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12/2/2003 - 7/8/2015I said goodbye to my little girl and best friend a few weeks ago. I am just now even able to talk about it. I often wonder why GOD allows certain things to happen in life, but after losing mom so unexpectedly three months ago, there couldn’t have been anything more crushing to me than losing my little girl too. I am thankful for the years I had her, but it shouldn’t have been her time and she died way too soon.
She showed up on my doorstep as a scared little 6-7 month old back in 2003. It was a scary time for me too because I had just lost my job of 17 years, failed at a relationship, and was trying to better myself by going back to college to get my degree. I felt very alone and vulnerable and GOD knew it. I would put food out from time to time for a neighbor’s cat. The food brought Bootsie to my house and when I opened the door one evening, she scampered to hide under the car. It wasn’t long before I had her trusting me enough to bring her inside. I took her to the couch and remember within just a few minutes that she was curled up in the sweetest little ball, sound asleep. It was as if she instantly knew she was home. This was the beginning of me seeing her in this cute sound sleep for many years to come. I took her to the vet and he discovered that she had been abused and had been kicked so hard in the mouth that some of her back teeth were broken. There is no telling what her first months of her life were like, but I knew I needed her and she needed me.
I have had pets all my life, but Bootsie was special. Many times people say they don’t like cats because they are aloof and don’t show you affection. They prefer dogs and the unconditional love they can give you. Boots was my dog. My friends and neighbors were always so amazed at her. She would sit in the window in the afternoon and wait for me to come pull in the driveway. As I was pulling in, I would hit the garage door opener and I would see her jump off the window ledge and take off towards the garage door. Every single time I came home, she was always waiting at the door for me. She would follow me from room to room. If I was cooking, she would sit in the kitchen with me. She couldn’t wait until I was ready to sit down for the evening and watch television. This was her favorite time as I would get a blanket and pull it over me and then she would immediately curl up in a ball and sit in my lap. She would stay there for hours and she would never stop purring. When it was time to go to bed, I would have to pick her up off my lap and carry her to the bedroom with me. Once we got in bed, she would get just as close to me as she possibly could and continue to purr throughout the night. Her sole happiness in life was to be with me and she was the only soul I have ever had in my life that felt that way. I would laugh and tell my friends while I was sleeping if I ever rolled over and moved an inch, she would immediately stand up, readjust, and then plop back down on me again so she could be touching me. When the alarm would go off in the morning, she would hop out of bed with me and would actually get IN THE SHOWER with me every single morning. She loved water. I have included a picture of her sitting in the shower. She would sit there and wait for me to fill the tub with some water so she could play in it. As you can see, every aspect of my home life she was involved in. She loved life. She loved eating too. She loved to lick all the gravy off of her food. She loved treats and when I would shake the bag, she would come running so fast. She also loved to go outdoors. I would allow her have outside playtime each day with me watching over her for 15-30 minutes. If she got to close to the road or started going towards the neighbors or heading towards the woods in the back of the house, all I had to do was call her name and she would turn around and come back just as if she was a dog. Everyone would laugh at how she would mind anything that I told her. I had other pets and she was always the pleasant one, never getting in fusses with the other animals. She was just always happy. I never heard her growl or hiss. Not one time. She never even swatted at me or exhibited any anger towards me. I could pick her up and turn her any and every way and she never flinched. She trusted me completely. I could turn her completely upside down. When I would carry her in from outside, I would throw her over the back of my shoulder and she would lay upside down over my back while I held her legs. EVERY SINGLE TIME I picked her up to kiss her, I would flip her twice on the way back down because she knew I would not let her fall. I use to pick her up and just bury her in kisses so I would often call her my Pepe Le Pew. The only difference in her and the cat in the cartoon, though, was that she absolutely loved to be buried in kisses. She never tried to stop me and would purr louder and louder each time I kissed her.
