Pet Memorials
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4/23/2005 - 6/25/2020Our sweet little girl gained her wings on June 25, 2020. She gave our family 15 years of love, excitement and puppy kisses. Sammie loved chicken, treats, walks and chasing creatures around the backyard. She hated snuggles, vegetables and when we put her in the pool. She once dug under our fence and ate out of our next door neighbor’s dog bowl. She would occasionally get loose and sprint around the neighborhood after a scent. She was beloved by all and had a presence in our home and family that will be deeply missed. I am sure there are tons of squirrels to chase in doggy heaven, and lots of little girls like our daughter to drop food on the floor. If it’s possible to howl so loud that it can transcend heaven and Earth, my money is on this girl to do it. We love you always Samantha “Sammie” Doo Storts 🐶❤️ @ Carrollwood , Tampa , Florida.Marybeth StortsTampa, FloridaJune 28, 2020
6/7/2006 - 6/13/2020My sweet Belle Belle was the best girl in the world!! And I made sure to tell her everyday! She was my snuggler, she loved eating mulch and giving big kisses with her pink tongue. Belle liked being the boss and running the show. She was loving, spunky and barked like a seal. Her determination to connect and live brought her through several health challenges. Belle was introduced to her wheels in 2015 and never looked back! She enjoyed snuggles, social doggie events with her friend Punkin and swimming in her life jacket. She would greet us with what sounded like a hello! Belle was the finest gift opener and her favorite toys were her brother’s monkey and her pacifier. Grandma would help Belle get her daily exercise in and Belle loved her Treatie Grandma. Belle’s Grandpa was an essential hand in providing Belle’s care. He always showed up when she needed it. He took her to physical therapy where she was more interested in the warm towels rather than the exercises. Belle’s presence was warm and comforting. Her intuitive nature made her my sweetest girl. Belle is now with her brother Ivan, snuggling him close and cleaning his ears.

I miss my sweet Belle Belle so so much!
Melanie TothWesterville, OhioJune 28, 2020
3/22/2009 - 6/26/2020Pretzy Pants, we'll miss you so much. You were the best companion anyone could have ever had. We'll miss your affection and love, your kisses, your cuddles, your soft fur, your purr. You were such a good girl til the end. I'm so sorry cancer caused you so much pain so quickly. You were our sunshine.Elaine AchenbachThousand Oaks, CaliforniaJune 28, 2020
Texas And Blanch
Best friends forever. ❤️Hessy DermanBoca raton, FloridaJune 28, 2020
Sallie O'malley
10/9/2007 - 6/12/2020Sallie O'Malley, there is so much I could say, she was my buddy, Sallie took care of me despite her own illness after my husband passed away on May 24th. Sallie did everything to hide the fact that she was suffering, because she knew I was heartbroken, and I knew I had to watch out for her because Sallie was struggling with kidney disease and it's complications. I had to make a very hard decision, and I had to let Sallie go. Sallie was so special to us, her love for us and her sister Mary Katherine Gallagher who had passed two years previously. Sallie was never boring, and she liked her routine. When my husband took his life unexpectedly, both of our routines where broken. I know Sallie ran across that rainbow into my husband's arms with Gallie too. Now my loves are up in heaven, and I just will carry them all in my heart.Darla KilroySalem, MassachusettsJune 28, 2020
11/8/2002 - 6/25/2020Zoe you were the best dog ever! You helped me through all my struggles in life. You loved me unconditionally. You were so excited when I came home. Kids don't get excited like that! Im going to miss you more than you will know. I hope your in Heaven with Kevin with your nose to the ground hunting those rabbits!Valerie BurchNapled, FloridaJune 28, 2020
2/12/2020 - 6/21/2020Sophiegirl we miss you every is impossible to know how to be here without you. You gave us unending joy and laughter and never ever, in 13 years, had an accident in the house. A true lady of the south. I find some comfort in the hope you are running and playing with Hank who left us too soon last year. Love MommyCaroline WardSt. James, New YorkJune 27, 2020
10/30/2001 - 6/26/2020This is our baby boy Weezer. He lived for 18 plus years, but still not long enough. He was not a dog, but our baby. He made our lives complete and filled our hearts with love and joy. He recently became ill, and we sadly knew his time had come. We had to be unselfish and think of him and decided to let him pass over the Rainbow Bridge. It was with such heavy hurting hearts but with love and respect for our boy we knew we had to say goodbye. We wanted his passing to be at home in our bed, his bed surrounded by those who loved him and he loved. Dr. Mandi came to our home and with compassion and love she helped our baby cross over. I kissed him and told him just how much he was loved and he was taking a piece of my heart with him. I told him I will always love and remember him and cherish our years together. I thanked him for sharing his life with us. Weezer is at peace but still in our hearts now and forever.Pamela TroutNewark, New YorkJune 27, 2020
6/1/2008 - 6/16/2020Doogie,
You were there for us always, to protect us, to comfort us, to show us unconditional love. You are always going to be a part of this family. The boys and I will miss you terribly. We will miss your beagle-howl, how excited you were whenever we walked in the door, how you always wanted us to pet you more and wouldn't think twice about nudging your snout under our hand. We will miss your velvety soft floppy ears and watching them go crazy when you ran around, and we will miss though puppy dog eyes that made me absolutely melt EVERY SINGLE TIME. We will miss you cozying up with us in bed or on the couch and falling asleep. You were the best dog we could have EVER asked for, and hope you know how much we love you.
Rest now my boy, you helped this family grow up and learn how to love.
We love you Doogie,
The Gross boys
Christian GrossSicklerville, New JerseyJune 27, 2020
8/6/2007Tux was a big sweet heart. he was so very kind gentle and just a big furry bundle if joy.
I got him and his life long companion close to the same time. I had always wanted a sheep dog because of their loyal and sweet personality.
He was a very happy dog. 2 years ago he was diagnosed with cancer. He never
let that slow him down until the past few months. we lost Abby a few months ago and sence then
Tux seemed to go down hill quickly. He lost the use of his back legs and we knew it was time to let him go and be with Abby.
Rest in peace big boy and run free with Abby
Jim Cadmushouston, TexasJune 27, 2020