Pet Memorials
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1/4/2007 - 3/21/2020Words can't express the loss I feel without you here... Our family said goodbye to our beautiful Henry on Saturday. He was by far the most amazing creature I've ever encountered. He went by several names and was loved by many. Henry, Hendry (in your best Good Fellas voice), Hank, Stinky Dog, Threshold Dog, Potato, My Guardian Angel, My Shadow. He carried me through some of the darkest, most difficult times in my life. Always there, silent, stoic. His only request was a scoop of food and a scratch on the head. He loved his family unconditionally. Our home feels quieter, empty. My heart aches for more time with him, one more squeeze, one more snuggle. He was mine, and I was his.Jessica CronauerDowningtown, PennsylvaniaMarch 23, 2020
10/15/2006 - 3/22/2020Sadie you came to us as a surprise, you certainly took our hearts, so gentle,playful and such a energetic girl. We found your fun time swimming in the pool for hours on end having to get you to stop by taking away your favorite purple ball. Always ready for treats, and being mischievous with your brothers, they miss you already as do we. Much fun swimming, see your buddy Coco at the Rainbow Bridge. Protector of our house.Rebecca StaffordTAMPA, FloridaMarch 23, 2020
7/21/2012 - 3/14/2020It's been a week since Bella went on to greener pastures! I know she is up in heaven free of pain and able to run and play like she used to! We all adjusting to our new normal including her sister. Had to be the hardest process of watching her fade as the cancer took it's toll! She was so brave, braver then me. We were lucky to have her as part of our family and to have been part of her life! We love you so very much and miss you so very much my lummpy loo!Hilary LynchVillage of Golf, FloridaMarch 23, 2020
2/1/2019 - 3/15/2020Exactly one week ago, on March 15th, my family and I endured one of the greatest losses we’ve ever experienced. We had to make the difficult decision to relieve Bruno from his suffering. Bruno fought an exhausting battle with idiopathic epilepsy that was nearly impossible to get under control. After trying several variations of medications, spending long nights at the animal hospital, and watching Bruno suffer from countless violent seizures we knew it was time for Bruno to meet his Creator. Bruno was the most energetic, loving, and resilient dog, and it was an honor to call him family. Although he was big & strong, Bruno was such a gentle pup. Bruno’s quirkiness and facial expressions brought so much laughter and joy into our household. We all anticipated his excited face smooshed against the window overlooking the driveway every time we came home. If we couldn’t find Bruno, it never failed that he was outside chasing critters or in my bed sleeping on the pillow like the human that he was. Bruno’s time was too short on this earth, but he still managed to teach us so much. Bruno taught us what it means to be loved unconditionally & showed us what it looked like to persevere through suffering. Our home will never feel the same without him here, but we remain confident that we will see Bruno again. Thank you for all that you did for us Bru Bru- we love & miss you so much.
Mom, Dad, Alyssa, Natalie, Jordan, Cameron, Nick, Jasper & Zeus
Alyssa MartinezHolly Springs, North CarolinaMarch 22, 2020
6/22/2003 - 3/21/2020Jasmine has entered her eternal rest today, March 21, 2020 at 1:30pm. She passed peacefully at home surrounded by her family and kitty siblings.

Jasmine found her way into our hearts on February 24, 2004. Born in Mesa Arizona on June 22, 2003 to a nice foster family. We went to see about adopting her brother and almost left with him, when she came out of nowhere and gave us the sweetest meow hello. She was such a friendly and loving cat, we knew from that moment that she was the perfect addition to our family. Jasmine has been with us through many tough times. She always brought a spark of light to any situation. We will miss her “kitty hugs and “kitty kisses”. We know she is going to receive her much deserved “Kitty Angel Wings.”

Jasmine will be missed by many; Bonnie, her kitty sister, who despite the sister rivalry was always there by her side in troubled times. Sebastian, her kitty brother, who never missed a chance to tackle her like he was a 200lb line backer, and even though he knew he’d get batted in the head, he did it any way. Jasmine will also be missed by her human family: her momma Kristi, she was my best friend and faithful companion. Always by my side, or on my head which is where I found her quite often upon waking. Her daddy James, she loved to curl up with him and read a good book. She was also a great help paying the bills by showing daddy how to use a pen correctly. Her sister April, who despite the tension when growing up, became great friends. Jasmine found her way into the hearts of all that met her.

