Pet Memorials
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3/25/2007 - 2/20/2021Bayou was 10 months old when we got him from the Norfolk SPCA. He was a spunky dog who liked to play tug and liked playing fetch for 15 minutes every night at 10:00 p.m. He would lick John's feet every evening and loved marshmallows and gummies (which we finally stopped giving him after he kept throwing up). He could only eat salmon food and sweet potato treats, and boy did he love those treats! He would stand by the cabinet and look up every time he came inside. He would try to trick us sometimes and pretend to want to go outside and then go straight to the cabinet.

He had the best sniffer, too. He loved sniffing around the perimeter of the yard and always foraged in the kitchen and on the living room floor. He liked making friends with the dogs next door, too, and he didn't mind when kids wanted to pet him. He loved people.

He didn't like it when John wrestled with the kids and would bark loudly to tell him to stop. He would always try to make friends with the pizza delivery driver because who doesn't like a good pizza?

He also enjoyed staring out the door to watch people and dogs walking by. He wanted to be friends with everyone and was so sweet. When he was young, he would dart out the door and we'd have to chase him down the block. He was a fast runner! As he aged, he would walk outside with us and down to the mailbox to sniff it. Sometimes he would sit outside with John while John was working. And he would wait outside the bedroom door for me to come out. His favorite place was laying on the tile in the sun at the front door.

He loved walking (until his hips hurt too much) and would drag us down the street for the first mile, as we dragged him back home for the second mile. Sara would try to get him to kiss her and he would often turn his head. Sometimes she would get lucky and he would give her a kiss. Bayou would hang out with Daniel as he played video games in the den and try to sneak whatever he was eating.

After Sara and Daniel each moved out, he would walk down the hall to the their bedrooms to look for them. When John had knee surgery and then returned to work, Bayou would walk down the hallway wondering where he was. And every night, he would look down the hallway at John as John headed to bed.

Before his hips and legs became weak, he would come to me on the couch every night and want to get scratches on his haunches. He loved that.

And he sure did shed! So much hair! While most labs love water, Bayou didn't. He once ran away from the ocean at the beach. And he was our Labrador non-retriever. Haha. He didn't much like playing fetch but enjoyed wrestling and tug.

When he didn't want to do something, he used to go "foof." So we used to say we were "foofin" hot or make up words like "foofin taters." We used to sing "Gonna Bayou a drink" to him and called him stinky dog, tinky, dog dog, toonk, and doggy day. He really did infiltrate every area of our lives and we loved him for it.

Making the decision to say goodbye to Bayou was the hardest decision we've ever made. He was the best dog ever.
Anita MonroeVirginia Beach, VirginiaFebruary 22, 2021
1/15/2006 - 2/5/2021Joey was a great friend. God sent him into my life just 4 months after I lost my best friend Troy. God is truly the God of the brokenhearted then, and He still heals hearts now.Jacqueline MannWashington, DC, District of ColumbiaFebruary 21, 2021
10/15/2011 - 2/14/2021Sweet baby Rudy, you left us for that beautiful meadow outside the Rainbow Bridge exactly one week ago. We still see you and hear you everywhere we turn in the house, but then, you’re not here. The grief comes in waves now, but we know that we made the final loving decision to make sure you no longer have any pain, but that hardly makes it easier when all we want to do is reach out and grab your scruff, boop your nose, kiss you and tell you how much we love you. I hope you know how much you mean to us and to our family. I can’t believe how lucky we were to be able to make so many memories with you, how much joy and happiness you brought - it’s truly immeasurable. Your fun and loving personality will be unrivaled. Like your mom and I told you when you became our guardian angel, please come visit us and your brother as often as you can, until we meet again - we love you more than you can imagine.

