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11/6/2014 - 4/5/2020Mackey was the sweetest boy EVER! He was so easygoing and fiercely loyal. We got Mackey about a month after we got married and he transitioned with us through an apartment, a town home, our first home, two surgeries, a pregnancy, a move to Indiana, infancy, toddlerhood, and all of the ups and downs in between.

Mackey was diagnosed with lymphoma on 1/28/2020. Shortly after, we had him enrolled in a clinical trial at Purdue for the CHOP protocol. He initially responded very well, demonstrating a decrease in size of his lymph nodes. However, one day, we noticed his lymph nodes were bigger. We weren't even halfway through the CHOP protocol. We tried a couple other drugs, but each one seemed to work less than the previous. On Friday of this past week, Mackey seemed tired. Not in pain, but just tired. His lymph nodes were the biggest we'd seen them, but he was still acting okay. On Saturday, everything changed. He was panting aggressively with ANY type of movement and coughed whenever he ate. He tried to jump up on our bed, a task he had done millions of times over the past 5 years, and failed. He fell backward onto the floor and I could tell he had lost his fight. He was restless and anxious and I couldn't do anything to help him.

So, on Sunday, April 5th, Dr. Amy came to our house to give our sweet baby some relief. To set him free from his cancer and from his suffering. He fought until the very end and then died a dignified, peaceful death in the presence of the people who loved him most.

Mackey- run free, my sweet boy. We will never forget you and can't wait to meet you at the rainbow bridge. Thank you, my loyal companion. You were everything right with this life.
Rachel DemerlyWhitestown, IndianaApril 7, 2020
8/1/2008 - 4/3/2020We miss you so much Bindi. Your energy and personality were so much fun. You ALWAYS had something to say and loved every person, dog or other living creature you met.Emily SinghShoreline, WashingtonApril 7, 2020
6/15/2004 - 4/1/2020Goodbye sweet little Muffin aka Spaceship Minst. Good Mews Animal Shelter said you were special needs, but you were just special. It took a long time for you to come out of your shell, but then you ran with your newfound personality for almost 16 years.

I'll never forget you greeting us with your trademark "double meow" after months of hiding behind the TV or washer/dryer out of fear. Or the time you ran up the stairs, hopped onto our bed, gently stuck your paw into my maw, and let me know it was time for your breakfast. Or the the time you went nose to nose out of curiosity with a female deer that sauntered into our backyard. So many wonderful moments.

Stephanie and I are thankful we both were home with you during your final days. You always had a strong will to live, but it was finally time for you to beam back up to your spaceship. Sparkle like brittle stars Minst.
Andy RennerAtlanta, GeorgiaApril 6, 2020
Molly Mcbutter
2/15/2005 - 3/30/2020Although it took a few weeks for her to settle down to life off the track, Molly was a calm, graceful (almost too classy to relieve herself in public !), super cute, and always loving dog. My wife and I adopted Molly in 2009 after she retired from racing, and we are so happy we were able to share the 2010’s with her. She provided us a loving companion through thick and thin. She helped us learn how to bring life into the world, and provided us companionship and a reason to get outside as we moved to different neighborhoods in Chicago. In her younger days she loved to run, attend greyhound meetups, and walk around the neighborhood. She would perk up when we cooked and always hustled for some of the spoils. Now sadly she is teaching us how to cope with the other end of life. We are so sad that she can’t be with our family for more of the 2020’s, however we are grateful for the time we shared with her.Oliver ShieldsChicago, IllinoisApril 6, 2020
Miss Lemon (missy)
4/29/2006 - 3/30/2020We were fortunate enough to adopt Missy into our household. She immediately became part of the family and went on camping trips to the Oregon Coast and beyond with the family and became part of the pack along with her Aunt Happy. She made the long driving trip down to our house in Arizona twice a year to enjoy some of the desert warmth in the spring and fall. She even went with us to the Grand Canyon. She was such a sweet soul and very much required a gentle hand. She needed us as much as we needed her! For years and years we walked the mile loop around our neighborhood come rain or shine and through it all we gave Missy lots of love and attention.

Later in life we enjoyed her as she turned into our "Grandma Dog". She slowed down, slept a bunch, but she loved her food and lots of back and belly rubs. She especially loved it whenever the BBQ was rolled in to action as she knew something good would happen. By the way, she preferred her steak to be medium rare.

