Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
11/8/2012 - 4/2/2021Cesar, Happy Easter baby boy!!!

You are the best dog any one can ever ask for. You are loving, caring and great brother for Michael. We will always love you and remember how sweet you were. We miss you and you will always have a special place in our hearts.
San Diego, CaliforniaApril 5, 2021
4/4/2005 - 1/15/2021Today would have been Floyd's 16th birthday and it feels like right time to celebrate his memory. Floyd was my best-good-friend for 15 years and I miss him every single day. His goofy personality was larger than life and he brought me so much joy. His playfulness and idiosyncrasies would instantly make me laugh and just being around him brought a smile to my face.

He was always excited and happy to see me when I would come home from work, flopping down purring and waiting for scratches. He had the best purr in all the land- so loud and fiercely happy! He loved the smell of seafood and especially loved eating shrimp. He was talkative and always looked out for me, never wanting me to be far from his sight. He traveled with me across the country and moved with me to ten homes and was my constant adventure buddy. As much as I love travel, the best part of returning home from a long trip was knowing he would be waiting for me.

Floyd's purr was unmatched, he was on what I called "perma-purr" which meant that he was permanently purring when I was nearby. His purr could calm me down in moments of stress and his snuggles would brighten up even the hardest of days. Floyd was purring until the end, trying his hardest to enjoy every moment he had with us.

He was with me through the most important years of my life, through college, relationships, jobs, travels and marriage. I loved the bond he developed with my husband and I am so grateful for the years the three of us had together. Floyd taught me so much about life and so much about myself, I can't imagine who I would be without him. There is a Floyd-sized hole in my heart that will never be filled... and I am so, so grateful we had we each other for as long we we did. I love you Floyd-Floyd.
Mary LeedySeattle, WashingtonApril 5, 2021
12/25/2007No one could have loved you more! You were our girl, protector, Best Friend snd family. We are going to miss you everyday. Thank you for loving us unconditionally. Rest Sunny, Play Sunny and keep watch over us.Shereen CookJacksonville, FloridaApril 5, 2021
Maggie (a.k.a. Maggalicious Or Magdalania)
9/22/2012 - 3/31/2021Maggie’s favorite place in the world was in our backyard in New Jersey. We had a huge backyard with a rolling green hill. The yard was her playground. Maggie was a Weimaraner so hunting’s in her genetics. She caught everything from small field mice to birds mid-flight. Every time she claimed her prey she would bring them back to the family and whoever encountered them would scream and squeal until Maggie would drop the innocent unsuspecting prey in front of us already lying there, dead. Besides her hunting ventures, Maggie was the sweetest dog you’d ever meet. She had a very calm and demure attitude. She used her bark only when necessary but never excessively. If you spent more than five minutes petting her, she’d fall asleep in your arms. Maggie was the greatest dog and her life is definitely worth celebrating! In celebration of Maggie’s life, go outside and enjoy the sun.Las Vegas, NevadaApril 4, 2021
7/1/2005 - 4/2/2021There will never be a day that I do not think of you, look for you, and long for you . You have been the loving presence during hard times. Our hearts will forever have a hole that only you can fill-when we meet again.Marcy WilkinsonPeoria, ArizonaApril 4, 2021
9/26/2006 - 4/2/2021ZOE = LIFE ... We learned this shortly after we adopted you. We took you to a blessing of animals and the pastor told us what your name meant. You breathed so much life into our home and we are missing you so much.
We will remember how happy you were and how you lived us. Our ❤ is truly broken and we know you are now playing with your doggie bros who have gone before you.
You are loved today, tomorrow and ALWAYS.
Saundra YoungPERRYSBURG, OhioApril 4, 2021
4/14/2001 - 2/13/2021Kiara was my sweet girl. With me for almost 20 years. She was a small kitty with a fierce meow that always kept the dogs at bay. She was the boss of our house and we miss her. The sweetest cat ever. She kept to herself but enjoyed night time cuddles with the family and she loved to sleep with me. Laying in the sun was by far her favorite thing to do. She would get so hot she would have to move to the shade. And Christmas was her favorite holiday. She loved laying under the tree, drinking the tree water and LOVED her cat nip toys Santa would bring her every year. Saying goodbye was so hard. Our hearts still ache. But we know it was her time. We know she was ready. And we know she is with her pet siblings watching and waiting for us. Until we see you again my sweet you for always.Donette VennKirkland, WashingtonApril 4, 2021
3/15/2010 - 3/18/2021Oh my beautiful Rusty, our time together was unfairly cut short due to your kidney failure most likely caused by cancer of some sort. You were truly the best cat and there for all my independent adulthood including moving out of my parents house, moving into my first apartment, meeting Dad, and moving into our first house. You were also there for the birth of my first son Tony. There were so many memories in our 11 years together. I love you with all my heart and soul. Your paw prints will always be in my heart until I see you on the other side.Abby BernhardtDearborn, MichiganApril 4, 2021
10/12/2009 - 2/17/2021Thank you for your amazing life and for having joined our family. We could never thank you enough for what you brought to our lives and we are forever changed because of you.

Now, you live in our hearts every minute of every day. We never stop talking about you and we never will. Rest in power knowing your humans will love and miss and honor you forever.

You were truly and will always remain the hardest good-bye.
Rover HesslerBurke, VirginiaApril 4, 2021
7/4/2005 - 4/3/2021Sasha was such a special girl. Before we had a human child, she was our baby and she traveled with us everywhere. We took many trips together, but her favorite place was Morro Bay where she would relax on the boat and take long walks down the Embarcadero. She never failed to catch people’s attention and would frequently receive compliments from strangers. She didn’t always get along with other animals and enjoyed being the only dog of the house, but she never met a human that didn’t love her. We miss you so much Sasha, you were a great dog and an even better friend. We will never forget you and we will never stop loving you.Santa Clarita, CaliforniaApril 4, 2021