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8/8/2006 - 7/28/2020To my precious DemoCAT Dicky, you were and always will be the light of my life. You smoothed all the rough edges and left peace and tranquility in your wake. I miss our “conversations” and your back talk always asking me “why” when I told you no. I miss you sitting in my lap every night watching the evening news and your purring reassurance that everything would be all right. You had a tough introduction to the cruelty that lurks in the real world when you were abandoned in a box with your 3 -week old siblings on a hot South Carolina August day. But you held no grudges and set about to squeeze every drop of living out of your next 14 years. The joy you brought into my life will live on in my memory. This past year was hard for you as you battled lymphoma but you stood up to the trials and discomforts like the Gentleman-cat that you were - always putting on a brave face and making the best out of every day. Your eyes always reminded me that “Today was a Gift”. You have gone on to another plane but you will always be here with me in my heart. I love and miss you so much. I just wish I could put my arms around you and bury my face in your soft sweet fur just one more time. Til we meet again.Rosemary CalhounChapin, South CarolinaJuly 31, 2020
8/1/2010 - 7/26/2020Sadie was and will always be the best and sweetest cat in the world. After a long day at work she gave the best cuddles that cheered you right up, she’d lay on your chest for hours if you’d let her. I miss giving her treats and the occasional chicken filet which she ate up faster than our other babies who still had their teeth. There will never be another cat like Sadie❤️Meghan JamesHamilton, New JerseyJuly 31, 2020
Harley Girl
8/23/2012 - 4/13/2020Harley Girl you will always be the most amazing kiddo a mommy could have even in spirt. My heart and soul are incomplete since your crossing of the Rainbow Bridge. I miss you more than you will ever know and tears run down my face daily. I want you to know these tears today are not only for missing and loving you, but also knowing that you are running and playing with your big brother Colt up there all pain free with no worries in the world. One day we will be together again, then we will be together forever I promise. Till that day comes just know I love and miss you so much - that will never change. I know we only got 2.5 yrs together but they where the best 2.5 yrs I could ever ask for. R.I.P. my Harley Girl :)Brandi ThompsonAvondale, ArizonaJuly 31, 2020
10/30/2005 - 7/26/2020Bruno you will be missed forever our sweet boy. This house is so empty without your little paws walking around from room to room. You were laid to rest in your most favorite spot , in front of the patio door. You loved to sit there for hours just gazing out. You were also one whom did not like the heat, you liked a cool atmosphere vs your Mama, Daddy n sister whom all loved to sun bath. You were the unique one. You were the best buddy ever! My heart is so broken, I am so lost without you! The tears just won’t stop falling. How we wish you were still here. Dr. Jennie was amazing!!! She handled our Bruno with most gentleness. This was the hardest thing ever letting you go our sweet sweet Bruno! You have crossed over the rainbow are now playing hard, no pain, enjoying all the treats your little heart desires. We will forever hold you in our hearts! We love you Brewster!Louise GuerreroLakewood, ColoradoJuly 31, 2020
10/24/2004 - 7/28/2020In late June our sweet Macx suffered a stroke. The month of July was tough for him as he worked to adapt to the changes and continued to decline more each week. On Tuesday evening we said our goodbyes and sent him on his way to heaven with tons of love and lots of tears. We miss his adventurous, watchful, spunky, loyal, Houdini like, guarding personality. Macx was a small dog with a big dog attitude. Most of his neighborhood dog friends were bigger dogs and he thought he fit right in.

Macx always made sure everyone was home and in bed at night. When a family member was gone he would sit at the steps and wait until you told him the missing person was not coming home tonight. When our grandchildren came to visit he would walk around and do bed checks with each of them. Then sleep so he could keep an eye on everyone. When anyone was sick Macx would be right by your side on nursing watch until you were better. Sometimes it felt like he knew when someone was going to be ill before they actually were. He had an amazing sense about him.

Macx was both an independent and stubborn soul and at the same time loving and loyal. When he was younger, he could escape from a fenced yard. We found out he could climb a chain link fence. His nickname became the Canine Cat. He could be aloof like a cat and then a loyal loving dog. He was one smart dog and we loved his unique personality.

