Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
4/29/2008 - 9/17/2020Sweet Sophia, you are missed so much already. You held such a special place in our hearts and were such a sweet girl. I wish for you an eternity of happiness and days filled with sunshine. Thank you for being such a good girl and loving us like you did.Krystal BowmanBrighton, MichiganSeptember 18, 2020
7/23/2001 - 9/16/2020Sami - I want to thank you for being the best kitty in the whole world. I will always love you, and I will always honor your memory, by going out there and taking life by the horns. I will never forget your soft, gorgeous coat, your sweet purr, nor your plaintive howl, little baby! Rest in peace, my little love!Clarice RossLong Beach, CaliforniaSeptember 18, 2020
2/14/2010 - 9/14/2020Kobi was the best pet/friend I have ever experienced. He was loving and protective of me always but especially after I got sick. I rescued him and then he rescued me. He was full of love. I miss him very much.Bert OrtizLongwood, FloridaSeptember 18, 2020
9/1/2009 - 9/17/2020My Boy.

I don’t know where to begin. I suppose I start with what matters most: I love you. There’s a point where a dog stops being a pet. There is no master. You were never mine in that regard. But we’ve always had each other. Never my pet. You were so much more. You were my loyal companion. Always with me. Always you and me against the world. We both came from something. We both had baggage. You were dumped on the mean streets of East St. Louis, the smallest of your cruel pack, who wouldn’t let you eat. You were emaciated. You had ring worm, heart worm, homeless people threw bottles at you, shot at you. You were scared and alone. But you survived.

Me? I had my own run, my own challenges, my own turns of fate, my own choices. But. We both escaped unhappy situations and started over. Started fresh. Together. We pushed forward into this crazy, unknown world. You, always by my side. From the moment my future ex-wife let me have you, you and I blazed our own trail, together. Sure, people entered our lives. Dogs joined our pack. Within a few years, there was a Daisy. And she’s the most precious thing. But, the friends, the romance, the pupper pack, the Scout and Gus…Even with Princess Daisy May (be crazy), it’s still always been you and me, against the world.

We had a ways to go when we first started our lives together. You were scared, and so was I. But we figured it out. You became my rock. My anchor. And I took care of you. You were always by my side. I was always within your line of sight. Everything I’ve experienced, I experienced with you. It’s always been you and me, against the world. Daisy is her own pup. She goes where she goes. When she’s ready for bed, she goes to bed, but not you. It could be 8:30 PM, or 4:30 AM, you didn’t go to bed until I went to bed. We have always been together, side by side for every single moment. When you slept, I slept. You’ve never left my side.

We’ve been through it all together, I can’t imagine living without you. I will, I just don’t know how. We grew together. We went gray together. We’ve been through everything together. And I don’t know what Daisy will do. You’ve always looked out for her. That time I let you and a six week old puppy out, went inside, fell asleep on the couch as it began to rain…When I woke up and ran outside to let you guys in, there you were, standing over here, shielding her from the rain. When the gate was left open and Daisy bolted, you went with her, and brought her home.

You have always been the happiest, sweetest, most easy like a Sunday morning pup. No matter my life, simply looking at you, you smiling at me, it has always been okay. Your eyes looked deep into my soul, and showed me yours. Deeply, we saw one another, loved one another, looked out for one another.

I feel so alone without you, even with my friends, my family, my Daisy…Because it has always been you and me against the world. There’s a point where a dog stops being a pet and becomes something more. More than a loyal companion, even. You are that. You aren’t my pet or companion, you’re my best friend. That’s it. Right there. You’re my very best friend. I will always be with you, and you will always be with me. I love you, Deuce. You’re my best friend. I love you.
Marcus EderSt. Louis, MissouriSeptember 18, 2020
7/2/2001 - 9/13/2020We were so lucky to have this beautiful Yorky Abigail she was our loyal companion our friend. She was by our side for 19 wonderful years. We will deeply miss her thank you Abigail rest in peace my sweet girlFran SageMays Landing, New JerseySeptember 18, 2020
7/19/2010 - 9/16/2020Cheese, we are so glad you picked us to be your family. In one short year together you stole our hearts. You were the sweetest little snuggle bug, and I loved our routine together. I don't know what your life was like before you picked us, but we fell in love with your sweet meows. It was so cute how you loved your blankie and played with your feather. We will always have you in our hearts forever. It is so hard to see your pawprints and not hear your meows, and to never go "night-night" together ever again. I will miss my little work-from-home supervisor, watching my every move on the computer, and telling me when its time for lunch, dinner and bed time. What will I do without you. Daddy and I miss you so so much little bug.Lisa DykstraBoca Raton, FloridaSeptember 18, 2020
12/23/2007 - 9/15/2020We only wish we had a picture of Kendra to share of her with her piercing bright green eyes..
We are so ever grateful to lap of love most importantly to Dr. Miranda Shaw for her sincere & caring handling of Kendra-not too metion for our pain at the passing for our sweet beloved furry family member Kendra.!!!
Dr. Miranda explained all that was happening & what was to happen to a "T"...!!!! Not mention how everything would follow suit in the aftermath with thier constituents which was handled in a very timely manner.!!!
Dr. Miranda dealt with Kendra as if it were her own pet & that meant the world too know that such caring & sincerity was given at such a rough time for us-from the bottom of our hearts, Thank You Dr. Miranda.!!!!
If anyone is looking for assistanc with pet in time of need-LOOK NO FURTHER, the name LAP OF LOVE says it all.!!!!!
God Bless you Kendra we truly miss you.
Lucie ImhoffChicago, IllinoisSeptember 18, 2020
1/26/2007 - 9/7/2020To our precious Laney,

You are our sun, moon, and stars in the sky. We love you with all that we are.
Your mom, dad, and sister
Margot KeysPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaSeptember 17, 2020
12/7/2010 - 9/15/2020Frisco was a sweet, loving dog who cared and connected with every person and animal she knew. She gave herself through therapy for patients in hospice and in the hospital. She was a strong girl who endured a life of struggle, but always showed her love and grace to everyone. Her struggles through lymphoma, back surgery, two heart conditions, and ehrlichia never made her stop being her loving self. She has left a legacy of love with her pack. Her three siblings miss her but know she is in a wonderful place waiting to great us all when we come to see her in heaven.Doreen FischettiEdgewater, MarylandSeptember 17, 2020
11/5/2004Best friend, companion always there when you need him. He had the best personality of any dog we have ever had. Buster will be dearly missed.Debra CarrOxnard, CaliforniaSeptember 17, 2020