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Mr. Cookie
11/11/2006 - 5/27/2020It took me a while write this memorial, lost Mr. Cookie has been one of the hardest moments in our family. Help him to cross the rainbow bridge was the most difficult decision to make, even if we knew that was the right one. We used to say that Mr. Cookie was a force of nature because that sweet, old, chubby beagle boy always got what he wanted from us. We tried to be firm and then he would come with those shinny eyes and that smiling face and we couldn't help but to do what he wanted... either another treat or keep walking under the rain or get back home after a small walk because he was hungry. He was included in all our family activities in one way or another; he truly was another family member. He changed our lifes forever and he will be always in our hearts. We loved him beyond words.Herminia GiranOcoee, FloridaJune 6, 2020
7/4/2006 - 6/4/2020Cookie was a very special girl and she will forever live in the hearts of all who knew her. We have been so blessed to have her loving companionship for almost 15yrs. She was beautiful. We raised her with our sons and she was the daughter we never had. I’m sure Cookie has found a happy place in doggy heaven, where she will join our previous dogs, Angel & Brooklyn. And where her surrogate son, Mattis, will one day join her.JAMES RAMIREZValrico, FloridaJune 6, 2020
11/7/2013 - 6/4/2020After 13 years of loyal love to our family we had to say goodbye to our beloved Olive. The past few months have been hard. Watching our pet lose her vibrancy, health, and mobility. In the end it was time to say goodbye and save her the decision because she was too brave to leave us. Our family surrounded her at the end and if tears are a measure of how much someone/something is loved its safe to say Olive was loved VERY much.
Sharman has lost her 'girl' and our family lost its one constant happy presence. We all have bad days or bad moments that the rest of the family have to dance around...Not Olive. Olive was always around with a wag of a tail, a greeting at the door, and as a shadow as we go about our days. Our pets are a constant positive in our lives and it makes them that much harder to say goodbye to when the time comes.
Olive spent her entire life watching Reece and Mikayla grow up. Her entire life devoted to our family with no real expectations in return for her love. IF you knew her, or had a pet that you have had to say goodbye to it would be nice to have you share here so we can feel some peace at this tough time.
We will all miss you Olive! I pray there is a dog heaven and you are swimming there now...chasing a stick or enjoying a treat.

With love, the McAllister family.
Robert McAllisterSEATTLE, WashingtonJune 6, 2020
6/3/2013 - 6/2/2020To Phoebe - "Pheebs", my Buddy, my Confidante, my Rescuer ~~~

I have a hole in my heart where you left: YOUR …
sweetest love, your shrill bark and your ' woo woo woo ',
your scruffiness, your heart of a lion,
your always wanting to be close,
your live to walk and eat cookies ~ ….SELF

Happy Trails My Baby Girl XOXOXO
Amy GregorasAtlanta, GeorgiaJune 5, 2020
7/28/2007 - 7/28/2019To our little peanut, our always "pitten", our sweet Angel (Sunshine) 🌈 Thank you for blessing our lives for the 12 years we were yours & for the joy you brought into them. While we thought your weight loss, inappetence, & general health decline was related to possible IBD or Lymphoma, maybe something we could treat, we weren't prepared to learn that you had the "wet" form of FIP 💔 To say that we were shocked is an understatement. We wish we could have had more time with you, but knew things were advancing quickly & were only going to continue to go downhill. You were so brave the last few weeks with us, but had endured enough. There was only one gift left we could give you, the gift of freedom from a body that was failing. Rest well now, our precious Angel, our always pitten. We miss & love you always.Patty LaQuayMonroe, North CarolinaJune 5, 2020
12/27/2007 - 6/3/2020Zona Bona was the sweetest pup we could ever ask for. From the first night I met my husband, Zona was there to rope me in with her big kisses and wagging tail. She was there for every high and ever low, and I really don't think we could have gotten through our worst day without her love.

We had two dogs for the last 6 years and although people were nervous about Zona when we went on walks because she is a pit bull, as soon as they would approach us they realized she was the sweetest and it was the doxin whose intimidating.

Zona never realized her size and constantly thought she was a lap dog. One night she refused to accept she wasn't a lap dog and sat right on top of me all night. I couldn't stop laughing so I just let her continue to sit there.

Zona will hold a special place in our hearts forever! We didn't deserve her but were so lucky to have had the time with her. See you on the other side of the rainbow bridge Zona Bona!
Cori WeltyTampa, FloridaJune 5, 2020
6/1/2004 - 1/10/2020Syren was very independent and kept to herself, but when she loved, she loved hard. She was feisty in her own way, and had a unique infatuation for plastic bags. She enjoyed head scratches (only) and kept you company while you cooked, always hopeful for food to fall on the floor. The sound of her meows in the morning are greatly missed.Justine MatiasNew Rochelle, New YorkJune 5, 2020
8/8/2006 - 6/4/2020To my beloved Tyson,
Thank you so much for the many years of love and loyalty you were the best most loving dog we could have asked for you and you fought hard throughout your last few days your presence in our home will be forever missed we love you woobie!!
Nicole TortNew Kensington, PennsylvaniaJune 5, 2020
Danielle M Marasco
Cali, Coco, BoBo, crossed the rainbow 🌈 bridge. Our hearts are broken 💔. She has been absolute love of our life. She gave the best snuggles 🥰 and kisses. She is an amazing singer aka the WoWos. She will join her sister Foxy because All Dogs Go to Heaven. Till we meet again my special girl. ❤️Danielle and Craig MarascoEwing Township, New JerseyJune 5, 2020
5/9/2010 - 6/3/2020Loved this little girl so much - goodbye too soon.Cyndi BloiseJefferson Hills, PennsylvaniaJune 5, 2020
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