Pet Memorials
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1/1/2000 - 4/30/2013Oh Roscoe, how I loved you so! As big and brave as you were, you were so sweet and loving. You shared all that you had with other pets, and always put them first. You were my protector, and best friend, and you have a place in my heart always. I will miss you dearly my little choochoo, miss your smile, and wagging tag when I came through the door each day. I'll miss giving you those cookies you loved so much. Oh how hard life will be without you by my side. You are at peace now, and are with Dylan, Bear, Beau, Cocoa and your best friend Cosmo. May you forever rest in peace. With all my heart,...your Mommy.Roscoe LasassoPlant City, FloridaApril 30, 2013
8/1/1998 - 4/26/2013Dear Austin,

There are no words to express how much you will be missed. You were the most loving and faithful companion we could have ever been blessed with, and your indomitable free spirit was always a source of joy and inspiration. You gave us the best years of your life, and for that we will always be grateful. Although it is so very hard to let you go, it is only right and fair that you now be set free to run through the fields and frolic like you always loved to do. For all you have given us, we hope that we have given you the best and most fulfilling life possible, and in the end, a peaceful transition to a wondrous new domain. You are now able to roam wherever you want, free from the painful confines of old age, and free from the fear of cars, predators, or anything else that might have been dangerous to you in this life. You will always live on in our hearts and our fondest memories, and we will only be better for all the love you brought our lives. We will always love you, and we will always cherish the love you gave us. Until we meet again, we wish you all of the peace and happiness that this mysterious and wonderful universe has to give.

All of our love, pretty girl.
Lee & Robert
Leon InglerightFort Washington, PennsylvaniaApril 28, 2013
4/26/2013You wil always be in our hearts, and forever be the Belle of Mariner's Cove. What an honor to such a good dog to have so may friends and neighbors say goodbye. You have a special place in my heart as "Top Dog". Have a wonderful ride on that that big Pontoon boat in heavenwith Gemini.Christine BradleyMillsboro, DelawareApril 28, 2013
4/24/2013We miss you and love you so very much, Tara. But we are happy that you were able to cross the rainbow bridge peacefully.Dana CohenSunrise, FL, FloridaApril 25, 2013
Honey bunch
10/22/1996 - 4/23/2013Honey Bunch you been a very good friend to the family and we going to miss you badly. The house is empty without you Honey Bunch. We love you Honey Bunch.Marge BauderJacksonville, FloridaApril 25, 2013
7/6/1999 - 4/16/2013Time is so precious and we can never get it back. Cheraw was the little child to all in our family. He was pampered and loved every day of his life of nearly 14 years. And he was genuinely spoiled with our love. Cheraw was always there for each of us when we were sick, or had a bad day, or just needed a smile. He always had a way of hugging you with his paws on your face when we would carry him like a baby. We love you. We miss you. We will always treasure our memories of you. You will forever be in our hearts.Donna RasmussenRaleigh, North CarolinaApril 24, 2013
Greta voboril
1/1/1999 - 4/10/2013For a long time, Greta was my best friend and companion and I’m going to miss her dearly. Lately, small slivers of her life and our adventures together have been coming to mind and I thought I’d take a moment to share a few of them.

On July 5th, 2002, the small black dog who was to become my friend was found wandering on the corner of 25th Street and Folsom in San Francisco’s Mission District and admitted to San Francisco Animal Care and Control (SFAC&C). She stayed in the shelter for the mandatory five day stray period unclaimed. The person who found her wanted to adopt her but since Greta had a visible cherry eye that required surgery, the finder was unable to afford her. Because of the cherry eye, SFAC&C would not keep her so the SFSPCA was asked to take her in. However, the SPCA declined to take her, probably because the required surgery would have been too expensive. On July 13th, Greta was released to Michelle Parris, founder of Grateful Dog Rescue, an organization that specialized in “difficult” cases, such as older dogs, or dogs with medical problems. Michelle sent Greta to Sunset Veterinary Hospital to be spayed and have surgery for her cherry eye.

Around that time, I was working as a fireman at Station 19 out by Stonestown Mall. My job was to tiller the hook-and-ladder truck. One day, we were coming back from a minor call at about 10 AM and decided to stop at a cafe we liked, the Sea Biscuit Cafe on Noriega between 45th and 46th Avenues. As we came up to the block the cafe was on, I saw a little black dog on the northwest corner of Noriega and 45th. She walked to the corner, looked both ways, and crossed Noriega in the crosswalk. I remember saying, “Hey guys, look at that little dog crossing the street!” After we parked, everyone else got out and went inside as I went up to the dog. She looked up at me with a look that said, “Hello old friend!” and instantly, I mean instantly, we bonded. I bent down to her and she let me pick her up. I tried to comfort her and see if she had any tags but found none. After about 10 minutes, the truck was ready to go and no one had come to get her. Since I couldn’t take the dog back to the firehouse, I asked a friend who happened to be at the cafe if she could hold on to the dog until my shift ended in the morning, when I would pick her up and take her home. Just as we were exchanging phone numbers, we saw a woman frantically running toward us waving her arms. It turned out that she was from Sunset Veterinary Hospital, and had just realized that the dog had escaped! So we gave Greta back to her and went back to the firehouse.

Now, I had been thinking about getting a dog. I wasn’t allowed to have one in the apartment where I lived, but I was planning on buying a house soon and I thought it would be great to have dog move in with me. I wasn’t looking for a small dog though. The brother of a former girlfriend of mine had a female bull mastiff that I had fallen in love with and I was looking for a giant like that. Still, in the weeks that followed, I couldn’t get that little black dog out of my mind and I kept wondering how she was doing. I didn’t think of trying to find her again though because I was still a few months away from moving into the house.