She was always an adventure. She had an amazing personality and loved her home. She loved to sleep on my bed while I was gone during the day to work, but she would actually sleep under the covers. If you came in on her and surprised her, you would see a big lump in the middle of the bed. One day I came home and she didn’t meet me at the door, I went in the room and saw the lump, but I was calling her and she wasn’t coming out of the sheets like she normally did. I picked up the bedspread myself and she wasn’t under it, she went up in the air with the comforter. Somehow, she had gotten in a seam that was a little loose and gotten so far up in it that she was stuck. I panicked and ran to the kitchen, got some scissors, and split the seam. She came plopping out and looked at me like, what was that all about? She could be so funny.
About two years ago, she began what would become a very long journey with a disease called Inflammable Bowel Disease. It started off with chronic diarrhea. No matter what I gave her, she would invariably have terrible diarrhea and I began to notice that she was rapdily losing weight. It took a period of almost a year, three veterinarians and finally a specialist at a veterinary hospital in Columbia to finally diagnose her with IBD. I was steadily losing her until she was finally diagnosed in June of last year. She had whittled down to almost nothing and they figured it out in the nick of time. Basically, what it boils down to, is my sweet little Bootsie was allergic to food and it was slowly killing her. Our lives had to completely change as Bootsie began to only have a very strange and bland combination of specialty foods that mostly involved duck, rabbit, peas, and deer. She had always been very spoiled so it was a very difficult and heartbreaking journey to get her accustomed to these foods. There was no more gravy, no more treats, no more eating off of my plate, and no more occasional small bowls of milk or ice cream. If she strayed only for a moment, it would start it all back up again and it was difficult to manage. She didn’t understand why I wouldn’t give her the things she liked anymore and it broke my heart. Through many conversations with the specialist, I learned that I could try and give her browned deer meat. She loved it and I was thrilled. I had to set out to find someone to kill a deer for me. I was able to get someone’s son at work to do the dirty deed for me and I had it packaged and frozen. For the past year, my freezer stayed packed full of deer meat and every single evening when I got home from work I would cook my little Bootsie deer meat. She still didn’t understand why she didn’t get her other treats and why I had to separate her from my other cat when I fed her, but it worked and she finally began to put on weight again. The diarrhea went away and all was well once again in my household for the past year.
Steven WasdenGrovetown, GeorgiaAugust 30, 2015
7/31/2002 - 8/23/2015Norm - thank you for your exuberance and enthusiasm. You brought us such joy and we were lucky to be your mom and dad. Thank you for loving us unconditionally.Alice ViebeyChuluota, FloridaAugust 30, 2015
3/20/2000 - 8/29/2015Reno. You had a good run and we will miss you every much. You loved your porch and always looked forward to your new electric blanket each year. I'm sorry that you had to leave us but I'm thankful that you are at peace. We will be looking for you on patrol and give a thumbs up when we see you. We can't thank you enough for each day you gave us. You were dedicated to your yard and Us. We know inside the house wasn't your favorite spot but we appreciate you following the trail of chicken inside to get out of the ice and snow. Ol Boy we miss you already and will remember you always. Thank you for being a part of our family and most of all for being you. I'll keep your house in the back porch and get your blanket this winter in case you decide to visit your favorite spot. Thank you. Love Mama and Papa.
April &. Gene Shirey
April & Gene ShireyHarlem, GeorgiaAugust 29, 2015
Joy Dinker Renninger
8/27/2015My dog is everywhere

