Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
2/15/2007 - 3/13/2020Forever in our thoughts and especially in our hearts.Reading, PennsylvaniaMarch 14, 2020
2/15/2007 - 3/13/2020Forever in our thoughts and especially in our hearts.Reading, PennsylvaniaMarch 14, 2020
3/13/2020Irene was a New Yorker, and with a temperment to match. She had little patience for any human or animal but me. She ruled my Manhattan apartment until I moved back to Kentucky 8 years ago, when she rode shotgun in the rental van. She adjusted to a new home, and with some difficulty, a dog in her house some years later. For 17 years she "tucked me in" with a snuggle until we both drifted to sleep. She had a long good life and now she is pain free and dog free. I am grateful to have been her single object of devotion and will miss her a heap.Gregory PettitLexington, KentuckyMarch 14, 2020
7/12/2020 - 3/13/2020To My Best Friend and Dearest Companion, Luke

You brought so much joy, soul, and purpose of caring in my life. You were always my " Ol Faithful" who was with me everyday, by my side. You completed this household and many memories and celebrations were shared with you. You made me happy with your presence and our time together is something I will always hold deep in my heart. You rescued me My Precious Boy. I will love you forever.
Tyla AguilarHurst, TexasMarch 14, 2020
7/21/2007 - 3/12/2020Our sweet Oreo, our wildman - You brought such joy to our home, such love. We will miss watching you chase the red dot, tearing through the house, playing with your toys, chewing the toilet paper, getting in trouble, your defiant attitude, your bravery, and most of all - YOU. Mama and Jonathan will always love you. Come visit us from time to time, and bring your brother, Cosmo, with you. We miss both of you and love you both with all our hearts.Susan GrayOdenton, MarylandMarch 14, 2020
1/23/2020 - 3/11/2020Our gentle giant, Bruin, went to doggy heaven this week. He was a regal beast who loved everyone - even his little sibling, Stella. There is an emptiness in our home since his passing. We are missing his snoring and snuffling, but knowing that he’s out of pain makes the void bearable.Gale EmighOakland, CaliforniaMarch 14, 2020
7/30/2014 - 2/15/2020Rossco was my super hero 🐶 I had 2 strokes one in 2015 and one in 2017 . He was able to visit me in Rehab in 2017 but through everything he stayed loyal and by my side 🐶❤️Tina CampbellBoyertown, PennsylvaniaMarch 14, 2020
12/31/2012 - 3/12/2020Dearest Fenway, you made us happy every single day. We are so thankful you were in our lives. You were our big guy. You were bold and beautiful, absolutely fearless - diving into the pool with complete abandon and swimming so far out in the ocean convinced you were going to, this time, catch a seagull. My heart breaks not having you with us. I miss your gentle eyes and your kisses and your silky soft fur. You were such a love. We will never stop missing you my darling boy.Sherborn, MassachusettsMarch 14, 2020
4/9/2010 - 2/13/2020My sweet Anya has been gone a month now and she is missed so much, I miss her “smile” when I would come home, her waiting patiently for a treat and when I told her that she had enough, she would argue with me with a “grrr”.

Your brothers Reagan and Snuffy miss you too sitting in your favorite spots in the house. She loved everyone she met and going for walks and car rides. I know you are no longer in pain but letting you go was the hardest thing I had to do.
Nancy RichersonCatasauqua, PennsylvaniaMarch 14, 2020
3/17/2007 - 3/9/2020Matt was my constant companion for 13 years, and my four-footed therapist through October of 2019-October 2020 when I was temporarily disabled and on a walker. He was up with me when I was in pain and in tears. He was always my touchstone. I had so little time to prepare for his needing to leave--he was only symptomatic for 2 days-- and I am still grieving the loss of his gentle, loving presence.Frances BledsoeNashville, TennesseeMarch 13, 2020