So as the days go by, I keep thinking about that little dog I bonded with, but without doing anything about it. Then, about two weeks later, a phone call comes in for me on the fire house private line (the one we used to get non-departmental calls of a personal nature) and it’s the woman from Sunset Veterinary Hospital. She says she’s just calling to let me know that Greta has finished her medical treatments and is now available for adoption! I ask how she had tracked me down, since I hadn’t given her any contact information. She said she had looked up the nearest firehouse and called there. My friend Donyale happened to be working that day and overheard the phone conversation and told the woman from the vet that I was at station 19 and was even working that day.

That was all I needed to begin the adoption process. But I had some doubts because I still had a few months left in my apartment and my landlady was a nosy old hag who wouldn’t look kindly upon my having a dog. One day, I was talking about it around the dinner table at Station 19 and the visiting truck boss said, “Stop thinking about it and go get the dog. If you don’t, you’ll end up regretting it for the rest of your life.” That was just what I needed to hear.

My sister had two pugs at the time. Both of them slept in bed with her and her husband and I was always telling her how disgusting I thought that was. So the first night I brought Greta home, I fixed up an upholstered chair with a pillow and blanket, pushed it up next to the bed and put Greta in it for the night. I got in bed myself and after a minute I looked up at her. She was standing on the pillow with one of her front paws in the air with a look that said, “Can I please sleep with you?” Well, that was all it took. She slept with me in bed every night since.

Greta never got along too well with other dogs (I didn’t know then that I should have worked on that with her). The only exception was Donyale’s sweet pit bull named Muggy. One day, Donyale and Muggy came over. The two dogs got along great. Donyale and Muggy ended up spending the night and when Muggy realized we were going to sleep, she came into the bedroom to scout out the sleeping situation. Greta was up on the bed already and when Muggy came over, Greta made it clear that she was going to be the only dog sleeping on the bed. Muggy looked up at me with an expression of resigned amusement, turned around and went into the walk-in closet to sleep. It was so funny to see a little Shih Tzu be dominant over a Pit Bull!

Throughout the years, Greta has been there for me at the worst times of my life. One time I remember the most was after my back surgery. The surgery was not successful and caused the pain to be far worse than it was originally and eventually the pain got so bad that I was pretty helpless. To make matters worse, I suddenly found myself isolated. I had just moved to the suburbs, far from my friends in the City. My family wasn’t able to help since they were dealing with their own problems. So I found myself scared, in a huge amount of pain, without anyone to help me. Except for Greta. She was really the only thing left to live for, the only reason left to get out of bed. Her companionship and unconditional love helped me get through that tough time.

It’s hard now that she’s gone. For 11 years she’s always been there when I sleep and I’m having a hard time adjusting. From force of habit I still try to be quiet when I get up in the middle of the night and sometimes I look over to her pillow to check on her. One funny thing she used to do: Greta loved shredding and eating paper. At some point, she realized that when I got up from bed while I was reading, she usually had enough time to locate my bookmark and enjoy it a bit before I got back and took it away from her. In the process, she would often push everything off my nightstand as well. I still make sure I bury the bookmark in the pages before I get up.

I have many more stories about Greta, but hopefully this small selection gives an idea of how close we were and how much she meant to me. She was the perfect example of selfless love–even on the last day of her life, when she wasn’t feeling good, she still wanted to make me happy. Before she died, I thanked her for everything she had given me and told her that I loved her and hoped I had been able to give her some happiness in return. She was my best friend and companion for many years. I feel like I wasn’t able to repay her for everything she gave me.

Greta’s last day was the best she’d had in a long, long time. Meredith, Elizabeth and Viki came to see and play with her and she was really happy with the attention. She died peacefully at home with Viki and me at her side on Wednesday, April 10th, 2013 at 7:55 PM.
Joel VoborilOakland, CaliforniaApril 21, 2013
8/30/2002 - 4/13/2013Our Girlie closed her eyes today as her head laid in my hands, her eyes told me she had lost her fight, for she could no longer stand. As thoughts raced thru my head as I cradled her in my arms, I thought of all her younger years, and her so many charms. For today there was no gentle sigh with her intense "I Love You Gaze" only our hearts that filled with tears, remembering all our joy filled years..........Debbi BonnellWhitmore Lake, MichiganApril 20, 2013
6/1/2000 - 4/13/2013Dear Lexie, We miss you so much. You were so important to each member of this family for different reasons, but for me I can't thank you enough for the loyal love and support while I was sick. You were there when others couldn't be. You never left my side for 5 long years! It doesn't compare, but it was my privilege to be there for you at the end. Daddy misses stepping over you in the kitchen door, and believe it or not I miss your begging for food! Kianna has been very sweet and is trying to fill your shoes...she's doing a good job but it's not the same. Rest in peace sweet girl. We Love You, Mom, Dad, Kaile, Courtney, Kianna, Gabby, Charlie, and Ardie. Whoo woo woo woo!Carla RackleyWinter Park, IllinoisApril 19, 2013
Giro laurans
11/11/2005 - 3/19/2013Giro, not a day goes by now that Vuelta and I don't talk of you, or to you. We love you and miss you, and hope to see you soon. . . . We'll look for you sitting regally on God's throne, ignoring his repeated requests for you to get off of his couch, as if you're deaf, and you're too busy presiding over all that is transpiring around you . . .Jonathan LauransKansas City, MissouriApril 18, 2013