved and so badly missed. We have so many great pictures and videos of you that showed your love of life and happiness. I will keep and treasure these forever. You loved us so unconditionally and you made us laugh, "Cletus" and you brought us so much joy! You were the GREATEST companion anyone could ask for. I know you are pain free now and can BREATHE now, and you are swimming in rivers, lakes, and beaches and playing ball with Red and Dommino, with Jesus, who's arm will never get tired of throwing for you! We all love you so much and look forward to the day we are reunited with you.Williams FamilyMaryville, TennesseeSeptember 20, 2020
Asia Grace
8/28/2005 - 8/2/2017It's been a sad 3 years gone. I think of her, every single day.
In 2005 my oldest son, came home from Iraq a wounded warrior. He was 22 years old. During that horrific time in our lives, I decided an emotional support pet, may be the thing he needed. We went to a litter of puppies, that were had 6 weeks and 3 days prior. She caught my eye. While all the other puppies were being puppies she sat stoically, looking at him. Every step he made to interact with the puppies, her eyes never left him. I knew right there...she knew. She came home with us that day, and changed so many lives. Asia, was a pure Pitbull. We affectionately called her, our pitiful. She went everywhere he went. VA clinics, South Carolina and back down to Florida. She was our best friend, in a time where pain was at the forefront of our lives. When Asia, was 10 months old, my first grandson came. Her "Nanny Dog" instincts kicked in, and she was amazing. 4 more babies came, in her time with us. And she was proud, of her people. When my son, became very ill by the events, of Iraq, I took over her care. But in reality, she cared for us. All of us. Each morning, greeting us and sitting on the couch while we would have coffee. Asia, created a safe place for all those days, that my son would need during his emotional healing from war. Asia, had a cameo news slot, on. WMBF in South Carolina, that talked about our group that met on weekends, to socialize and meet and greet Billy breed, and any others that wanted to walk the park that day. Hundreds of families, came out that weekend... Just to meet her. And she changed the mindset that stigmatized the Pitbull and the breed specific laws that were put in place, in many states not because the breed was bad.. But because they were used for bad things. She taught many that it's not the breed, it's the way you handle/raise them. In Asia's lifetime she never even growled at another dog. Instead she allowed that dog, to ease it's spirit and enjoy the "it's a dog's life" moments.
Kelly Kwasna-RizzoPort Saint Lucie, FloridaSeptember 20, 2020