Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
10/26/2007 - 9/25/2020Maggie was the light of our lives. She came to us at eight weeks old and became the center of our world. It seems weird to say that about a golden retriever, but it’s true. Everyone who met her fell in love.

She went for a swim on her last day. Slowly and gently walked down into the river and floated around for a while. I think she knew it was her last. ❤️

No more words. Just tears.
Susan Stewart-KelleyHampton, VirginiaSeptember 27, 2020
3/19/2020 - 9/24/2020Hamilton,

Thank you for being our friend. You are going to be missed and we still haven't vacuumed the fur yet. We realize that will be futile and understand that your plan was to be with us forever in one way or another.

Thank you for doing such a good job of caring for your humans
Thank you for the joy you brought every day
Thank you for allowing us to be your humans
Thank you for your Oooh-oooh and smiles

Thank you for giving Kim a friend to feed, baby, and potty every morning.

Your family
Peter StephensWixom, MichiganSeptember 26, 2020
9/8/2009 - 9/17/2020Our little Daisy went over the rainbow bridge to be with her other friends who have passed on: Misty, Stella, Bubba, Abigail, Sophie, Arthur, Kipi, Cleo, and so many more that touched her lives and ours. It was very sad. We had Lap of Love come to the house and administered the drugs needed to make it painless for her (not for us). Hopefully, she won't drink much scotch in heaven (she loved to drink out of Tom's cup) And if I go to heaven, she better be there, or me and God will have some words.Barbara & Tom LasserCharlotte, North CarolinaSeptember 26, 2020
Sweet Pea
My boy. I'm hurting so much, with you gone. You are what made our house a home. Such a big personality, you've filled every room and all our hearts with your presence and now we have a hole in our family. I pray that you are with God, at peace, and that someday I'll get to lovingly cuddle with you again. All your unconditional love is tremendously missed. And I hope you know how very much I love you, and will miss you forever.Janice CarterFranklin, TennesseeSeptember 26, 2020
7/6/2005 - 9/24/2020From mom:
Had to say goodbye yesterday to my best kitty friend in the whole wide world, Abby.

I remember our first night in my Stockton apartment together as a kitten, you were cuddled up next to me in my bed, I told you “the only person you have to love is me, no one else” and you did just that for 15 great years girl. You eventually let Nick into your life as well-after some heavy hazing of going to the bathroom on his clean laundry, suitcases, and work papers...(glad you always spared my stuff-thank you for that)

You were with me through so many big things in my life, always there for me, just wanting to be loved and pet. I’ll never forget you laying on my chest, taking a nap, nick walked by and said “I’ve never seen a cat love someone so much, she’s your best friend”. It was so true, and reciprocal.

I’m going to miss our almost daily naps together, you waiting by the laundry room door for me to get home from work, and my 6 am alarm clock (sometimes your timing was off and it was 4 am) waking me up for what I like to tell myself was waking me up bc you didn’t want me to sleep in for work—but mostly because you wanted to be fed.

Thanks for the great 15 years-you were such a strong kitty-thanks for being perfect and being my best friend—love you little girl! You were strong as hell with all odds against you! Love you! 💛

From dad:

So with all these thoughts of Abby in my head I want get them down so they don’t keep cycling over and over. At least I hope.

You were not my cat. You were Katie’s partner in crime but you did let me in after a year. Lol. And lot of pee on my stuff.

You were there when I spent late nights writing all the versions of American Muscle, when I woke up at 4am and came up with the outline I looked up to see you.When I was writing papers for my MFA I would look over and you be there.
When my job turned its back on me and I had to pull myself together it was the pets to you that calmed me down and let me push forward.

And all you ever wanted in return was to be left alone. Lol. And some pets.

But like I said you were your mama’s cat and you always had her back and were always there for her.

You can rest now baby girl, I got mom from here.
Katie HutchingsSan Jose, CaliforniaSeptember 26, 2020
6/29/2008 - 9/24/2020Lux was a great part of our lives! He will be missed dearly. We are comforted knowing he lived a great life and gave us and our family and friends SOOOOO MUCH joy! I'm sure he is having a ball in dog heaven. Rest up my friend. We all love you so!LaShaun JacksonOrland Park, IllinoisSeptember 25, 2020
10/18/2003 - 9/25/2020You have given us 17 years of companionship and fun. Life without you will be so strange.It has only been 1 day since you left but it seems like forever to us. I know you are in a better place and pain free which is all I can ask. Be well my buddy.CLARA LYALLCHIICAGO, IllinoisSeptember 25, 2020
9/24/2020Winnie was the happiest little dog ever. Each morning she was so excited to wake up and have her new day. It was infectious. She also was a brave little one trying to keep close and giving lots of kisses and love during her cancer ordeal this past 6 months. It was so hard but I was grateful to Laps of Love to give me such a peaceful and loving end to my girl. She was comfortable and with me the entire time. I have two other dogs who are a little at odds right now. She was small but left a great hole in our lives. I'm happy her painful journey is over.Laura WoodallIndianapolis, IndianaSeptember 25, 2020
3/25/2001 - 9/13/2020Bogie, you were small but so incredibly loving. Your loud Siamese meow and constant snuggles warmed the hearts of many. The hole in my heart after your passing is large, but knowing you had a beautiful, long life full of 20 years of memories makes it a little bit easier. You always knew when I was sad, upset and just needed some Bogie cuddles. Thank you for being a constant in my life the past 20 years. There will always be a divide of life with Bogie and then life after Bogie. Your brother is busy keeping me company but he misses you as well. I miss you every day little one.Steffanie BartholmeSan Diego, CaliforniaSeptember 25, 2020
7/11/2012 - 9/23/2020Lowlie Bowlie - God had a plan when created you, and I am so grateful he led me straight to you. We got to spend wonderful years together and everyday we got to enjoy that big smile you always had on. We will miss your sneaky sock stealing, and playing hide and seek. We loved it when you’d get a burst of energy and go tearing around the backyard as fast as you could. Or how you’d take off running after a good belly rub. Or hand us your paw and ask for more scratches. We loved every wrinkle on the beautiful face, and squishy neck rolls too. We are going to miss your baby soft fur under our hands. Even your snoring that we often complained about, I’d give anything to hear it now. When the day comes to see you again we will never be parted. We love you so much. See you in the blink. Love, Mom, Dad, Mom-Jane and the kids.Jane NelsonDelray Beach, FloridaSeptember 25, 2020