Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
7/12/1999 - 5/12/2015Chelsea, for nearly 16 years you gave us your unconditional love. We will remember your energy and sweetness, and your quiet, comforting companionship in your final days. Your absence has left a big hole in our home and hearts. You'll always be our girl and we will forever miss you.Reston, VirginiaMay 14, 2015
5/8/2015My dearest friend of 12 years, you are truly missed every day.Dana FischelHighland, CaliforniaMay 13, 2015
Sammy James
4/22/2000 - 5/9/2015Sammy was the most loving friend, the most loyal companion, the most enthusiastic cheerleader, and the most dedicated (and handsome) family man. Integrated into the history of our family, he lived out the long, happy, active life his little heart deserved. No other dog could fill the void he left on the couch, in my mom’s lap, out on the lawn, and in our hearts. After fifteen years, Sammy’s story has come to a peaceful close, and he is now chasing bunnies and eating meatballs in puppy heaven.Josie SavagianBloomfield Hills, MichiganMay 13, 2015
1/11/2003 - 5/12/2015I will miss you my little Dusty Doodles, and will carry you in my heart every day! You made my life better, and for that I thank you!Jackie TepperLos Angeles, CaliforniaMay 13, 2015
2/14/2005 - 5/11/2015Our dear sweet Sadie...we miss you terribly and are forever grateful for all of the loving ways you touched our lives. You were the most gentle soul. Much more than a dog, you were family. You never failed to make us smile and were always there for us with a gentle gesture. In the early days, you loved to run around in the sprinklers making a huge mess for us to clean up! Cuddling was your specialty...a puppy pillow for the kids. Even at the end of your life you were still spunky chasing after the cats on three legs. Again, never failing to make us laugh. Thank you for telling Grammie it was time for you to give up the fight. You unselfishly held on for us through Mother's Day and "spoke" to her that night to let her know it was were tired and in pain. We hope you are up in heaven chasing those cats and sprinklers (on all four legs) and eating lots of cookies! We will love and miss you forever our Sadie MooJill SchimmingLake Worth, FloridaMay 12, 2015
5/1/1998 - 5/6/2015For 17 years you have brought joy and fun to my life. You were at my side through good days and bad, and I will miss your goofy face and wagging tail at the front door whenever I come home. You will always be my "best boy" and I will keep you my heart forever.Catherine LovelandPittsboro, North CarolinaMay 11, 2015
3/10/2001 - 1/29/2015To Our Sweet Cassidy girl,
You brought so much joy to our lives for fourteen years. You fought the battle of your little life bravely right to the end. We miss your cute little twirls when you saw the treats come out; how you would hide behind a bush waiting for your sister to come walking by then playfully pounce on her. We called you mommy's little shadow because you followed me everywhere. Daddy and I miss your sweet kisses and excited greetings when we return home. Its been five months and I still cry every night for you. You were our faithful and loved companion, a sweet little daughter, and you will be missed for all eternity. We sincerely hope that you are chasing birds and butterflies at Rainbow Bridge, and that you have been healed and are the happy little friend we have loved for fourteen years.
Lynne GibbsLake Tapps, WashingtonMay 11, 2015
Nazca Adah Bean
8/1/2000 - 5/8/2015Today we said goodbye to another loving and faithful companion: Nazca Adah Bean (“Nazca”). Nazca passed quietly at home under the care of ‘Lap of Love’ hospice veterinarian, Dr. Jordan. She was preceded in death by her long-term partner, Lucy, who died the first week of April. After Lucy’s passing, Nazca became very depressed and suffered a mild stroke a couple of weeks later. While she never fully recovered, we have enjoyed her final weeks gently playing with her favorite ball and indulging in ‘wet food’ and extra treats. Miguel and I are fairly heartbroken. It has been a difficult spring for the Winkle-Suarez family, especially with Miguel’s mother’s passing in mid-April: much sorrow, but many memories.Carter and Miguel Winkle-SuarezMiami Shores, FloridaMay 9, 2015
12/17/2000 - 5/7/2015Millie came to our family as a 3-month-old purebred Golden Retriever, literally jumping into our open arms sharing her love and sweetness. She showed this love to us every day of her life, and brought us so much joy. Her favorite things to do were swimming in the ocean and pool, chasing after tennis balls, and playing with us and our other Golden Piper. She loved her "babies" and her favorite SpongeBob toy was a gift from her daddy when she was only 3. She played with SpongeBob until her final days. She also LOVED her Grandma and Grandpa, spending a lot of time with them on their back porch, in her "special Millie spot in the jasmine".
Millie was 14-1/2 years old when she left us, and in the end, her lack of mobility and dementia resulted in us calling Lap of Love. Dr. McDaniel was compassionate and wonderful with her, and her passing was peaceful and memorable. Although our hearts are breaking without our Millie, we will forever be changed because of the love and tenderness she brought into our lives.
Shelley King RogersPlant City, FloridaMay 8, 2015
1/1/2000 - 5/5/2015Darkness, my baby girl, was a such a sweet, precious lady who would converse incessantly with anyone. She wanted to talk with everyone and be a part of the party. She supported my spirit through some of the rough transitions, always by my side bringing plenty of meows and joy through the best and worst of times. Adorable, affectionate, lady-like and even dainty, she was a love-muffin who melted many hearts with her voice and kitten-like presence. I miss you terribly Darkness and thank you for spending your life with me. I know you are too much of a princess to be roughing it in kitty-Valhalla with the Valkyries. That is why I asked Bast to watch over you- because you deserve nothing less than royalty.Naomi TellezChicago, IllinoisMay 8, 2015