Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
1/6/2015Daisy was a stray hungry puppy when she found our family. When she followed my daughter home from school, my first reaction was no way! With a firm voice I told my kids, we are not keeping a Rottweiler, well that was 20 years ago. She taught me my first lesson back then “Never judge a book by its cover”. I remember when Daisy would wait for the kids to come home from school greeting them with her wagging tail and the kids were so happy to see her. Lesson # 2 she made us smile. Lesson # 3 she was better than an expensive alarm system. Lesson #4 she watch over my kids wherever they played. When my grandchildren were born she did the same for them. She jumped into the pool once when the grandkids pretended they were drowning. And she still loved them. She would laid down next to me keeping me company while I would work in my garden. She kept the coyotes away from my chickens at night. She would greet everyone one by one who came to our backyard parties, and stayed up until the last guest left. She taught me so many lessons through the years, always there with her listening eyes. She devoted so many years of love, protection and companionship to our family. So when the time came to say good-bye to our dear old Daisy dog it was a very difficult for all of us, we so selfishly wanted her to stay longer but her old bones were hurting and she was going blind. Daisy passed peacefully on 1/6/15 at home in her comfy bed surround by her human family and her dog-friend Bruce. It was the least we could do for her since she has enriched our lives with her unconditional love. We cried softly watching her take her last breath and we could feel her little soul fly away to heaven. Rest in peace my dear old Daisy, I miss you so very much, your memory will live in our family forever.Cynthia AvilaInland Empire, CaliforniaJanuary 25, 2015
8/9/1999 - 1/24/2014Our sweet girl Roxy,
It's hard to believe a year has passed since we had to let you go. It was the hardest thing we ever had to do and our hearts ache as we miss you each and every day. You added so much joy to our lives and taught us all there is to know about unconidtional love. You were truly the best pet anyone could ask for. So sweet, so lovable, so loyal and eager to please. We can still see you dragging the newspaper up the driveway as a puppy at 10 weeks old and how you ran to the door every single morning to get the news until you finally retired at the age of 13. We were truly blessed to have you in our lives for almost 15 years and will cherish all of the wonderful memories of good times together. You may be gone from our home but you are loved and missed and will be in our hearts forever. Until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge, rest in peace our sweet angel.
Gayle & Dennis, DJ & Krystle DragonMonroe Township, New JerseyJanuary 25, 2015
3/2/1998 - 1/4/2015Dolly passed away at home on January 4th, 2015. She was 16 years old and 8 months. She is survived by her mom Sandy, her grandparents Angelo and Bernice, her aunts Karen and Nancy, her uncle Tom and cousins Tuscany, Roman, Oreo, Junior, Smudge and Lucky. We will miss her very much.Florissant, MissouriJanuary 25, 2015
1/9/2002 - 1/24/2015Nemo passed away in the arms of his grateful family on the morning of January 24, 2015, at the venerable age of 13. In his final months, he braved his many burdens with dignity and poise, but he will be remembered by the many who knew him for the gifts he gave them every day: gentleness to strangers, loyalty to friends, and boundless love for his family. May you find your joy and consolation in the next life, Nemo, for you were ours in this one.Mary Noel McMillianAlexandria, VirginiaJanuary 25, 2015
Sam (sambo, Sammy) Doll
5/16/1997 - 1/15/2015Sam (Sambo, Sammy) Doll, 05/1997 - 01/15/2015

Sam wrapped her paws around our hands and hearts as a catten at the Jacksonville Humane Society, on January 17, 1998. She, of course, knew we were “the ones” for her and wasted no time in quickly adopting us. What we didn’t know is that she (and we) would be blessed with nearly eighteen spunky years of a most full life together, experiencing the joy of her highly energetic playing (feathers, shopping bags, boxes, “mouses”, ping pong balls, wrapping paper, ribbons and bows, milk container rings, upside down umbrellas, Christmas trees); loud purring; closely supervising her parents’ work inside the house; catnip “highs”; enjoying squirrel, bird, and deer theater from every windowsill in the house; nightly lap time; watching over her parents’ sleeping (best accomplished by sleeping with, or on, them); and, serving as the furry alarm clock every morning with a strong set of lungs. Sam yearned to travel at an early age, keeping a suitcase ready with a snack-pack of “mouses” to join her in fantasy adventures (“they fit in a quart-size bag, right?”) (see picture). Participating in an 11-hour hurricane evacuation road trip as a young adult cat, however, was soon followed by an unwavering stay-at-home approach for the remainder of her adult life.

