Pet Memorials
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Ulani A Thiessen
Mocha was a very loving, affectionate, happy and lively boxer to the end. She was a special part of our family. She was always so welcoming to everyone that came to our home. We would always tell people she looks big and scary, but she won't hurt you, but she may lick you to death. Everyone loved her so much (friends and family). She always had to be in the mix of whatever was going on. She would wander around the house, the garage, front yard and back where ever people were checking up on all. She wanted to be a part of everything. She was like one of us. She would always follow the kids around or whoever was home, but as soon as I (mom) would get home she was right by my side and would follow me everywhere even if it was just to the next room. She loved to have her belly rubbed. It was always so funny when you would rub her belly. Her legs would start kicking like crazy cause it felt so good. It was so cute and funny. One of the last things I remember and had me laughing because of how smart she was when she was in the front yard and a lady had entered the gate and was walking to the front door. Mocha walked with the lady to the front door no problem, but as soon as they got to the door Mocha walked inside turned around and sat in the doorway and started barking. The lady had told me what happened, and I laughed and hugged and praised Mocha. She was such a smart and loving dog. Mocha we love you and miss you so much already!Ulani ThiessenLas Vegas, NevadaDecember 11, 2019
4/6/2007Thankful for your time here and for being such an intricate part of our family. You were the best travel buddy and have seen more of the United States than most. You were a friendship ambassador and made the world a better placeStani ButlerSeminole, FloridaDecember 11, 2019
Ruby Reux
7/26/2007 - 11/18/2019Our sweet Ruby Reux peacefully left us the morning of November 18, 2019 after a short battle with cancer. She spent her last days with the ones she loved most, and she will be missed greatly by all those who had the privilege of knowing and loving her.Kaitlyn BeamWest Chester, OhioDecember 11, 2019
8/1/2003 - 12/7/2019Our precious girl Dixie lived a long wonderful life filled with walks on the beach, swimming , and playing with her family. She was a kind and loving soul who always would show love and affection. Your soft velvet like hair and cold nose were signature traits along with your constant kisses. Your amazing spirit will continue to live on in our heart and the beautiful memories we have of you!! We all miss you dearly, but know you are at peace. We love you sweet Dixie girl.Angela Urban UrbanPottsville, PennsylvaniaDecember 11, 2019
2/14/2001 - 12/9/2019Jo crossed the rainbow bridge with Rosemary, who also passed today.
I imagine them bounding over the bridge together and introducing their siblings to each other.
I'm sure that they're having a kitty Woodstock, in, in sober moments, Jo is looking down, remembering warm snuggles, scritches and then laughing at memories of me stepping on wet hairballs she left just where I step off of my bed.,
Vicki DeitrickSaint Petersburg, FloridaDecember 10, 2019
Pooh Bear (scoobs)
4/30/2008 - 12/3/2019Scooby- I miss you but am glad you are pain free and can run with Richard and Bobo.Lora StoneWindsor, PennsylvaniaDecember 10, 2019
7/23/2005 - 12/8/2019In memory of my sweet girl CocoJoyce AvilaSpring Hill,, FloridaDecember 10, 2019
Mezzo Forte
1/1/2009Mezzo was a wonderful cat. In his youth he was very powerful and “king” of the house. As he got older, he became more loving and enjoyed a good cuddle. He was extremely talkative (hence the name!) and would speak up on business conference calls! I sing with a quartet and his meow can be heard on many of our recordings. I will miss his companionship and the trusting way he would curl up with me (but no one else).Jennifer PalusBrentwood, TennesseeDecember 10, 2019
8/1/1999 - 11/25/2019She was a best friend, with me through every stage of my life. She is forever in my heart!Shannon DavisWest Chester Township, OhioDecember 9, 2019
Hailey Belle
6/22/2006 - 11/27/2019Hailey Belle was the sweetest dog, everyone that met her said she actually smiled. She was happy, she was so loved, she was silly & stubborn and she was my heart dog. She was my one in a million and I consider it my greatest blessing that I was her Mom. Hailey was my ride or die, my shot gun rider. She moved to 3 different states during her lifetime with me, she was my personal white noise machine as I worked in my office and she would let out squeals of joy when I came home. Hailey was the strongest dog you could ever meet and unfortunately battled cancer twice in her life but, she never lost her spirit. I will miss her every day for the rest of my life.Heather DonovanHolly Springs, North CarolinaDecember 9, 2019