Look not when I was
For I am not there
My spirit is free
I am everywhere

In the air that you breathe
In the sounds that you hear
Don't cry for me,
for my spirit is near

I'll watch for you
from the other side
I'll be the one running
new friends by my side

Smile at my Memory
Remember in your Heart
This isn't the end

It's a brand new start

I love you Mommy
Peggy RenningerGilbertsville, PennsylvaniaAugust 29, 2015
Ringo Oviedo Aka Puchis
4/16/2005 - 2/28/2015My sweet Ringo, my soul mate, I miss you every day, in the mornings next to my bed; when I get home and you are not there, my heart shrinks in pain. When I’m in the back yard, I can feel your breath; and in my dreams I sense your smell… I will do everything to have you next to me again.
My baby, you are the best gift I could ever receive from someone, you brought happiness and made my life complete. Without you, this home lost his soul and feels empty and mommy and daddy miss you dearly
Elizabeth OviedoHouston, TexasAugust 29, 2015
2/14/1999 - 8/20/2015This is what I wrote and appeared in our community newsletter:
Though some called him Barky, or Scruffy, most residents at Como have met Shaggy. With a distinctive bark, especially for such a small guy; his own special personality, and unique markings, he really was one of a kind. At 16 ½, Shaggy’s old body just couldn’t do it anymore. Shaggy, who once walked all over Como on a regular basis, was escorted by golf cart to the places he once walked. Last Thursday, after sharing in my birthday cake and ice cream, Shaggy was helped over to the Rainbow Bridge in the comfort of his own home. It was my final gift to Shaggy; after receiving so many from him. Thank you Shaggy for oh so many smiles, laughs, and so much love.

This is what I wrote in email to my best friends:

They say that dogs believe their jobs are to keep us happy.
If that is the case, Shaggy did his job with flying colors.

I have been so fortunate to have had 5 dogs now in my life,
and that for that stage in my life, each was the perfect dog for me.

Shaggy is not different. He walked me all over Como when
he first arrived, and helped me drop much unneeded weight.
He howled over his joy of waking up with John every morning.
He had a bounce in his step that made his ears bounce too.
Was hard not to smile when you saw Shaggy. And, though already
an old man, Shaggy stuck around for 3+ years after John passed.
He knew I needed him to ease the pain and move on.

At 16 1/2, Shaggy let me know it was time by not eating. He
waited until Kylila arrived to join her 2 children.
In the comfort of our home, in my arms, Shaggy took his last
breath. He then went over the Rainbow Bridge to join John, Grace,
and Jasper.

I’m not sad for Shaggy.
I know he is running and jumping, and barking again.
I sure do miss his physical presence.
And I know I will for a long time to come.

I have attached the tribute to Shaggy that is in our community
newsletter, and the pic too.

Thanks for indulging me in such a long email and attachments too.
With a heavy heart, and tears flowing
Pam HayesTampa, FloridaAugust 27, 2015
Rory mcgregor
8/21/2015my Rory, my Fuzzy-Butt-er, thank you for being Hunter's buddy and thank you so much for letting me be your mom, for trusting me implicitly.
Our love for you is infinite.
please tell us if you reincarnate.
Stormy McGregorBat Cave, North CarolinaAugust 27, 2015
2/15/2002 - 8/26/2015For Bella from a poem by E. E. Cummings-

here is the deepest secret nobody knows
here is the root of the root
and the bud of the bud
and the sky of the sky of a tree called life;
which grows higher than soul can hope or mind can hide
and this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart

i carry your heart
i carry it in my heart
Paulette HillRaleigh, North CarolinaAugust 26, 2015
12/31/1997 - 8/24/2015Bogie,

You were my number one guy. My best friend. My rock. You were always here for me. I couldn't possibly love you anymore than I do. We had 18 years together and forever would not have been long enough. We found each other and I am grateful for all the time we had to spend together. It doesn't make me miss you any less. You have always been here and now that you are gone, I feel lost.

Melissa BauerleFeasterville, PennsylvaniaAugust 26, 2015
3/14/2015 - 8/20/2015Today Declan and I said goodbye to our beloved Annie-cat. I adopted them both in the summer of 2003 and for 12 years they were wonderful companions to me and to one another. Annie was diagnosed with a rapidly-growing tumor in her jaw just a few weeks ago and given immediate palliative care by her regular vets at North Seattle Veterinary Clinic.

For a few more weeks, she was a sleepy but content version of her usual sunny self. Sadly, she fell into a final decline a few days ago and I'd promised her years ago I would never let her linger in pain.

I thank their original foster mother Leslie from Forgotten Felines in Shoreline, who nurtured Annie through her first few weeks on earth and to Dr. Jason from Seattle's Lap of Love Veterinary Hospice, Inc. who eased her way out today as she rested on her favorite clawed-up rocking chair with Declan and her human by her side. Dr. Jason was about to leave when Declan wanted a final look at Annie and he was kind enough to unwrap her so Dec could give her a final cheek-lick. Saying goodbye in this was has seemed to help him greatly this last week.
Christine CameronSeattle, WashingtonAugust 26, 2015