Thank you to Laps of Love and Dr. Jessica Bollinger for turning a tough evening in to a loving memorable experience for our family. We know Macx now has his mind and strength back and is enjoying heaven with his many puppy friends and his favorite chicken dinner.
Liz NelsonSt. Paul, MinnesotaJuly 31, 2020
Mia Ramirez
2/7/2006 - 7/29/2020Mia, you are the sweetest little dog ever and I will forever miss you. You were always there for me through the good and bad. I miss you licking my tears when I was sad and really wish you were here to comfort me again. I will never forget how much of an impact you have made on my life. You were my protector and were always by side. I got you when you were just a puppy and was lucky enough to have you for 14 years. Although the time was short and I selfishly wanted to keep you longer, I know you are now at peace. I miss you so much and feel so empty without you. You were my world, heart and soul. I miss you so much and wish that I could keep you forever. Thank you for being my best friend honey bunny, my little bembem, my bug a boo. Love you to pieces and we will see each other again. I hope you are frolicking in heaven playing with unkies and grandpa. Your mommy loves you.Angela RamirezRiverside, CaliforniaJuly 30, 2020
Effie. Ch Spirit’s Seaview Dream Girl
1/29/2007 - 7/29/2020Effie was a beautiful Springer Spaniel who was truly a show girl . Even as age began to catch up with her, she still had that striding out trot that made her a champion. She knew what she wanted and I swear that she had that internal time clock in her head - time to get up, time to eat and time to go to bed. She loved being groomed and was always ready to get up on that grooming table. And last but not least, Effie always fancied herself to be top dog when around friends.Lita PaceLeesport, PennsylvaniaJuly 30, 2020
1/13/2012 - 7/29/2020My dearest Chevelle,

You were one of the most funnest dogs I have ever met. Between you howling when greeting anyone or your love for booty scratches. We got you when you were only 7 weeks old and I remember going to the airport to get you and you were the most perfect little angel. We brought you home to meet your sister Bailey and it was an instant bound. I’ll never forget get you Chevelle, you will always have a piece of my heart. My life isn’t going to be the same without you. I know your no longer in pain and I’m sure great grandpa Louie, Danny and Adam were all their to greet you when you crossed the rainbow bridge. I love you Chevelle.
Lauren HoverTracy, CaliforniaJuly 30, 2020
Kelso (fuzzie) Garcia
9/4/2006 - 7/28/2020Kelso “Fuzzie” Garcia
My hardest goodbye.
9/4/06 - 7/28/20♥️