We found Sandy at K9Aquatics and introduced Missy to "swim lessons" which were a wonderful way for her to be able to exercise and feel free of the pains of old age. It was so fun watching her swim but she made her daddy walk circles around the pool so that she would follow. We also found Dr. Braun and did some acupuncture which helped a bit to relieve the aches as well.

Missy had lots of interesting traits. One of the funniest was that she would lick the ears of our other Old English Sheepdog (Happy). Happy would moan in delight. I took the dogs to their annual checkup at the vet and he remarked that Happy's ears were spotless. I'd like to think that Missy was being loving and compassionate, but I suspect that the earwax just tasted good!
Jeff BaucumSammamish, WashingtonApril 6, 2020
4/15/2004 - 3/27/2020Almost 16-years ago, the Universe sent me the greatest gift I’ve ever known. His name is Tyler. He was not even 12-weeks old when he came into my life. He had been abandoned at birth and found out back of a house with no food, shelter or love. I took him in…not intending to keep him since I already had 3 others. But I fell in love with him instantly and he’s been my constant companion ever since.

Tyler is positively the most loving and gentle creature to ever walk the earth. He has never been even remotely aggressive with another dog, animal or human. His favorite thing to do is to chase the ball at the park and meeting and hanging around people.

Tyler has enriched my life in ways I can never fully describe and makes me want to be a better person. He is an unconditional lover of all and is my greatest teacher. I have never loved harder or more completely nor been loved so unconditionally.

Today, on a chilly, but beautiful, sunny afternoon outside at the park and surrounded by friends who love him, I said goodbye to him so that he could start the next part of his journey…until we meet again.
Mike MolinaSalt Lake City, UtahApril 5, 2020
10/15/2007 - 4/1/2020In loving memory of our little brown dog, Nico.
A little brown dog who loved to walk, hike, and run
A little brown dog who loved to lay around in the sun
A little brown dog who loved his owl toy
A little brown dog who brought his family nothing but joy
A little brown dog so full of love
Now watches over us from heaven above.
Erica BornhoftHolbrook, New YorkApril 5, 2020
9/21/2007 - 4/4/2020Lucy, we will love you always and cherish the love and friendship you gave. We had over 12 years of companionship with our beloved Lucy. We feel your absence with every little thing. Putting ice in a glass, you’d be waiting for your ice cube. Walking in the door and hearing you getting off the couch to greet us. Making our morning shakes, you’d eagerly await your spinach, carrots, and bananas. Going to bed and helping you jump up into the bed so you could plop down on one of our pillows. The list goes on and on. We miss you dearly and will never forget you or how much joy you brought to our lives. We are grateful that we got to spoil you one last time with your own bacon, cheeseburger and fries, puppy sundae with ice cream, bananas, and biscuit crumbles, a trip to the forest preserve for some sniffs, and some cuddles on the couch. We are thankful that you got to rest peacefully next to a warm fire and your favorite toys. We love you so much.Tim HarrisonChicago, IllinoisApril 5, 2020
6/10/2020 - 4/1/2020Goodbye my little girl. You made us laugh you made us cry but most of all you protected us with all you had. You were given a bum rap with your knee surgery, hip dysplasia , arthritis and cancer. But you were a warrior right up to the last minute. You didn’t like other dogs but you loved people and loved visitors. I never got to eat the crust of my pizza because you were drooling at my feet waiting. You never liked the Chinese delivery person. The poor guy would ring the doorbell and run to the driveway. The Fedex driver wasn’t to fond of your growling either and the landscapers thought you were Cujo. If they only knew you like I did. The dog that slept at my feet and then by my side in bed. Yesterday was sad and weird not seeing you here. Today was a little better but it will never be the same. Say hello to your brothers in heaven and I’ll see you soon. I may look older but with your scent you’ll know me in a second. Be a good girl God is watching.
Love Daddy Jim.
James RacioppiEast Hanover, New JerseyApril 5, 2020
1/8/2020 - 4/2/2020She wasn’t just a dog to me she was my ❤️Buddie ❤️ forever and always. I know that she is waiting for me in my mansion in Heaven. She gave me joy when I needed it most. She gave so much love to me and I gave a lot of love to her back. I will see you soon. ❤️🐾🌹Matthew WesterfieldPalm Beach Gardens, FloridaApril 4, 2020
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