What we also didn’t know during our love-filled years with Sam was that her life would ultimately end with one final adventure, on the most beautiful rainbow. A rainbow is created when very specific conditions exist and interactions occur between light and water. On January 15th, in our home, the water was born of our collective tears—of appreciation and memories of a life that gave unconditional love, and of sadness for a life that will be missed and never replaced. The (sun) light emanated from Dr. Katie, whose unique blend of patience, empathy, compassion, knowledge, and skills, removed the dark. Thank you, Dr. Katie, for the rare and precious gift of holding all of our hearts while escorting our furry child Sam to the Rainbow Bridge.
Karey DollJacksonville, FloridaJanuary 25, 2015
Lexie Marie Wigglenose
7/21/2003 - 1/19/2015Lexie Marie Wigglenose, 2003 - 2015.

It isn't hard to imagine you as an angel - you were Sweetness Incarnate during your time on earth. And such a Daddy's girl, missed so very much by the one who pretended that the doggies were for Mom. We love you and miss seeing your sweet beautiful face every day.
Andrea HolzlerSt. Petersburg, FloridaJanuary 24, 2015
5/17/1997 - 1/16/2015Our dearest Marron,
You were such a gentle and loving soul and you taught us so much in your own special way. You took such good care of us in the 17 and a half years we were blessed with, we are eternally in your debt. We know that you are in a much better place now playing with your beloved tennis ball. :-) You gave us so many great memories to be shared throughout our time together, you loved with all your furry heart! We miss you greatly our dear Marron, may you rest in peace now.
Kate LeonardoOdessa, FloridaJanuary 22, 2015
3/13/2007 - 1/16/2015Dear Koa, our Big Baby Boy. You brought so much love and happiness to us all. It hasn't been a week yet since you have passed but seems forever in our hearts. You loved us all unconditionally and taught us so much. You will be missed every second for the rest of our lives. We hope you are running and playing with all of the others that have passed over to the rainbow bridge. May God bless you and take you under his arms so you can continue to make others happy. You are forever in our hearts our brave Hawaiian Warrior.
A hui hou kakou , Aloha Au la 'Oe
Keith and Phyllis KinneyWesley Chapel, FloridaJanuary 22, 2015
9/30/2000 - 1/14/2015Tish -

It has been a week since I lost my little tub of love. And I am still devastated! I feel sorry for those who don't know the unflinching, undying love of a pet. You are the reason I am still here. In my deepest, darkest days of depression - knowing that no one would take care of you, the way you needed, kept me alive. I thank you for giving me a reason to get up every day. I am so privileged to have been your Mommy. Sadie misses her big sister ignoring her. I am forever grateful that I had you for as long as I did. I can't wait to see you again! I love and miss you...your Mommy
Donea RighterHumble, TexasJanuary 21, 2015
7/1/2000 - 1/12/2015Dear Henry,

I miss you so much. When I go to bed at night I expect to hear the little "pish" as you jump on the bed and it's not there. My heart is just broken. Thank you for adopting me and spending your 14 years with me. You brought me so much laughter and joy and companionship. You are everywhere I look in this house and I so wish you were still here. I miss our piggyback rides after a shower, and I miss you pawing gently at my leg so I'd get a blanket for our cuddles, and I miss you waking me up at 4am for some chicken. I miss your little pink nose that changed from pale pink to deep red depending on your mood. I miss your purr and your stinky kitty breath and watching you wake up from one of your deep dreams only to look around wondering where you are. You're right here with me, and I've got you. I promised, I've always got you, and you'll always be with me, no matter what. I love you, sweet boy, and I'll see you again one day.
Laura TaylorAtlanta, GeorgiaJanuary 21, 2015