- Mommy , Daddy (Paula and Brandon) and brother Jake
Brandon and Paula ScaturroOakton, VirginiaFebruary 21, 2021
11/25/2004 - 2/18/2021Bella was an amazing dog...we decided to get her when our black lab Dixie was eight years old. Dixie had a bit of a weight issue most likely due to her parents possibly spoiling her a little too much. Once those two bonded they did everything together and Dixie even dropped the extra weight...those two went everywhere together. We took them on our vacations and the walks I can't even imagine trying to figure out how many miles we logged. When Dixie passed it was Bella who was there...she kept me from falling apart. I had just lost our 16 year old dog but at least I still had her...and I am so lucky that she came into our lives. She was the type of dog that people would love to have she never barked, she loved to go for walks and she was extremely loyal. She was also stubborn and at times experienced a little bit of anxiety...some people even commented that she was just like me! I must have done something right with her too cause just like Dixie she lived to be 16 and I honestly think she would have lived longer if only her body didn't start to fail her. The biggest difference this time around is Bella was our only dog so our house seems really empty now. I know we did the right thing but it was probably the most difficult decision I have ever had to make. The only thing I can do is tell myself that my girls are together again and that they are happy and free of pain. I love you free my sweet girl.Erica AubinLexington, South CarolinaFebruary 21, 2021
10/8/2003 - 2/20/2021To Our Baby Boy,
You came to our lives and brought us so much joy. I remember when daddy picked you out from the litter and said “Wow, he is chunky...that’s it his name will be chunk” and we brought you home. Since that day you brought nothing but happiness into our life. You were our baby boy. We can both say that, throughout your life you had always been relentless and taught us to never give up. You protected us until the end, especially being mommy’s companion when daddy was on shift at the Firehouse.All the road trips we took with you to see “Guela and Guelo” and cousin Nani & Uncle Abner. All those smooches and kisses you gave us are a lifetime memory that will be treasured forever. We all miss you so much and We Love You to Infinity.

Love you Always,
Mommy and Daddy
Ambar & Hector LoizEustis, FloridaFebruary 21, 2021
Loopy Cabe
10/4/2008 - 2/19/2021My poem to Loop
Many prominent, religious leaders profess that our beloved doggies do not go to Heaven after their time and purpose on earth is fulfilled.
For the life of me, I cannot begin to imagine that such a devoted, loyal heart, filled with so much innocence and unconditional Love, which fills every breath of their earthly lives, are not allowed entrance into Heaven.
To me, they are the very essence of true Love; that very thing in which the Lord teaches us is the greatest power of all, and of which is our doggies only wish to give to us freely and without measure, and of which you Loopy, gave to me until your very last, earthly breath.
If true, oh what a dreary, hollow and lonesome place Heaven would be, imperfect in Love because the very essence of perfect Love is denied entry into a paradise which confesses that true Love is all powerful, and we must strive to live by it throughout our entire lives, something that you Loop, accomplished in me and gave to me generously and freely with ease.
I myself, do not wish to spend eternity in a place that professes unconditional Love to be our greatest life's mission and goal, but yet denies the very living, sole example of it to freely thrive with us when we depart this world as well. If so, then I would desire to spend eternity where all of our doggies go and where you are now Loopy.
But I do know that it isn't true at all. What is true is that you Loop, are in Heaven with our Lord and spreading your unconditional gift of Love, to every Loving soul that you possibly can, just as you filled my heart with it while with me on earth.
Yes Loop...I know you are in Heaven and with our Lord, and that is the place that I too, choose to be when my time is done here on earth.
We are devastated and miss you oh so much....Thank You for touching our lives and loving us...we love you and will be with you again one glorious day.

Your Loving Mommy and Daddy,
Mike CabeLithia Springs, GeorgiaFebruary 21, 2021
10/14/2006 - 1/17/2021If Tears Could Built A Stairway,
And Memories A Lane,
I'd Walk Right Up To Heaven And
Bring You Home Again.
In loving memory of our Jasper, devoted pet and determined working dog.
Carol TebowBurien, WashingtonFebruary 21, 2021
6/9/2002 - 2/19/2021In loving memory of Reggie, my baby girl, who filled my life with snuggles and love.Karen RipaWallingford, ConnecticutFebruary 21, 2021
Baby Kitty
1/3/2021 - 2/18/2021Kitty was the best cat. He had an amazing life. Kitty was trained so well. He knew his boundaries
We would take kitty outside only with us and kitty would stay in the yard. He would sit in his favorite place for hours.
We love you so much. You will be missed but always in our hearts and memories. Sleep well my Stupid Baby Kitty.
Judith BassoSalem, New HampshireFebruary 20, 2021
1/3/2006 - 2/14/2021You've been by my side for 15 years. I don't really remember what life was like without you. You been with me through all my ups and downs. You were there for me during sad times and celebrating with me through joyous times. I know you were holding on as long as you could, pushing through any aches or pains in order to give us another kiss for the day. Pushing through all the bad in order to not make us sad. The house is so quiet without you here. I don't know how to feel without you near. The days are new to me and the nights seem long. Trying to adjust to this new life without you will take some time. We chose to say goodbye on Valentines because there seem no better way, to remind us always how much love you brought us every single day. I miss you Peanut 😢💔and thank you for making everyone you met smile and making life better these past 15 years. Daddy and I couldn't be more thankful to have had you in our lives. We will miss you and love you forever. ❤️🐶🦮🙏🏼Diana JanokaNewport News, VirginiaFebruary 20, 2021