“Just look inside my heart, you’ll cry.” 💔

Almost 14 years ago, a cream color little ball of fluff came into my life. I knew when I picked him up, he was the one. I knew I’d love him, I just didn’t know at the time how deeply. I didn’t know how much I’d depend on him. How much hugging him and kissing him meant to me. How just seeing his face made me smile. So many precious moments I’ll carry in my heart.
He’d hear me stirring, waking up in the morning, he’d jump up on my side of the bed and lay his head on me. I had to hold his paw when we were in the car driving and he’d curl his paw into my hand, like he was trying to “hold” my hand too. Hundreds of times I’d talk to him, he was a great listener. When he was sleeping, if I spoke to him, I could see the corners of his mouth turn up and he’d smile. I could see the “concern” on his face when he knew I was sad or upset. He became my “anxiety dog” after my sisters sudden death. How much I’d cherish every moment we spent together. It calmed me just having him with me. How much better my life has been with him in it. I never could’ve imagined, when I picked up that cream color ball of fluff that day, he’d change my life forever.
He had so much energy. He was a big fluffy ball of happy, all the time. He had a smile that would make you smile, even on your worst day. The sweetest disposition of any dog anywhere. A heart of pure gold. My best friend. My heartbeat at my feet. Irreplaceable. I honestly can’t remember my life before he was part of it. I can’t imagine how my life will be now that he’s gone. The giant, empty, aching hole that’s left in my heart and life. The hundreds of moments, every single day, that he was part of. They’re empty now. He was with me every moment I was at home. Every room I was in, he was there too. He slept with me, in my room, every night for almost 14 years. The greeting from him every time I came home. I could be gone 12 hours or only 20 minutes, he was excited to see me no matter how long I was gone. He’d howl because his mouth was stuffed with toys, his tail wagging hitting the door, my husband would open the door and Kels ran to my drivers side door with his toy, to say “hi, I’ve missed you, thank goodness your home!” Every night, I’d hear the jingle of his collar when we were sleeping. I’d know exactly where he was in my room. Next to me, flipped on his back against the bathtub, on his bed, or in front of the closet door. When I’d be getting ready in the morning, he’d jump up with his big front feet on the bathroom counter and slurp water from the faucet. He followed me everywhere. He’d always stop when he and I started walking out of a room, pause and look back at me to make sure I was right behind him. He’d do the same thing when we came in from outside. The look on his face when I told him “we’re going to be very busy today”. He just knew it was going to be a fun day, full of adventure. When I’d ask him “are you ready?”, he’d go get his leash because he knew we were going someplace fun. I’ll never forget my daughter and I taking Kels and Norman to FiveGuys for burgers! Norman wasn’t thrilled but Kels loved it! Or how Kels grabbed my daughters quesadilla off her plate! She didn’t appreciate it, but I had to laugh! He gave me thousands of smiles. He knew the difference between my alarm and my husband’s, if it was my husband’s, he’d lift his head, then lay back down knowing we could sleep in that day. My alarm, he knew we were up and at ‘em! The trips to Barton Springs in TX to swim, the first time he played in snow at my moms in TX. He loved it, carried his leash around all day, like “c’mon, it’s the best playground ever!” He loved our visits to our cabin in Blue Ridge. He loved shuffling the fall leaves with his feet when we walked at our cabin. He’d always get jealous when my husband hugged me and he’d shove himself between us. He loved pizza crust, white cheddar popcorn and his “birthday steak dinners”.
If you met him, you’d love him. Everybody’s friend. A “living hug”. My neighbor always said, “he’s the happiest dog I’ve ever seen”. He was.
As the years went by, as expected, he started to slow down. I’d try not to notice his face turning grey, or his birthday’s becoming “double digits”. The panic of finding a “new bump or lump” on him, praying it wouldn’t be serious. In July 2019, sadly, a lump became serious. Agonizing how to move forward, trying to keep “his” best interest in mind, not allowing my “heart” to cloud my decisions regarding his health, we continued onward with love, hopes, prayers and medications.
A few months ago, I could see his health deteriorating. It was heartbreaking to watch. Physically he was declining, mentally he was still a puppy at heart. That never changed, his mind was clear until the end. This 107 pound fluffy, happy, goofy, loving, loyal, sweet boy was starting to go down the path we all fear. I did my best, as always, to give him anything and everything he needed. Cooked for him, vet checks, meds, picked him up to help him stand when he needed it, bought dog socks with rubber bottoms, so he wouldn’t slide on the tile, got a harness with handles to help him in and out if the truck. And of course, lots of hugs and I love you’s. Anything and everything I could think of to help him stay safe and comfortable. He still continued to deteriorate. I couldn’t stop that “train” that was coming. We would hand feed him. Bring him bowls of water. Lift him more and more to help him stand up. I’d frequently sit with him under a tree or on the floor. Just spending time. I was dreading what I knew was happening. I was losing my best friend. It’s been one of the hardest times of my life watching this happening to him, knowing I couldn’t stop it.
I’ve read and I’ve been told by a friend, it’s important not only to give your aging pet the love and care they need, it’s also important to “talk” to them near the “end”. Tell them how much they mean to you and that when it’s “time”- tell them it’s “ok to go”. I’ve talked to him several times the past few weeks reminding him how much he means to me. I’ve told him how much I love him. How much I’ll miss him. How grateful I am he’s been in my life. How much he’s made my life better. How he’s been the BEST dog and BEST friend to me. I told him he can’t be any more to me because he already means the world to me. The words I COULDN’T say to him was, “it’s ok to go.” I know we’re supposed to let them know it’s ok, we’ll be ok if they go. It’s not ok. I’m not ok. I couldn’t say “those words” to him. I thought about what I could say. I told him I don’t want him hurting or suffering. I’ll always need him and love him, and if he’s hurting, if he’s too tired to keep going, when that time comes, he needs to “go find Norman♥️”. I also told him, when it’s my time, I’ll find them both.
I’ll always love my golden boy, I’ll miss him everyday forever and always. He is and always will be, the four-legged love of my life. ♥️K♥️E♥️L♥️S♥️O♥️
Michele GarciaCape Coral, FloridaJuly 29, 2020
8/8/2018 - 7/26/2020Dearest Nike,

Although your life was short lived, you will forever be in our hearts. Thank you for the laughs, the hugs, ripping the napkins, the morning greetings and coming home greetings(I miss this the most). The house feels empty and silent with out you. I miss you dearly, my precious girl. I know you are at peace and running wild and free.


Priscilla and Paulo
Nike SaraviaFullerton, CaliforniaJuly 29, 2020