Jasmine will be missed and we will remember her beautiful eyes, her silly smile and her eager anticipation whenever the treat cabinet was opened. We will look for you daily: waiting to hear the patter of your paws, your snore when you were sleeping, and the scratch on the bathroom door, just because you had to be in there cause that’s were we where. You had a bounce in your step that will forever be etched in our hearts. We do not say goodbye only hello when we become a family again at the Rainbow Bridge.

You came into my life one day
So beautiful and smart,
My dear and sweet companion,
I loved you from the start.
Although we knew the time
would come
When we would have to part,
You’ll never be forgotten,
You left paw prints on my heart.
Kristi DeFalcoTroy, OhioMarch 22, 2020
5/26/2003 - 3/20/2020To our precious Bandit, You will never be forgotten, you brought us such joy in all the funny thing's you did. I know you will be with me on the car rides and walks we took everyday. You still will be our underwear bandit, in-door ball/stuff animal chaser. snuggler on the couch buddy. You were the last of the clan to pass on to heaven. I know you are having fun with Daisy, Sadie (your girlfriend) Scrappy, BJ and Buddy ( your cat partner) you all are forever in our hearts. You gave us 15 wonderful years. You were very brave in handling you illness's you occurred. Your a good boy to the end.Vera JohnsonFOREST LAKE, MinnesotaMarch 22, 2020
5/19/2020 - 3/19/2020Missy, you brought so much happiness and love to our family. We are truly blessed to have had you in our lives for the past 14 years. All the wonderful memories are helping us through this difficult time. Our hearts are just breaking, but we know that you are free now - running around and chasing the squirrels and yes, probably even getting taggled up with a skunk. We love you and thank you for your unconditional love. You always knew the exact time that we needed that extra cuddle. The house is so quiet now and so empty. We miss that greeting at the door when we come home, the begging at the dinner table, and just that caring look that you always gave. We love you Missy Girl - forever in our hearts.Debbie SimmonsClinton Township, MichiganMarch 22, 2020
11/17/2003 - 3/19/2020I will always cherish the 17 years of unconditional love 💙Jacqueline GROSSOSaint Augustine, FloridaMarch 22, 2020
12/6/2005 - 3/21/2020At 5:19 PM CST today, 03/21/2020, Osiris went to sleep for the last time. He was laying in his favorite spot, a pillow in front of the fireplace. He was born 12/06/2005. He was exceptionally intelligent, athletic, loyal, loving, and well behaved. A rare trait in a basenji. His passing has left a large hole in our hearts.

He loved to lure course and earned numerous titles and awards during his career, including 28 Best of Breed (Basenji), a Best in Field, and the highlight; placing 1st among all breeds at the ASFA 33rd International Invitational.

Notable Dates

10/11/2008 Earned the title of ASFA Field Champion, Minnesota Coursing Association Best of Breed (Basenji) and Best of Field winner.

05/29/2010 ASFA 33rd International Invitational 1st place winner, Best of Breed (Basenji), and Merv Bauer Award recipient.

11/06/2010 ASFA Region 5 Regional Best of Breed (Basenji) and Anubis Cup recipient.

11/12/2011 ASFA Region 5 Regional Best of Breed (Basenji) and Anubis Cup recipient.

10/11/2014 Earned the title of ASFA Lure Courser of Merit

11/01/2014 ASFA Region 5 Regional Best of Breed (Basenji) and Anubis Cup recipient.
Daniel MagnanSAINT PAUL PARK, MinnesotaMarch 22, 2020
1/19/2007 - 3/20/2020Kenai, you are very much missed and we love you. It broke my heart to say goodbye after your fight with Cushing's Disease but know that you are pain free and running free with your Nuska. The house is so empty without you.Anne ShifflettLake Mary, FloridaMarch 22, 2020