Pet Memorials
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7/1/1995 - 4/30/2015Phreddie, our good friend and companion of 20 years has gone to Rainbow Bridge-today. To be free, to run and play with with all his special friends and loved ones. There are meadows and hills to run and play and a place where there is no more pain. He came to us 20 years ago when Kristie, our daughter, shared this most beautiful gift. She rescued Phreddie, and all his sisters and brothers, from a box left by some railroad tracks at her work, Simi Winery in Healdsburg California. He changed our life forever.

Those of you receiving our message are our family and friends that know there is no deeper love to have than that of your furry friend. We have shared in each other's losses over the years, and we have always mourned the day we would have to depart from our dear sweet Phreddie. We were blessed with 20 years of love and joy......all these years. This wise old man taught us so much about life, love and sorrow. Our worst fear was how to let Phreddie go with dignity. An angel landed in our home today, Dr. Toby, a stranger before but a friend today, shared such special kindness with us here at home. He lovingly helped Phreddie pass in peace with us holding him close. Dr. Toby Goldman is a very kind and gentle man, a hospice doctor that took us through this journey with peace, love and dignity.

We love you Phreddie always
Love Sally and Mike
Sally DobsonNorth Las Vegas, NevadaMay 1, 2015
7/23/1997 - 4/29/2015Oliver has been our long term blessing and companion from the Lord for almost 18 years. Born in July 1997 in Seoul, Korea he joined our family at 6 weeks old. Since that time he has always brought joy to us and many of our friends and family. He traveled twice from Korea to the USA and has also traveled extensively in the USA with us from Maine to Florida and west to Texas. He adjusted to every move we made, living in more than 8 addresses here and in Korea. We went on daily walks until he became blind about 3 years ago. However, that did not stop his wandering around both yard and home each day.

Oliver! You given us so many wonderful memories and so much love, affection and companionship. The Lord truly blessed us by sending you to be with us and we tried to return your love daily. You will truly be missed until we see you again with the Lord in Heaven.

Love you Oliver....
Gene & Chin NittingerCary, North CarolinaApril 30, 2015
4/28/2015Dearest,sweet, Bruno..our boy..our cabin mascot. How we miss you. I hope you know how much you were loved, the 6 years we had you. You went camping, hiking, swimming- brunopatimus style, ate Chiavetta's chicken on our Sunday drives to look for cabins, went coo coo for ice cream, barked when u were left out, sat at our" parties" around the campfire, dunk your nose in your water dish, always looked back to see if everyone was coming, sst on your stoop, always the last one to leave cabin..the list goes on. U were one in a million. I can't believe you're gone. Ur dish,bed,spots where u lay are sadly empty, but your mama & papa's hearts, are full of love and fond memories of u Bruni,Brunibear, Boo, Brunski, Screwy, Brunsco, B, Sarge - never forget us good boy. Magnus looks for u. The cabin we all spent so much time at, is YOURS. Camp Bruno <3 luv u boy RIP. Ur pain is gone. Sadly- Mama, papa and MagnusKristin ChimeraClarence, New YorkApril 30, 2015
9/7/2000 - 4/29/2014Today marks one year since the passing of our sweet girl, Lexi. Lexi was a devoted companion to my husband long before I was in the picture but it did not take long for me to see that she was a special girl. Lexi was a rescue rottie with the huge heart and funny personality. She was a lazy old girl who enjoyed sun bathing, people watching, her little brother Hank, raw hides, lots of lovin' and FOOD. Not a day goes by that we do not miss that crazy old rot and we will forever cherish our memories.Delisa and Roger OrdronneauCreedmoor, North CarolinaApril 30, 2015
6/25/2000 - 4/26/2015In loving memory of our beloved Pete.
You will be missed!!
Until we meet again...
Maria and Ninno SilvaCoconut Creek, FloridaApril 28, 2015
10/1/2002 - 4/26/2015Yesterday our cherished friend lost his battle with cancer. His passing was peaceful and he was surrounded with love and his family. We could not have pictured a more beautiful passing thanks to Dr Toby. We know Gunner is now out of pain and thriving in his forever life and we know someday we will all meet up again.Missy and Coby Langholz LangholzLas Vegas, NevadaApril 27, 2015
4/26/2015Sparky was a good boy. He had beautiful eyes. Sparky was the Gandhi of cats, so serene and friendly with all the other kitties. He will be missed.Henderson, NevadaApril 27, 2015
9/26/2006 - 4/21/2015Yesterday was the hardest day of our lives, as we sent an angel to heaven. We had "Lap of Love" come to our home and perform the service as we did not want PITA being a in a strange place. We held PITA in our arms and told PITA how much we love him and at approx 645pm PITA earned his wings.
He was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma which is rare to be found in small breed dogs. We went forward and attempted to get treatment for PITA but due to the location of the mass it was inoperable, and even if it was the quality of life he would have had for the short extension was not worth putting him through.
We spent every waking moment possible with PITA during his last days until he finally let us know he was ready.
I’ve been a train wreck of emotions since his diagnosis and made it a point to be with PITA every waking moment possible to share his last days with PITA.
We had PITA from 6 weeks old where he would fit in the palm of my hand, Tanya took PITA home with the “story” that her friend wanted her to watch PITA for a weekend (yeah right) and here it is 9yrs later he was our child.
For those who knew PITA, I am sure you know how much he meant to Tanya and me and especially me as he is a huge part of my life. Those of you who met PITA know how loving he is and always willing and wanting to play, everyone would fall in love with PITA immediately because of his great personality and PITA just being PITA.
You will never leave our hearts, minds, or dreams. We will meet again one day buddy and we will all be back together as a family. Until then watch over Tanya, me, Maci and George and know that Daddy loves you and misses you.
PITA Louis Mauro 09/26/06 – 04/21/15
Damon MauroJacksonville, FloridaApril 27, 2015
11/18/1999 - 4/8/2015Bandit was a part of our family for 15 years and 5 months. He was our companion, listener, protector and best friend. Bandit has given us many fond memories and stories that we will always cherish. Thank you Bandit, we will keep you in our hearts and memories forever. We love you and miss you very much.Ik Chin WilsonLutz, FloridaApril 27, 2015
10/1/1997 - 4/26/2015Sasha was my very best friend in the world. She was constantly by my side and I loved her more than life itself. Sasha wasn't s very playful dog but she loved to run and take long walks. Sasha was treated like a person and never had to worry about anything. She was always protected, loved and taken care of better than most people. Sasha will be missed tremendously. I have cried so many tears for her already and I can't even think of how many more tears there will be. Sasha will always live in my heart and I will love her forever and ever. I hope you are running and playing and your legs are giving you no more pain. I love you sweet baby Sasha❤️❤️ I love you to the moon and back🌙Lisa CrummieMount Holly, North CarolinaApril 27, 2015