Pet Memorials
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12/27/2020 - 11/8/2020Oh my sweet Coco-Bean, what I would have done to keep you with us forever.
When we adopted her we knew our time was limited but 5 years just doesn’t seem long enough. She came to us only wanting to be loved and I’m at peace knowing she knew just how loved she was by us all. Her unwavering patience with her crazy 4 legged and 2 legged sisters was unmatched and I will miss the calm she brought to our home.
Attached to my hip from day 1, there won’t be a day that goes by I won’t look for you by my side. See you on the other side my girl. I will love you and miss you forever
Megan GuiodMillstone, New JerseyJanuary 5, 2021
8/15/2007 - 1/4/2021Nigel, our handsome, smart and very proper kitty, crossed over the rainbow bridge into kitty heaven Monday January 4th 2021 around 2:30pm. Nigel succumbed to a combination of cancer and heart disease, but he was never in pain and pampered to his very last moments. We are forever grateful to Lap of Love and especially Doctor Tiffany Matheson for the kind way she helped Nigel on his journey to heaven. I cannot even imagine what we would have done without you. Thank you for the depth of our hearts.Dan KurschnerWellington, FloridaJanuary 5, 2021
9/4/2008 - 1/2/2021Haley was a very special dog. Her kindness and sweetness were second to none. She always wanted peace and happiness. She was my light on the darkest days. My goofy girl when I needed a laugh. Her love for cuddling made you feel safe and loved. Her cute face brightened the day. Her floppy ears,little underbite and tongue sticking out when sleeping was priceless. Haley will always have a piece of my heart. I will never forget what she meant to me. It has been tough to lose my wonderful friend but I feel amazingly blessed and grateful she came into my life. I love you forever!❤Shawn JurekLino Lakes, MinnesotaJanuary 5, 2021
Coco ("Ppeng Soon")
4/12/2000 - 1/3/2021Dear Coco, my baby angel,

I don't know where to begin as I cry and write this letter to you. Everything in my life is a reminder of you and life will continue for everyone else, except me. I am forever stuck in our memories for the last 20 years. I still remember you as a tiny kitten as if it was yesterday, and I cannot believe how fast time has gone by. I still cannot believe you are gone and I woke up last night thinking this is a bad dream and called for you. You sacrificed everything for me and have given me the strength when I needed at many times in the last 20 years together. You and I survived so many things together and most importantly you gave me the reason to wake up. My goal in life was to provide a great life for you and your sister, so that the three of us can live as a happy family. I wish we could turn back time and the three of us could be a family again. I miss all the funny things you did to make me laugh and I miss your smell and our regular conversations. You and your sister were always on my side and were always there for me. I could always trust and rely on you both and you were my reason that I could overcome all challenges thrown in our lives. I am not sure how I can go on from here without you.

I did the best I could as a mom. I would have died for you, if I could. That is how much you mean to me, you and your sister were more important than my own life. I did the best I can, I really did and I hope you know that I love you more than anything or anyone in this universe. I am so sorry Coco, that the last few weeks was stressful and I wish it was different. I have this guilt because of the flood. I wish the apartment building didn't flood on the day of Christmas, now our last Christmas we spent together. I will never have that time back and I was distraught trying to salvage our belongings as much as I could. The first thing I grabbed was you and your medications. We still lost your cat tower. I don't feel good as a mom that these things happened, but I try to remember how you followed me around in the new apartment, and ate dinner with me on New Year's Eve. Even to the very last minute, you wagged your tail in my arms and I wanted the time to stop. Life is so cruel to take both of my angels away, and now the last half of my heart is gone. At least when Peru passed away, I remember I had you next to me and you helped me gain strength. This time, there isn't Peru nor you to give me what I need at this time. I feel empty, an empty shell without a soul.

It is hard to wake up only to be reminded that you are no longer here with me. You didn't get to finish your favorite treats and your favorite cat milk. I have them all out where they usually are, for you to enjoy because I know you are with me in spirit. I have candles lit next to your pictures and please know that mommy will always love you and we are never far apart. That will never change. We will still be there for each other because the truth is, there is no one else who knows me and loves me unconditionally than you and Peru. We are forever connected with our hearts, so please listen with your heart. You will hear me call for your name and tell you how much I love you and miss you. Pain is not enough to describe how I am feeling right now, and I wish to see you both again every soon. We will meet again, at the Rainbow Bridge and I will hold you both again in my arms and never let go. Until then, please stay healthy and be good sisters for each other and that I love you so much and that I will be thinking of you and calling for your name every moment I am awake. My life will never be the same without you. I love you so much. I miss you very much... I miss your kisses and your warmth.

