Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
11/23/2007 - 7/1/2020Zee was the sweetest cat. Every person who met her said so. She brought so much love to my life and the life of my friends and family. She’ll be my baby forever.Sammy RiderCasselberry, FloridaJuly 2, 2020
7/1/2020Heartbroken... Today we lost our beautiful and beloved Basset Hound Sugar E Cookie. Anyone who knew her loved her. She was gentle, sweet, loving and certainly the life of any party! Thank you for 18 wonderful years, all the beautiful memories and your unconditional love. Forever in our hearts... Love you sooo much Sugar E!Lynn InerfeldDavie, FloridaJuly 2, 2020
I love you monty happy Birthday babyMadison RussellHarbour Grace, New YorkJuly 2, 2020
9/12/2003 - 7/1/2020From the moment I saw your picture (Oct 2003) I knew this was gonna be one if the most amazingly beautiful roads we could possibly share. The moment I got you in my arms, you told me your name; It wasn’t even in my thoughts - then it was clear as day.
We’ve shared a million wonderful moments, car rides, moves, new friends, your babies & almost 17 years together. You will always be my baby. Always be my bestest friend. The only one, besides myself, who knows me for everything I am & always loved me as unconditionally as I love you.
I knew something happened two weeks ago,,, I could feel it in my soul,,, that this time you wouldn’t get better from whatever was making you sick. You slowly gave up on eating food. & in my restless sleep Sunday night, you came to me in my dreams and told me it was time. I made the call this morning so you could finally be laid to rest.
Brianne DentonTacoma, WashingtonJuly 2, 2020
2/23/2009 - 6/28/2020Skipper was an amazing fellow who was greatly loved by all who met him. He was a stunningly gorgeous dog, but as beautiful as he was on the outside, he was many times more beautiful on the inside. Skipper gave us great joy and laughter and will be missed by the many people whose lives he touched.Laura MarrFort Salonga, New YorkJuly 2, 2020
Mya Diamond Grant
6/17/2008 - 6/25/2020One of many memories is we had professional pictures taken with my best friends Yorke. She was kind and loving to princess and In the photo princess paw was on Myas .. I have so many memories but this one just was the sweetest ..Paul & Karen GrantKeizer, OregonJuly 2, 2020
3/6/2008 - 6/17/2020My little Honeyboy, there are no words mommy and daddy can sayto describe just how much we love you. From the moment we laid eyes on you, you changed our lives forever. You brought such joy, laughter and happiness to our lives with your silliness and mushy loving personality. You always were so very happy, that tail was always thumping and swinging so hard and fast. We loved how you happily greeted everyone with such gentle excited sweetness. Those different faces you made melted our hearts. I loved watching the way you looked at daddy with those doe eyes. I loved the way you led us into the kitchen and pointed to what you wanted. We also loved watching you play "wheres the cookie" game just as much as you loved playing it. From stepping on my feet all of the time, to helping "clean" daddy, to knocking into us for us to share our food, to your dances for cheese and walks, our routines we had together were our everything. Little Boy, you will remain strongly in our hearts forever. Always know we love you.Janet CusmanoCopiague, New YorkJuly 2, 2020
Sadie Jean
12/22/2005 - 6/28/2020Sadie was part of our family and her sweet personality gave us much joy and love.Brian & Cassie PilkentonSalem, OregonJuly 2, 2020
7/1/2020 - 6/10/2020Today would have been Jessie's 13th birthday. We are so grateful for every moment we got to spend with our sweet, lovable girl. She was an unconditional source of love and loyalty to all of us. She will be forever in our hearts.Nicole FurmanBerwyn, PennsylvaniaJuly 2, 2020
8/3/2008 - 6/14/2020Zoe.. forever in our heartsKristin HouricanLong Beach, New YorkJuly 1, 2020