Pet Memorials
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5/31/2009 - 8/10/2020My beautiful, fearless angel who had the biggest heart in the world is leaving me. She has been by my side for the past five years through tons of heartache and stress and always put a smile on my face. From the moment I saw her face on the adoption site, I fell in love. She loved to hug, (embarrassing but endearing when she would approach a complete stranger and love all over them) loved to chase geese when she could see and ...even after she lost her sight, she still was brave enough to run and even learned how to swim. She traveled across the country with my niece and I, and took pleasure exploring each state and new hotel room without fear (except when driving over the dividers on the highways)! More than a dog - she was the textbook definitions of courage, loyalty, strength, humor, trust and love. Being sightless didn’t ruin her, in fact she was able to find things that even Ginger couldn’t. I always said she’d be the one who led me to a dead body - and she did- thankfully just unfortunate rats in the park! She put every ounce of trust in me without fear, as I did with her. She was my rock, and Ginger’s too. I truly hope and pray there is a heaven and if so, I hope she can see and run again. No one deserves happiness more than she does. Run free- find Duke -he’s waiting for you. Thank you for being the most wonderful, treasured gift I could ever ask for. The kindest and gentlest soul. Goodbye my little girl. Miss you already.Henderson, NevadaAugust 11, 2020
6/12/2006 - 7/26/2020Lucy
Our sweet girl,
What a blessing you have been.
Though we supposedly rescued you,
The real rescuing was your rescue of
You brought joy and comfort to our
Troubled hearts.
Thank you for your steadfast love and
Thank you for the snuggles and
Thank you for being a sweet treasure
We could love and care for when we
Couldn’t figure out how to love and
Care for ourselves.
God’s grace, mercy and love
Were at work when He brought us
All together to be a family, to heal
brokenness and fill the empty
Now, as you gently pass, we say
Goodbye to our dear Lucy, but we’ll
Always keep in our hearts our
Special forever memories.
Rest In Peace sweet girl.

Lucy, you are physically no longer with us but you will always be in my heart. Thank you for picking me to be your daddy. I never knew having a dog could be such a lesson in love. I never knew unconditional love. You taught me more about love than any person. I’m hurting right now. I know eventually the pain will subside. But, I need you to know that Daddy loved you so, so much. He never loved like that before you and will likely never love that way again. You will always be my sweet girl! I hope you are running and rolling and eating and having fun at the rainbow bridge. I’m so sorry that you got sick and we were unable to help you get well. I miss you so much!!!! No baby girl to be happy when daddy comes home. That kills me, but I would rather carry that pain than for you to suffer another moment. Daddy cries every day because he misses his sweet Lucy! If there is an afterlife and I can somehow squeak by I will meet you at the rainbow bridge. I’m looking forward to holding you, petting you, kissing your sweet cheek, rubbing behind your ears and your chest. You were always the best girl. You just wanted to be a good girl and you were. Rest In Peace my sweet Lucy!
Mark and Kathy BrewerKnoxville, TennesseeAugust 11, 2020
1/3/2000Bless you my little buddy...
Margaret was an amazing cat that was so full of love.
He will be deeply missed. You almost made it to 21 buddy..
Say hi to Julie you cousin for me. I miss you both dearly.
David HagleSan Diego, CaliforniaAugust 11, 2020
5/24/2002 - 8/8/2020Sashi, Mami will always love you! I know you are now resting. No more pain, no more itchiness, you can now not only walk but fly as well. Te amo con todo mi corazón.Eyda AlvarezBoca Raton, FloridaAugust 11, 2020
12/2/2007 - 8/8/2020Riley left this life surrounded by the people who loved him, after sweet 12 years. His favorite pastimes were “snuggles” (especially with his dad), playing hide and seek or keep away with Miles (his fur brother), and sunbathing. He was happiest at home - never walking away from the house and always running back. We were grateful to have more time with him over the past several months - he kept mom company everyday she worked from home. He will be deeply missed and will always be in our hearts.Elisa ZygmuntSpringfield, PennsylvaniaAugust 11, 2020
8/8/2020To our sweet Libby girl, you will always be in our hearts. You blessed us with so much love in the short time we had you and we will forever be thankful for that time. I know you are at peace and comfortable in your new forever home.Katie MaassenSaint Charles, MissouriAugust 11, 2020
7/3/2020 - 7/30/2020Daisy, we will always remember the day we “rescued” you 14 years ago. You had to “win” over Mom and that you did. From that day forward you followed us around, sat with us on the sofa, slept with us in the bed (under the covers) and brought us more joy than we could ever imagine. We will always remember:
• Your dislike for baths…but loved to wear your bandanas (we called them “prettys”) after your baths.
• Your love for “Daisy cheese” (American cheese) or any other human food that you could convince someone to give you.
• Your indifference to other dogs barking…..what’s that noise? I’m a human!
We love you Daisy…we will never forget all of the happiness that you brought to our family.
Michele GehrtWoodbury, MinnesotaAugust 10, 2020
2/23/2009 - 7/10/2020Baby Foxy girl, you have no idea how much you will be missed. You truly were the best pup in the whole world. I miss your good morning kisses, and giving you belly rubs every time I came home. Thank you for being the most loyal, loving, and amazing dog a person could ever ask for. You weren't just a pet, you were a member of the family and your paw print will forever be stamped on all of our hearts.Stephanie HeathEwing, New JerseyAugust 10, 2020
12/15/2006 - 7/31/2020I see that loving look you have, you carry it in your eyes
When I say, "Let's take a walk," you dance before the skies
Of all the dogs we have on earth, you seem to be a star
A star whose heart is just so large, it shines from afar
You had a really wonderful life, you gave us that as well
We will miss you, sweet big dog, my aching heart does tell
Eileen ThorpeValley Springs, CaliforniaAugust 10, 2020
5/23/2002 - 8/8/2020Sashi, Mami te extraña con todo su corazón. Te amaré por siempre. Hasta que nos volvamos a ver mi bebe.Eyda AlvarezBoca Raton, FloridaAugust 10, 2020