Love, Mommy
Anne LeeBothell, WashingtonJanuary 5, 2021
6/1/2012 - 1/2/2021Floyd was a loving, funny, carefree dog who loved people and pets. He was always happy and eager to please.Luigi EspositoReading, PennsylvaniaJanuary 5, 2021
6/2/2006 - 12/31/2020In loving memory of our sweet Siena. We were gifted 14 long years with her -- and being home with her for the last 10 months was the greatest gift of all.Maria Monteverde-JacksonArlington, VirginiaJanuary 5, 2021
11/1/2006 - 12/24/2020Our dear Rocksie was an energetic, engaged German shepherd mix who joined me on so many adventures for almost 14 years. She passed on December 24, 2020, and while she leaves a big hole in our hearts and in the house, the memories of her strong personality make us so happy.

Rocksie's strong spirit lives on in our hearts and we are sure she is out there waiting to be joined by us later. Rocksie loves frisbees and sticks! She is an excellent listener and so responsive to voice commands, even after she started to lose her hearing. Especially when we talk to her in full sentences. She's a couch potato at home but so up for a hike, backpack, or nice long walk, whether down to the park to lay in the grass and watch the world go by, to the school to play soccer with me or chase her frisbee, or to go for a walk with our friends Ben and Biscuit - Rocksie always had to help Biscuit carry the stick down the path. She loves all people, including kids, and certain dogs became her close friends. She protected us from all planes with contrails, crows and gulls, and loved to sing while canoeing or kayaking. She also loves football, especially cheering with us after touchdowns, and will always join in when singing "Happy Birthday."

Rocksie started slowing down about a year ago with osteoarthritis, and ended up getting b-cell lymphoma and a fibrosarcoma in the back of her mouth that made it really difficult to eat and breathe. We loved caring for her and did our best to manage her pain and give her the best life a dog could have. Rocksie, I can feel your keen attention and love of play even now. Thank you for being a contributing member of our family and for all the amazing memories.
Elissa OstergaardSeattle, WashingtonJanuary 5, 2021
10/29/2007 - 1/3/2021Archie, Arch, D’Arch, Bob Barker... he was one of most challenging, loving,loyal and protective dogs we have ever had. My husband always wanted a mastiff and we had to find one to rescue! We believe in rescuing from a local shelter! He was about 9-10 months old when we got him! I cannot tell you how many couches we went through!!! How many crates he broke out of!!!! How many fences he climbed!!! We were buying remote controls in bulk because he was taking them outside through the doggy door and burying them outside! Hahaha amazing memories... Arch was very protective of our home especially myself. His presence, his wide confident chest, his soft velvety ears, his huge head... he was so so loving.. All he wanted to do was be a 90 lbs lap dog... he got along with all the animals!!! We have cats, guinea pigs and smaller dogs... He loved them all!!! Our family will miss him so very much!!!Margarita OddoBuffalo, New YorkJanuary 4, 2021
Coco Chanel
11/8/2008We will miss you baby girl my cuddle buddy! There is not one moment when I miss you barking and following all over the house. I am hoping you are having a good time and not suffering with your cough and breathing.Arty RomeroSantee, CaliforniaJanuary 4, 2021
3/2/2004 - 1/3/2021Our sweet Nicholas left us yesterday for the Rainbow Bridge. He almost made it to 17! To say we are heartbroken is a total understatement. We loved him more than words can say. He was the love of our lives and we miss him so terribly much. He was the sweetest dog and our best friend. We know that he is with the angels now and is playiing with all of his friends that crossed before him. Our hearts hurt so much but we know that we had to let him go to be healthy again.

Thank you Dr. Will for your compassionate care in seeing him home. It was so comforting knowing that he passed in his own bed in his own home and the place he loved, surrounded by all who loved him so very much.

Rest in eternal peace our sweet boy until we see you again.
Cathie and Jim FirleinChapin, South CarolinaJanuary 4, 2021